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    Soniceffect reacted to CheersnGears in When is IPB 4.0 ?   
    Isn't there an app for that?
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    Soniceffect got a reaction from bfarber in When is IPB 4.0 ?   
    Usually anyone who isnt a developer in my experience Charles lol Including my boss
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    Soniceffect reacted to Charles in When is IPB 4.0 ?   
    I think some have a very strange perception of how long it takes to create a large, involved, enterprise-level software package :)
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    Soniceffect got a reaction from The Heff in When is IPB 4.0 ?   
    Ya didnt have to share the image LOL
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    Soniceffect reacted to Mark Round in When is IPB 4.0 ?   
    i highly doubt that the blog entries were because of this topic,im quite happy just to wait till its ready i dont need to keep asking when it will be here,that is all i am trying to say here on the matter really.
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    Soniceffect reacted to Charles in IPB 4.0 | Anti-Something...   
    Anti "something" ... I mean honestly. You posted a topic to literally be against "something" just because. You cannot even be sure what "that" is as this point because you have not seen it with your own eyes. As has been pointed out sevearl tiems in this topic, a screenshot does not give you any sort of feel for how the software operates. And, yes, we are WAY more concerned with how the software operates (user experience, performance, ease of use, etc.) than how it looks. Why is that? Because every single client in the history of ever makes their very first task after installation to be changing how it looks.

    So, yes, we make a very generic look that flows well and is easy for users to understand. We do this on purpose so our clients can easily change it to suit their personal design styles. No: we are not going to force pretty icons, gradients, RSS buttons everywhere, and a million ways to like a post at you. That's so last year.

    I am going to lock what I believe is a topic that serves zero purpose than to be negative for the sake of being negative. You all know the slang term for that. Obviously some will cry censorship but no we welcome constructive feedback but we do prefer it has a direct purpose and focus :) ... and we also generally prefer you actually use what you're giving feedback on first ;)
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    Soniceffect reacted to Makoto in IPB 4.0 | Anti-Something...   
    I'd like to see what you consider "good" design for dry amusement.
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    Soniceffect reacted to Rikki in IPB 4.0 | Anti-Something...   
    Interestingly, it's not flat because it's hip or cool or trendy. One of our guiding aims with 4.0 is to make it easy for people to customize the look of the software. The first part of that is cutting down on gradients, because those are more difficult to customize out of the box. It's also why there isn't blue everywhere like in 3.x - instead, you can change a few key colors and end up with a completely different-looking theme, because a lot of the content area is neutral. We're treating the default theme in IPS4 as a starting point for your own style more than anything else - after all, the majority of sites want to customize it, not use it as-is. That's what makes a good default theme, imo.

    Luckily, our new VSE supports gradients so if you like them, you can add them back :smile:
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    Soniceffect reacted to GreenLinks in IPB 4.0 | Anti-Something...   
    I needed a good laugh after this stressful week , thanks to you for supplying this.
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    Soniceffect reacted to Matt in When is IPB 4.0 ?   
    Honestly, there is little point going to use other forum software. Once you see IPS 4, you'll want to switch back because it is significantly better than all other software so you'll just be wasting your time and effort. Use IP.Board 3 and then we'll help you upgrade when the time is right for you.
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    Soniceffect got a reaction from Matt in When is IPB 4.0 ?   
    Sincerely hope a lot of the agegroup reading twilight are not reading 50 shades .... From what my wife tells me it may almost make me blush lol ..
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    Soniceffect reacted to Matt in When is IPB 4.0 ?   
    We jumped on a bit of a bandwagon late last year. IPS 4 is now 50 shades of grey.
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    Soniceffect reacted to Matt in When is IPB 4.0 ?   
    You pretty much only saw the uploader. So I hope it's more flexible that simply uploading files too. Especially as its name is "IP.Downloads". Although I'd sort of enjoy the irony of a product called "Downloads" that only allowed you to upload.
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    Soniceffect got a reaction from Hitori Bocchi in When is IPB 4.0 ?   
    And on Andrew Carnegie's tombstone

    "Here lies one who knew how to get around him men who were cleverer than himself"
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    Soniceffect reacted to Charles in When is IPB 4.0 ?   
    It's pretty normal really :) We're used to it.
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    Soniceffect reacted to The Heff in When is IPB 4.0 ?   
    I've never been through a major release cycle at IPS but this has been very entertaining. I look forward to the next one! :lol:
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    Soniceffect reacted to Rimi in When is IPB 4.0 ?   
    It's sunday
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    Soniceffect reacted to djpretzel in When is IPB 4.0 ?   
    Those claiming that communities are "more than just software" and recommending going w/ 3.4.X are missing the point somewhat; it's condescending to assume that just because someone is concerned with the software aspect of their community, that they feel that other aspects aren't important, for one. Secondly, if you've ever done extensive custom skinning/templating, or integrated/developed MODs, you KNOW how time-consuming that is. There's nothing unreasonable about wanting to minimize redundant, often laborious, often monotonous work, and thus conserve resources.

    I like the idea of the temperature gauge that was suggested.

