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  1. Collection of Pre-Sales Questions

    I figured the developers would have it under control, but I didn't want to have the mess to fix it. I didn't see anything in the tracker either. New Question: Any issues with PHP 5.4?
  2. Collection of Pre-Sales Questions

    Another question: Does IPB play nice with MySQL 5.5+ ? I know that some stuff regarding query structure changed, so I was wondering, as I have heard that it improved performance on servers significantly. Thanks!
  3. Collection of Pre-Sales Questions

    I've definitely heard good things about both before. I think APC will be my choice once I get my environment set up for IPB.
  4. Collection of Pre-Sales Questions

    Thanks for the link. It'll be nice just to tweak that instead of edit it from scratch.
  5. Collection of Pre-Sales Questions

    Question: Which cache seems to work the best with IPB? xCache, eAccelerator (no longer developed), APC, or MMCache (which eAcc was forked from)?
  6. Collection of Pre-Sales Questions

    That makes much more sense. I like that system. How are language strings handled? Are they too stored in the database? I ask because MyBB uses a file system for languages and require()'s them in when needed. Right now, I'm talking to my host about hosting. They have a limit on shared plans of 200 outgoing emails per hour. IPB sends quite a bit for thread subscriptions and stuff. I know that that can be disabled, but I think it's a great way to remind members of your forum (and I am proof). I'm looking at $65 or so per month for a starting website :sad:... Goodbye monthly allowance. If I get that sorted, I'll be converting! I am still waiting on an email from Sales about my URL conversions. Oops, that email never sent. PS: I am aware of the IPB hosting that you guys offer. I think it's a great service for most people, but I just like to have control of whatever server I am on ;).
  7. Collection of Pre-Sales Questions

    Thanks for all of that Brian. I see what you're saying about the organization. I just felt that it's a little scrambled. Oh well, it can be dealt with. It only occurred to me this morning that I could edit the ACP CSS files to remove the pink :tongue: . That would be a pretty easy edit with developer tools in Firefox and Chrome, so that no longer worries me! That makes me really sad. Maybe I'll have to figure out a way. I am guessing I could just add a section to the ACP, where it requests a username. Then it returns the user ID from a query. After that, it runs through each action semi-automatically (via redirects). I guess that makes sense. I shouldn't need to ban myself, and if I do, well... I think I saw that in Google when I searched a few weeks ago. I must have worded my search different. Thanks for that link, though! Yeah, that's what I meant by it being opinionated. From the developer docs, I think I can pick it up. It's a bit more sophisticated than what I typically see, but I can figure it out after time. Regarding adding stuff to the DB and settings to the ACP, all of that is done on Export? I figured hooks were completely hand-coded. So is this not true in IPB? From the above quote: I was mostly referring to the ease of applying each concept. But it sounds pretty simple! By the way, I really like the Visual Skin editor. My Mac's Magic Mouse seems to glitch it though, because my mouse never stops dragging the colorpicker dot around. In other words, after I close the popup with the colorpicker, it will still change... I think that's my fault though ;). I'm excited to see what you guys to with IPB 3.4 and 4.0. I am glad that you guys pay attention to the little SEO things. MyBB struggles with those benign keywords like "post" "topic" "thread", and they don't do anything about it, IMO. If I can get the money together (IPB + Nexus + Blog + Gallery + Premium theme from Skinbox isn't exactly cheap), I think it's fairly likely I'll buy. I'll have to email sales about the URLs. I have a feeling they can convert because of how simple they are.
  8. Hi everyone, I currently use MyBB, and am looking to see if a few certain features and abilities are available in IPB. Mods: 1. In the ACP, there are links to delete all of a member's posts, PMs, etc. Is there a way to execute all of those actions at once and also submit to the spam database? 2. Is there a virtual currency mod? I couldn't find one in Google or in the Marketplace. Hooks, Modules, and Applications: 1. I guess the simplest way to ask is "How easy or simple is it to create a hook that makes a template change, adds something in the database (e.g. column, table), and adds settings to the ACP" even though that is heavily opinionated. 2. Is there any sort of API for integrating with custom-coded solutions? For example, fetch a member's details, like their avatar, email, etc? ACP: 1. Is there a way to get rid of the pink? It's not bad, but it just doesn't exactly suit my tastes. IPB tends to shoot odd colors into themes ;). Moderation: 1. I have made a few test posts in my IPB demo, and whenever I view the post, I only see IP: Private. How can I change it so that I can see it there instead of "Private"? SEO: 1. MyBB had a great mod called "Google SEO" which built friendly URLs and stuff like that. However, if I move to IPB, I really need to be able to keep that URL structure. It is pretty similar ( hxxp://forum.tld/forum-example-forum or hxxp://forum.tld/thread-some-thread-title hxxp://forum.tld/user-username ). Is there an easy way to manage that transition, because the last thing I need is 100% 404s ;)! Suggestions for IPB from my perspective: 1. The Marketplace is kind of unorganized, in my opinion. MyBB had great organization where they categorized mods by: Administration, Index, Moderation, Forum Display, Misc, and User Profiles. It made it very easy to find the type of mod that you want. The marketplace currently only has very basic categories and a search field. I haven't had much luck with finding mods that I would like, and the search function doesn't seem very... good, at least from the few searches I've done. Thank you for reading this, and I would really appreciate it if I could get these answers! I apologize if these questions include ones that are really, really frequent or obvious, because it's not my intention to ask those types of things -- I just want to learn more about the software from the people that know it well!