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  1. I thought this was already fixed at one point. Could be wrong.
  2. Is it not the template you should be editing? That looks like a php file (although havent looked either lol)
  3. Actually as someone who deals with exactly this on a day to day basis this is incorrect. Best practice is not to store any credit card information where these is not a need for that information to be retained by the company. The only place in which should keep part of the payment processing information should be the payment processor and this information should be PCI complient, completely encrypted, and the information should be available to the user upon request. This information needs to be kept for a minimum of 7 years in order to comply with international accounting standards. IPS is not the payment processor, and therefore has no obligation to store (and in fact should not) the credit card details.
  4. Hang on a minute!!! You mean IPS does now care about my box of frogs? I consider them to be well looked after and, to be quite honest, they like their box. I suggest IPS as a company puts far more effort into ensuring my box of frogs is looked after during the course of IPS4 or I shall be leaving to join the RSPCBF (Royal Society for the Provension of Cruelty to Boxed Frogs). PS:- Should you care about my staying, please ensure Lilypads are programmed into your next release :P
  5. I see what you mean about things being publically accessable via search engines, however thats only because of the privacy thing in the first place. I think the main things here are the contact details. I would like to be able to add onto my profile my skype details, aol, and even my telephone number and have these governed by permissions on the system. So anyone I add as a friend can see them, otherwise they are not visible to anyone (including search engines).
  6. As have many many others to be fair. Not everythings gonna get in 4.0 realistically. besides, I have every faith in your 3rd party solution ;)
  7. To be fair they havent shown much of that side of things yet, so will reserve judgement until they do so. Everything they have shown so far looks to be well thought out so looking forward to seeing what they have to offer. IPB as far as I can see do tend to listen to posts like these and I'm sure if its a concern for a lot this will be just another one of those topics. A hell of a lot of work has evidently been put into 4.0, but I would have thought the main framework has had more emphisis put on it than any of the front end features. The fact that the front end features we have seen so far seem on the face of it to be extremely well thought through IMO is a massive plus point considering the task they laid out for themselves. Dont forget IPB has a lot more to rewrite than any of the other software and the undertaking I imagine is huge.
  8. This is the kind of thing I was thinkin, however would have thought theoretically would just be able to pic up the forumid and suppress on set pages. So long as the code base is there could have quite a bit of potential :)
  9. When you say they are global, just how global? For example, I would love to have them show on the topic listing within the forum, however not sure I would want them showing on a topic page, and if I did decide to show on topic page it may only be on one forum. Is this level of customisation possible or am I over thinking it?
  10. First question - Enhancements are great, however will people now be able to RSVP from a calender media link within the forum? Often you create an event and a post to go with it and if its already there on the post there is more chance of it being used
  11. Incidentally, I did the move from IPB early in 3.4.x series for very similar reasons as above. I will show you my path:- Move from IPB 3.4.0 to xenforo Move from xenforo to vbulletin because does do enough and not being developed quick enough (no mark on them, they are just too young a company) Move from vbulletin to IPB 3.4.x So basically I moved from a shiny IPB forum because of annoyances during an update, moved from one software to the next and ended up on IPB currently. Conclusion: Pointless. Better off sticking it out.
  12. I agree. Used a lot on my forum for meets around the world.
  13. Only thing I think missing from the calender at the moment (well kinda from the calender) is the ability to RSVP from a calender media link within posts. I think with this the feature on our site (and I believe many others) would likely be used to greater effect.
  14. You ok there Jake? You seem to be having a debate with yourself LMAO Left this month - 16 April - 30 May - 31 June - 30 107 ....... None of us are gonna be making Mathematicians any time soon LOL
  15. Completely agree, and just as a little bit of math for the "There are miles away because of the blogs" people. There are currently 25 blog entries on IPB 4. At current rate there seems to be around 1 every couple of days being released. There are 122 days until end of Q2. Thats room for 61 more blog entries at one every couple of days and thats assuming its not ramped up somewhat before release which I would expect. OK I know I know, they dont tend to release blogs at weekends, so lets get rid of the 28 days of weekends between now and then, thats still 47 more blogs and still assuming no ramping up of releasing them. Chill out peeps :)
  16. Completely agree, nor is just a notification. I dont want my members to feel we are robots, I wanna be able to respond and quickly even if its simply with a "Cheers for that m8, hadnt picked up on this but being dealt with now"
  17. One of the biggest issues with the report center as it is at present is the inability to actually respond to the person who reported it in the first place, meaning this generally goes ignored and the user can feel his/her report has also been ignored. Is there anything to facilitate this?
  18. Friends list Gender Birthday Profile Feed About Me information Contact Information (AIM/MSN/SKYPE etc) Interests Although to be honest I'm of the same opinion as you Charlesm, most can be seen anyways, there are certainly a few which cant. Profile feed and contact details mainly. For me I think the contact information has to be the main one I would personally like to be able to add for people to contact and as I think someone already said, this is the reason I dont have mine available.
  19. Yeah but then it would be simply a differing point of view... They wont think Im amazing and simply be wrong LOL
  20. Speak for yourself, Im amazing :tongue:
  21. Gotta agree with others on the ordering of it, however I do actually like the view
  22. EXCELLENT .. I'll have IPB 4.0 while your on a roll pls m8 :D
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