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  1. [HQ] Raffle System

    Is there a way to set the system up as a straight Giveaway system? I want to be able to upload a log of (beta/giveaway) codes so that players can click a button and it generate one of the codes and only allow 1 code per account, but also make sure that it doesn't give anyone else that code? For instance, 1,000 beta codes, b4andb355j - 1 gfbwjgi2jgi1n - 2 Player clicked the button **code one is generated for that players account** then appears this way in the system b4andb355j - 1 gfbwjgi2jgi1n - 2 So that it doesn't generate that code again for anyone else. Pretty much I am looking for a giveaway system like this, http://www.mmorpg.com/giveaways.cfm/offer/25 Players make an account, log in and are able to get 1 code generated for them. Thanks, Andrew
  2. Just a few questions

    Thanks for all the information, that definately makes me feel a lot more comfortable about signing up here soon. I had 1 more questions. When I do events like a beta code event or something for a game, is there an addon or app that I can use to limit it to logged in players only once? I could just load the codes into the addon and it just generates 1 per user. Thanks, andrew
  3. Just a few questions

    Hey everyone, New to SQL Database and all that stuff, but I know a little about programming, and I have a free Forums right now. 1. When you are buying the hosting service from someone other than IPB, is there certain things I should be looking for? I know I seen in another post, that you should have php 5 or something and some other things. 2. If I buy the web hosting from someone other than IPB, I could install joomla on it and connect the IPB forums will it correct? With doing this would I be able to link certain things like articles to the homepage? Sorta like a recent topics. 3. I know very little of mySQL Database, and FTP and things like such? Is there any good tutorials that IPB offers? and is it a big part of the IPB forums system? 4. If you are a beginner, how easy are the admin tools to adjust too? I tried the Demo and everything just seems a lot of things I don't know about. 5. How easy is it to install Templates, and edit them? Also how easy is it to install add-ons? Thanks for the information, a little new to this, and just want to start off with a lot of information. Andrew