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    Soniceffect reacted to stoo2000 in Calendar Roadmap   
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    Soniceffect reacted to Gabriel Telles in I want say Thank you   
    Hello IPB,

    I was wondering to buy your Forum a long time.

    Since I abominate the use of pirate softwares, I did a plan of 3 years, gaining money and saving to buy the Forum.

    The day is now and I'm happy to be your Costumer!

    Long life to IPB and long life to IGMBRasil, my loved community!
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    Soniceffect reacted to Rohitab in Option for inserting full size of uploaded image?   
    I patched IP.Board 3.4.5, so that if an image is included in the post body, it is displayed in full size, otherwise it is displayed as a thumbnail. For this to work, the option to show thumbnail of attached image must be enabled in ACP.

    The patch makes a small change to the renderAttachments function in class_attach.php. A similar change might also be required for the renderSingleAttachment function, but I left it out for now. I haven't tested the patch thoroughly, but it appears to be working correctly on my board.

    Here is the patch. It's also included as an attachment.
    diff -rupN orig/admin/applications/core/sources/classes/attach/class_attach.php new/admin/applications/core/sources/classes/attach/class_attach.php --- orig/admin/applications/core/sources/classes/attach/class_attach.php 2013-05-29 12:10:22.000000000 -0400 +++ new/admin/applications/core/sources/classes/attach/class_attach.php 2013-10-02 23:34:08.323917884 -0400 @@ -631,7 +631,12 @@ class class_attach if ( $this->settings['show_img_upload'] and $row['attach_is_image'] ) { - if ( $this->attach_settings['siu_thumb'] AND $row['attach_thumb_location'] AND $row['attach_thumb_width'] ) + //----------------------------------------- + // Is this image included in the post body? + //----------------------------------------- + $image_in_post = strpos( $htmlArray[ $row['attach_rel_id'] ], ' AND $row['attach_thumb_location'] AND $row['attach_thumb_width'] ) { //----------------------------------------- // Make sure we've not seen this ID rb-ipb-full-image-in-post.zip
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    Soniceffect got a reaction from Joe Wells in 4.0 "Like This" button   
    On the bright side the new language strings mean you can change it to "love this" with ease :D
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    Soniceffect got a reaction from stoo2000 in Member Map   
    when IP4 is released he will have just finished this one and suddenly be diagnosed with torrets
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    Soniceffect got a reaction from craigf136 in Why create your own Framework?   
    Nah, thats only if they say goodbye both now and last year in the same thread, which is a pretty uncommon occurance...

    Oh .... Wait a sec
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    Soniceffect got a reaction from Farcaster II in Why create your own Framework?   
    WOW is this conversation still goin on LOL
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    Soniceffect reacted to Rheddy in Users Online   
    It's because you have one of the options that conserve CPU resources on your site disabled, for "topic views updated".

    For correcting the topic views issue:

    Log into your ACP, click on:

    System Settings > Advanced > CPU Saving & Optimization

    Then: Update topic views immediately (select yes)

    For the "users online", I have no idea. But, put in a support ticket for that issue.
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    Soniceffect reacted to HeadStand in IPB Nulled Forums   
    Speaking as an MP dev, I'm wondering why you don't expect IPS staff - who are getting paid to work here - to do this, but you expect 3rd-party contributors to do it for free? I'm all for sharing knowledge, but I flat out don't have the time to put together tutorials. Ask me a specific question, and I'll answer it if I can. But I just don't see myself investing the time and effort in creating documentation. Half the people won't read it anyway, even if they are pointed to it, another 25% won't understand it and will expect me to answer 579 more questions, and everyone will expect me to keep it up to date with each release of the IPS products.

    Perhaps it was not your intention, but this statement makes it sound like our time is less valuable than IPS staff. Just because I am not on the payroll does not mean I should work for free.
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    Soniceffect reacted to Aiwa in IPB Nulled Forums   
    There are quite a few MP devs that answer the majority of the topics here, at least that I see. If anyone ever has a topic that's gone un-answered, send me a PM with the link and I'll do my best to get you a reply.

    You also need to look at the reason a topic may go un-answered. Is the user competent enough to be able to take an answer and run with it, or is the user expecting someone, anyone, to write them a full blown app for free and install and configure it for them? Like opentype, you can't expect someone to put dozens of hours into something for free unless you've worked that out with them. Most of us responding to topics are expecting the client to have enough knowledge about what they're wanting to do that they can execute per basic instructions.

    It's been asked many times for a greater support presence on these forums. But at the end of the day, you need to understand that a greater support presence in the forums would require additional staff. Additional staff means higher prices. Also, see this post from Lindy about this a while back.

    If your question is related to a built in feature of the software, submit a ticket. That's why you're paying for support!

