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  1. Subscriptions Manager

    Resolved by rebuilding CSS and HTML master data Thanks Michael :)
  2. Subscriptions Manager

    Fatal error: Call to a member function indexScreen() on a non-object in /home/rapnatio/public_html/forum/admin/applications_addon/other/subscriptions/modules_public/subscriptions/paysubs.php on line 563
  3. Subscriptions Manager

    first of all, love this app. but we had it installed and it wasnt working correctly (it wouldnt automatically set up the subscription when someone bought a package) so we uninstalled and reinstalled. now the application seems to work correctly, however, we get several errors with the hooks " alt="2nai3jp.jpg"> had to disable 3 hooks to prevent any more errors. thats just 1 of the errors. the other 2 were for hooks as well. so we just ended up disabling all the hooks. what could be the problem?
  4. (DP33) Customize Posts

    no. and it doesnt only effect the mobile skin. -- the text color of quoted posts are black on all skins. -- driver error when viewing threads those effect every skin
  5. (DP33) Customize Posts

    when enabled. -- mobile theme doesnt show posts -- the text color of quoted posts are black on all skins. -- driver error when viewing threads there wasnt the option to add the customized posts in settings either but ran the queries and that worked. but the other problems still exist we want to use this, but we dont want to compromise the mobile ability
  6. Download: Shoutbox

    fair enough
  7. Download: Shoutbox

    is there like a backdoor way to allow us to have under 30seconds refresh rate?
  8. Download: Shoutbox

    lol well idk what happened. i havent changed anything but all of a sudden its working now :shrug:
  9. Download: Shoutbox

    Community Forum Software by IP.Board 3.3.3 thats what we have, 3.3.3
  10. Download: Shoutbox

    minimized the shoutbox on one page temporarily. but now its minimized on every page. how do i reverse this process? i tried recaching members set cache and still didnt work