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  1. Then you would instead enter the key within the mapping section if you do not have gallery
  2. Nice tidy addition. Like it very much :)
  3. Me too, however this just now means that my childish mind starts writing down things that I wanna change/do in 4.0 when it gets released and the list will be more than I can develop in a lifetime LMAO
  4. Aye, that would pretty much be the idea :)
  5. Not sure what you are "In the dark" regarding as last time I saw you post on here it was to say that the googlemaps api was not working which Stoo is was aware of and wrote a new version using bing mapping to resolve. If you still havent upgraded to this version you will need to do so in order to get your mapping back.
  6. 80/20 rule ...... My guess is they are 20% complete. Terabyte got the comment spot on. Progressbars are useless, especially in development.
  7. Thats cool. So assumably the member "Brandon" in your example would have moderator permissions, but not be seen as such unless he happened to be part of the moderator group or you added to the staff page?
  8. Would check you have all the files uploaded m8
  9. Usually anyone who isnt a developer in my experience Charles lol Including my boss
  10. LOL, Can see people being happy about that LOL.
  11. And I will second that. They are also the kinds of things I like reading in the blog posts. Not just "We did xyz" but "We did xyz because" is something IPB do different to most. As for the "Flow" conversation. The only thing as far as the style goes that should flow well IMO is the markup and CSS in the admin panel. If thats put together in a nice 'flowing' manor then it will make it easier for both amateur and advanced desiners alike to 'swing' in and add their own 'spice'. (Did I miss any buzz words?)
  12. Not sure I'm getting your analogy in the slightest. If you think your treated like a "nuisance" on here I would seriously suggest switching software to one of the others, but before you go I will say only one thing. "I'll see you when you get back".
  13. Looks good. I do like the thought of hiding moderators as others have said though
  14. Yeah me too And comments like that and the humour from the staff around here are why Im glad I came back to the place I should have never left in the first place.
  15. Sincerely hope a lot of the agegroup reading twilight are not reading 50 shades .... From what my wife tells me it may almost make me blush lol ..
  16. File Name: DC - Images On Forum Home File Submitter: Marc_S File Submitted: 19 Feb 2014 File Category: User and Social Engagement Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x This hook allows a simple way to show all the images that have been attached within forum(s). Settings include the following at present, however will likely be adding more. Can be found under System>Settings>DC - IOFH Number of images to show Groups who can see the images Forums to show images from Images when clicked will take you to where they were posted. Any images which run over the bar will not be shown so as to always fit within the section provided for them. This is my first modification for IPB so far so be gentle :tongue: here to download this file
  17. I thought we were getting state of the art software here? Surely your gonna make it 50 shades darker before the realise?
  18. When you say "Add from a URL" is this a link to the file or does it download the file to your own servers filesystem? Or optional?
  19. And on Andrew Carnegie's tombstone "Here lies one who knew how to get around him men who were cleverer than himself"
  20. WOOHOO, attachments on quick reply!!! LOL Seriously though, good stuff :)
  21. Any reason whatsoever why you think the language is warrented? These lazy staff work their backsides off to make the software that you purchased better than any other on the market. Most of the people who state they are wanting an update, need a date, want to know why their are no blogs, are worried they are behind etc etc I'm sure will be completely against your comment, let alone those who are happy to wait. That comment is out of order and if you were on my forum you would have been removed from the site. There is just no need!.
  22. See, dont always disagree with ya LOL I left xenforo for vBulletin. Boy what a mistake that was. Now Im back here lol
  23. Oh no doubt whatsoever, but can honestly say as a developer myself I know how much time these small things can take up. If there are really as many blogs to come as some suggest and they are as high quality as the previous they will take time. May only be 5 mins here, 10 mins there, but it all adds up to the removal of development time and personally I would rather them spend that time on the development itself. Dont get me wrong, I'm every bit as much eager to see it as anyone else. In fact the whole reason Im here to respond to you at all is simply because I visit on a daily basis just to see if there has been any update lol. So yeah, maybe a little hypocrytical in that sense, just saying personally I know these things just eat into your day.
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