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  1. I think he is ignoring this issue.
  2. Is the new release going to include the fix I sent you in a pm in February?
  3. I think staff involvement here would reduce the number of tickets they have to answer too. Speaking for myself, of course, I will search the forums before I subit a ticket and have in the past resorted to support tickets that were for things I couldn't find answers for in the support forums. Whether that's because it's hard to find things on the forums because of a failure in the search function or because questions weren't answered is another matter. It is discouraging to do a search and find a question asked but not answered in a thread, though, which is why it's important to make sure each and every question in a support forum gets an answer.
  4. Seems to be becoming a common feature across the web. I think it would be useful if we could get notifications to members if they get mentioned, whether it's in a forum post, a blog post, an article in IP.Content, or wherever. Is this planned in 4.0? And if not, will you please consider it as a core feature? Thanks! :)
  5. I tried reading through the support thread to see if this was answered, but it just looks like a lot of fighting between you and one or two other members and that got tiring very quickly. I have this installed on a test forum (meaning it's not active with members), and when I disable the hook everything is good, but when I enable the hook on every IP.Content page I get only this error: Then, when I disable the hook again, everything is good. A right column is critical for my websites but so is using IP.Content. Do you know what to do for fixing this?
  6. Well, I guess that depends on how "elitist" the gatekeepers would want to be. But, to be honest, I'm never one to hold a grudge and whenever/wherever you go ahead and drop the hateful approach, I'm happy to talk shop.
  7. You bring up a couple of things that actually make a private forum very useful, first of all we can avoid the kind of hate and negativity that you've been throwing at me throughout this thread (and really, why are you doing that?). Second, we can discuss and recommend developers we've worked with in the past without fearing that we'll hurt anyone's feelings. With some of the customizations I'd be needing if I'm going to move any of my big boards onto IPB, I'd like to have some real recommendations for developers, and it's hard to get unbiased views on stuff like that in an open forum without it turning into a flame war.
  8. That's something you wouldn't really know for sure unless it's given a chance. In fact, the most helpful community of forum admins that I know of is populated by those type who have their own staff, etc., and I know a number of people like myself who are deeply considering moving our forums onto IPB. It would be quite valuable to have a safe place to interact with serious forum owners who have more experience on this system. Whether that happens here, or in the other private admin forum that I'm referring to, I think everyone involved would benefit.
  9. I think that part is very much true, unless there would be a critical mass of people using the section it would be pointless. I'm more disappointed by the hostile atmosphere here in your support forums than I am about anyone saying they don't like the idea. And, of course I use support ticket when I need support, but there are sometimes when I'd like to have the advice of peers rather than support from the staff, and it's a shame that there isn't a supportive environment here that can provide an area for that. I really enjoyed my time with Xenforo, especially before Brogan 'retired' because their support forum was very helpful and they made everyone feel welcome. As it stands today, the atmosphere here in the IPS support community is about on the same level I see at vBulletin, an that is a very, very bad thing.
  10. You're just behaving like an irrational child, and the way you conduct yourself just underlines why people who are serious about running their forums cannot possibly rely on the support forums here for much of anything.
  11. Why so much hate? Your replies in this thread are a good example of why big board owners wouldn't want to air their issues in public.
  12. I know. I wish moderators would clean up that crap, it's a big turnoff. The nasty, argumentative nature of some of the people here in the support forum is one of the biggest down sides I've seen with my consideration in moving to Invision Power.
  13. Thomas, maybe it would be easier to just get a bunch of big board owners who use IPB to join BBA than try to do it here. If you know some people, get in touch with Andy about it.
  14. I did. But, really, you should just filter out anything with words like payday loans, viagra, cialis, and crap like that which you only see from spammers.
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