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    Shyuan got a reaction from sobrenome in Coming Soon in 4.1.17   
    Eagerly waiting for this update! Thanks.
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    Shyuan reacted to EmpireKicking in Coming Soon in 4.1.17   
    can't wait to update
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    Shyuan reacted to marklcfc in New: Leaderboard   
    For the past leaders it may be better keeping a record and then counting the total trophies for each member and ordering them by trophies (with most gold first), it looks like it will be a long list if it's going to list the top 3 each day. What about
    Pos  |  Name  |  Trophies  |  Total likes
    1  |  Matt  |  (gold trophy image) 3 (silver trophy image) 1 (bronze trophy image) 4  |  534
    2  |  Jimmy |  (gold trophy image) 2 (silver trophy image) 0 (bronze trophy image) 1  |  6
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    Shyuan reacted to NoGi in New: Custom RSS Feeds   
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    Shyuan reacted to Hunter Lyons in New in 4.1.12: Post preview   
    You have to add it.
    Customization -> Editor -> Drag and drop it onto each menu you want.
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