    Incessant "Are we there yet??" nagging IS annoying, and IS almost a given. However, asking for more specifics & transparency, and asking for even a SMALL bimonthly status update w/ % completion for various modules... that's not unrealistic or inappropriate. You can argue about how you'd rather the developers spend their time developing, but I'm talking about a paragraph or a bullet list or the temperate gauge proposed above.

    If IPS themselves don't have a pretty damn good idea of the % completion for various IPS4 modules that they can easily & quickly express, then there's a MUCH bigger problem going on, no?

    Is it really so antagonistic or critical to simply assume that, given IPS4 is a complex suite of software, they must be keeping track at several levels of detail/specificity as to where they are with things, and to request that information - even at the highest, most abstract level of detail - be conveyed to customers on a regular interval? IPS staff have mentioned that they "go through this every time" there's a major release... okay, that's all good and well, and as mentioned, you're always gonna get a certain demographic that's irrationally impatient or impatiently irrational. Just because that's the case, however, doesn't mean the process can't be improved. You won't please all of the people all of the time, but that shouldn't be an excuse for failing to make the process leading up to major point releases & upgrades smoother. Considering suggestions that are made in earnest & might actually HELP, rather than dismissing them as being part of the usual "fallout" that accompanies upcoming releases... I think could really benefit everyone. There's room for improvement right here, right now, for THIS release.

    That's what I feel myself and several others are really asking. Not "Are we there yet???" but rather "Where are we going, what is our plan for getting there, and how much further is the destination??" - reasonable questions when you're taking a long trip, so you can plan on basics like gas-ups and pee-breaks. I feel like a lot of the folks chiming in objecting to these lines of inquiry are simply being knee-jerk defensive on IPS's behalf - which is great, from a certain perspective, because it shows that (unlike vB, for example), the product & company still have a strong base of loyal, die-hard customers. However, that shouldn't get in the way of reasonable questions being asked, and it shouldn't provide a safety blanket from any & all accountability, and requests for additional information should not be mischaracterized as attacks, nor should those making them be labeled "naysayers"...
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    Soniceffect reacted to Hitori Bocchi in When is IPB 4.0 ?   
    A community are three things:
    Admin (The structure of your mind is equal to the structure of your community, it makes users feel at home or leave) Content (Thats why users visit your page) Software (A tool to realize your "dreams") They all act upon each other, but the users will leave if 1 and 2 are not right, not for 3 and complain if 1 and 2 are atleast acceptable and 3 is lacking something. Admins (should) have a vision of how their forum should look like in the future and the forum software is part to realize their visions, but they should not forget 1 and 2 are the most important part of their community. While 3 is developing you should take that important time to improve yourself and add additional content to your forum, not wasting it with waiting.
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    Soniceffect reacted to .Ian in When is IPB 4.0 ?   
    If people are desperate for a time-scale, why not pretend you had never heard of V4.

    Then you can concentrate all your efforts into 3.4.x and then when V4 is stable you can upgrade.

    After all if IPS had kept it a secret, then you would be doing precisely that.

    The vast majority of IPS customers will not even be aware of V4 and are quite happy to be building their communities on their current platform.
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    Soniceffect reacted to Izaya Orihara in When is IPB 4.0 ?   
    What i don't understand is why people feel the need to be Informed with blog entries all the time and where the "Uncertainty" for the future is coming from? I remember being on Xenforo last year and given the issues with the court case and the developers seemingly weren't saying much of anything and people were worried...on the flipside, it's been like a month or so since the last blog update...I am not sure why people are freaking out lol
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    Soniceffect reacted to TSP in When is IPB 4.0 ?   
    Could we get a blog post for valentines day? Because you love us, right? :yes:
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    Soniceffect got a reaction from ADKGamers in When is IPB 4.0 ?   
    Personally, I think everyone is worrying about nothing. Version 3 is a perfectly good product and there have been blog posts (albeit not for a while) about 4.0. They could have quite easily said not very much at all about 4.0 and been working on it alongside 3.4, whilst saying nothing about 4.0 even being started.

    Look at it this way, you have what was once an extremely successful forum company in vbulletin which has failed almost at every turn through thinking about profits, rushing products to the finish line, trying to keep customers upbeat with blogs, announcements, emails, bulletins in their admincp and all to do nothing but get the product rushed out the door and put money in their pockets. If Invision as a company do not feel its the right time to put those blogs out then so be it. I dont care if its because they are only 10% of the way through the product, or if its because they are 95% of the way and want a big "bang", or if its because something wass overlooked. The point is that I may feel like I want to see more, I may feel I want to get more information, but one thing I certainly dont feel is that they are rushing a product to line their pockets. And THAT is whats important.
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    Soniceffect reacted to teraßyte in When is IPB 4.0 ?   
    Email templates are mentioned in this blog entry but there is no example of a topic notification: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
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    Soniceffect got a reaction from Aiwa in When is IPB 4.0 ?   
    Thats exactly what I thought. I feel a big blog coming ....... *Can feel it in me bones I tell thee ..

    *in terrible pirate accent
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