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  1. WordPress IPSConnect

  2. WordPress IPSConnect

    Sounds good Marcher. My new WP-posts will not create a new post in IP.Board. My settings are correct as far as I can see, and I have tried several times. Any ideas what could be wrong? This cross-commenting is the most important feature to me.
  3. WordPress IPSConnect

    This sounds like a fantastic thing, Marcher. And no need for ioncube. 60$ is ok, because I know you support your customers. I will buy this, but I have one question - and I know it doesnt really have anything to do with your product here. For WP and IPB to be truly integrated for me, I would really love to have "div id=header_bar" from IPB fully functioning in my WP theme. This would erase any need for login-boxes on the WP-side and tie both installations together in a professional matter. If you would help me (us) achieve this I predict even more people will be attracted to buy this "bridge". Is this something you would like to do, or is it completely irrelevant for this product? I know your main competitor offers a solution to this, but I would rather buy from you to be honest.
  4. Suggestion: Embedded tweets

    One year later, and the answer is still "no".
  5. (e32) Points Per Cash

    Ok, I need help again. The system is working fine, and I love it - but I got another issue. - When people use the Reputation System like "Like This" in posts, it ups the members total amount. (I dont want that, I just want it to show whats donated, which it does just fine until someone likes a post. The persons post that is 'liked' is awarded more dollars which they havent actually donated)) - I have disabled everything possible in the configs for ibE. Forum-points in ibE are all set to '0.00'. Wheres the option to disallow giving points through the 'Like' buttons? - To stop this from happening, I had to disable the reputations system. (but I really want it to function) EDIT: Disabling the "Points Per Rep" hook solved that problem. (duuuuuuh) (thanks to Marcher for pointing to the hooks)
  6. (e32) Points Per Cash

    Oh really now, thats fantastic. Thanks for the fast reply :smile:
  7. (e32) Points Per Cash

    Hey, thanks for a nice mod. But I have a rather obvious question: PayPal IPN Notification URL - what should it be set to ? just www.website.com/ ?