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  1. Zendesk integration

    I would like to know if you or a 3rd party, have already a way to integrate Zendesk tickets and posts to their support forum into an IP Board (hosted) system. If you don't, I wonder what kind of guidance you would provide in using their APIs and your APIs to obtain something like this. Thanks, -Marco G.
  2. IP.Content home page

    I understand, it is pretty clear now, I imagine the same is true if for instance we want to use some of the add-ons such us the "(Neo) Free Content Portal 2.2": With the hosted solution, is there a limit to the support tickets that can be requested for these kind of requests? Marco G.
  3. IP.Content home page

    I am having hard time to understand how in the hosted solution I can set the IP.Content as the home page of our website. I am using the admin account for the demo site. This is illustrated in the article: http://a11120.demo.invisionpower.com/admin/index.php?adsess=97a3ddbc934427b2884b426f5bfc04e4&app=ccs&module=settings&section=settings&do=advanced (Other Apps/Content/Settings/Advanced) "IP.Content provides a way for you to access the system from outside of IPB. This is useful, for instance, if you want IP.Content to run your website from the root of your domain, but keep your forums in a /forums subfolder. In order to utilize this capability, you will need to configure the settings below. Additionally, you will need to upload the 'index.php' file found in the Tools folder of your download to the directory IP.Content will be accessed from, and configure the path inside of it. If you would like to rename index.php to something else, you must specify the filename for 'Gateway filename'. More information on how to access pages in IP.Content and how to use the included index.php file is available in the README.txt file found within the Tools folder." Which Tools folder and files is the article referring to? Thanks. Marco
  4. members contest

    I am interested in starting a hosting plan. I have the following questions: 1. is there a way to have a contest among forum members, either with the standard software or a module? 2. please confirm that I can keep a new site private and decide when to enable it to go live and visible to everyone. Thank you. Marco G.