    If your question is in regards to customizing your board, the community forums here are your best bet.
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    Soniceffect reacted to bfarber in IPS Marketplace   
    We will be ensuring the marketplace is organized appropriately for the 4.0 release. We got a head start already but indeed there is more to come, and we recognize the need to be able to filter results by the version you are using.
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    Soniceffect reacted to Aiwa in Request: Google and Microsoft registration   
    For IP.Board 3.x, there is a FREE >Google Login Integration available in the Marketplace.
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    Soniceffect reacted to bfarber in Request: Google and Microsoft registration   
    We support Windows Live in 3.x.

    In 4.0 we support Microsoft and Google both.

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    Soniceffect reacted to P15-D24 in Member Map   
    Never mind, recached mmFileCacheCount and the old members reappeared. :smile:
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    Soniceffect reacted to Rhett in profile privacy in IPB 4   
    Thanks for taking the time for your feedback and input, as Brandon has mentioned, all feedback is evaluated and considered for future versions.

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    Soniceffect reacted to Rimi in profile privacy in IPB 4   
    Uh oh calliejo. Looks like you're on to me. :ph34r:
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    Soniceffect reacted to Ryan Ashbrook in profile privacy in IPB 4   
    I've cleaned up this topic. Let's stop with the childish behavior please. :)
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    Soniceffect reacted to Matt in profile privacy in IPB 4   
    I can see merit in #2 because that is information that is not available elsewhere on the board, so this makes sense.
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    Soniceffect got a reaction from Makoto in profile privacy in IPB 4   
    Actually as someone who deals with exactly this on a day to day basis this is incorrect. Best practice is not to store any credit card information where these is not a need for that information to be retained by the company. The only place in which should keep part of the payment processing information should be the payment processor and this information should be PCI complient, completely encrypted, and the information should be available to the user upon request. This information needs to be kept for a minimum of 7 years in order to comply with international accounting standards.

    IPS is not the payment processor, and therefore has no obligation to store (and in fact should not) the credit card details.
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    Soniceffect got a reaction from wingman23 in profile privacy in IPB 4   
    I see what you mean about things being publically accessable via search engines, however thats only because of the privacy thing in the first place. I think the main things here are the contact details. I would like to be able to add onto my profile my skype details, aol, and even my telephone number and have these governed by permissions on the system. So anyone I add as a friend can see them, otherwise they are not visible to anyone (including search engines).
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    Soniceffect reacted to Makoto in profile privacy in IPB 4   
    They said it's not going to happen in 4.0, not it's not going to happen ever. This topic can be used to show a clear market demand for this feature, so IPS knows to take the suggestion more seriously for 4.1

    That's just how it works.
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    Soniceffect reacted to Rimi in profile privacy in IPB 4   
    Like why are you guys still going at this when ips has said it's not going to happen?

    I'll make the hook guys. Don't worry. I got you.
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    Soniceffect reacted to bfarber in Are there missing forums?   
    Ok guys, this topic is a little ridiculous and I'm ashamed our third party developer community would behave this way.

    If you guys would simply put the pitchforks down for 10 seconds and ask politely, you would have discovered that this was not intentional. Please see my last responses in this topic where I explicitly said you should have access.

    Instead of patiently pointing out that you don't, however, a handful of you are getting up in arms and then flying off the handle because something changed, "demanding" to know why. Ignoring the fact that we don't have to explain every change we make, if you must know why this had changed - it was because we were working on giving contributors MORE access actually (specifically, if you had an expired license previously you could not access the contributors center...now you can).

    I think some of you need to take a few steps back, take a deep breath, and stop attacking us every time something happens that you don't like. Access to this community, contributor or otherwise, is a privilege and not a right after all. Those of you who have been here a while should know by now that we strive to provide nothing less than excellent service and a positive experience, and generally if something inexplicable happens out of nowhere there's probably a good reason, or it was an accident. The best way to address those situations is to politely ask and then to politely wait for an official response.

    I've resolved the problem (at least I believe - I don't have a test account handy right now to verify with). Please log out and back in and it should sync your permissions and give you access to the forums you lost access to. If not, please shoot me a message and I'll work with you one on one (because I'll probably need to login as you to test further) to get it sorted. Otherwise I think this topic has run its course, and if you have any specific concerns please feel free to submit a ticket directed towards the management team.
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    Soniceffect reacted to Mark in Make Image Magick Available Throughout the Suite   
    This has been added for 4.0 :)
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    Soniceffect reacted to Johnasc in Make Image Magick Available Throughout the Suite   
    This is the response I got to a ticket I raised querying why EXIF data was being stripped from image thumbnails in IP.Board. I'd like to see Image Magick available throughout the entire suite, not just in the gallery.
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