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  1. IPS4 is still in alpha state after all, however you can try it out if you have an active licence. Look in the marketplace here http://community.invisionpower.com/files/category/152-ips4-pre-release/ Also if you wanna get started on this kind of thing would suggect joining the pre-release forum as I think you will find it more helpful to what your looking for ;) http://zend.ipsdevserver.com/ips4/forums/
  2. I go away for a single weekend and he gets it to release stage...... Star man is that Stuart ;)
  3. Just in time for IPB4 IN_DEV :P LOL
  4. On the bright side the new language strings mean you can change it to "love this" with ease :D
  5. when IP4 is released he will have just finished this one and suddenly be diagnosed with torrets
  6. I would feel sorry for you, however I did the same LOL
  7. Nah, thats only if they say goodbye both now and last year in the same thread, which is a pretty uncommon occurance... Oh .... Wait a sec
  8. Oh and forgot to mention ...... Ready for action :D ...... Gimme gimme gimme LOL
  9. Warning to some. If using the option just to convert some columns etc in the utf8 converter it seems to remove some of the indexes. Should imagine large forums as mine would notice straight away (rendered my site useless), but smaller sites may not notice to begin with. Make sure you check the indexes within ACP after running.
  10. WOW is this conversation still goin on LOL
  11. I give up LOL .... Please release 4.0 so people become normal again lol

    1. Farcaster II

      Farcaster II

      yes pls pls pls

  12. With some mobiles these days, probably too small LOL
  13. I love it... Its happened to me a few times on my own forum and everytime I find it hilarious. I would love it to stay LOL
  14. Sorry, back on topic..... Looks excellent guys and cant wait to get my hands on it :)
  15. Looking at that skin I cant imagine its gonna load much slower than any designed mobile theme. Therefore the only detriment to this would be something in which you add yourself, for example images being loaded incorrectly for mobile devices. Responsive design caters for all this and is generally the new way in which things are done on the internet. To name but a few sites:- google EE London Transport BBC Disney Boston Globe Ableton Harvard University CSS Tricks Starbucks Time Magazine or maybe something a little more relevant to the situation xenforo wordpress Burning Board Vbulletin Now I understand your concerns I really do. But you gotta ask yourself, is it really possible that everyone else with far more knowledge than either of us is wrong? My guess would be not.
  16. And in the search box, and by hovering over a users username LOL Other than that, completely invisible
  17. As others have said, will make updating things a lot more efficient. Especially as you can see what you are changing straight away and see what it looks like rather than being in ACP, then switchig to front end, the realising its wrong, then switching back to ACP, then going back to check what you just corrected.
  18. To be fair we're only half way through Q2
  19. Cheers Rikki. Even if it was just a link, it would make the calender so much more useful as I think people would actually.... well ... use it lol
  20. Just one question on the embedding, and about the only thing I feel is missing from one of them. I see that the "1 users going" on the calender embedded item, but are we not going to have the functionality within that item to actually say whether we are going to that event or not? Simply as I feel the calender entries would become more useful. Users are lazy afterall LOL
  21. Thats a rather accurate number .... Have you done some before? LOL
  22. Eagerly awaiting bfabers status to say "Please test the 4.0.0 beta and let us know of any issues!"

  23. Hi guys, Given the upcoming release of version 4, is there any chance that as well as the dropdown menu on all pages for free/paid/both we can have a filter for the software versions they are applicable to. Purely as I and I would assume many others after upgrading would only want to see the addons/modifications for the version of software that they are running at the time and it would make life a lot easier for everyone. Given these filters are already available in search Im sure for guys of your talent it would be easy enough to add filters for when you are simply browsing whats available rather than searching for something specifically. Cheers :)
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