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    sonimik1 reacted to Wayne B in Custom Notifications - Supporttopic   
    @Fosters Any update on this please - - people asking without response at the minute?
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    sonimik1 reacted to bfarber in apps and plugins 4.5.0   
    Another developer could recreate the application or plugin, or they may be able to adjust your existing app/plugin with the source code available to them (i.e. with FTP access to your server to work on it there).
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    sonimik1 reacted to Sonya* in Upgrade IPB 4.5   
    I cannot help you to remember how to connect to your installation. I never knew it 😂
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    sonimik1 reacted to Sonya* in Upgrade IPB 4.5   
    Go to your Client area and change licensed URL.
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    sonimik1 reacted to Sonya* in Upgrade IPB 4.5   
    Delete the IPS installation on _http://usenetserver.info before changing the URL.
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    sonimik1 reacted to Sonya* in Upgrade IPB 4.5   
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    sonimik1 reacted to RocketStang in Upgrade IPB 4.5   
    You should turn of all 3rd party apps and plugins to upgrade but many apps and plugins are not yet upgraded to work on 4.5...you will have to upgrade them one by one before you turn them back on!
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    sonimik1 reacted to AlexWebsites in Upgrade IPB 4.5   
    Make sure all apps, plugins and themes have been updated and ready to be installed/updated as well before you move to 4.5. If you run bare IPS, then no issue. Always advisable to backup first.
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    sonimik1 reacted to breatheheavy in Radical Tags   
    Thanks! Just upgraded. 
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    sonimik1 reacted to Makoto in Radical Tags   
    Hey @Giray,
    There was a bug in the initial 1.5.0 release but it has been fixed with 1.5.1, please be sure to upgrade and let me know if you continue experiencing issues!
    @sonimik1 / @breatheheavy
    Be sure to upgrade to 1.5.1 when you can too! Sorry for the inconvenience!
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    sonimik1 reacted to aXenDev in [Dark / Light] Fluent Design Theme Edition - Topic Support   
    People who see this error please add the following code to custom.css.
    /* Fix Chatbox+ */ .ipsColumn > .cProfileHeader_name li[data-controller="bim.chatbox.startChat"] { display: none; } The bug will be fixed in the next version of Chatbox+.
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    sonimik1 got a reaction from Pete T in Project Manager / Bug&Suggestion Tracker - Supporttopic   
    Thank you very much, I already help @Pete T
    he did that to me is my template, thank you very much anyway
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    sonimik1 reacted to V0RT3X666 in Project Manager / Bug&Suggestion Tracker - Supporttopic   
    Put something like this in your custom.css
    .cProjectIcon_pic { max-width: 48px; min-height: 48px; }
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    sonimik1 got a reaction from shahed in Quick Links - Supporttopic   
    Hi, I really like this complement and I would like to buy it but.
    Just run fluid in chrome
    In Firefox and Safari the animation is slow.
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    sonimik1 reacted to shahed in Quick Links - Supporttopic   
    Quick Links Is a very simple plugin, yet with many options for adding a new "Hamburger menu" function, right beside of User bar section.

    Click on this, will open a Full screen menu with these items:
    Up to 8 Grid with 7 links for each, can be activate or sets for each section throughout plugin settings Background color setting for Full screen menu Option for Sticky header Color option for links. link color and hover Social media Icons for linking to official social media pages Contact us section Live Demo
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    sonimik1 reacted to DawPi in updating to 4.4.5   
    Use PhpMyAdmin, select problematic table and tun Fix tool from the dropdown below.
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    sonimik1 reacted to Adriano Faria in Send Email in Profile   
    This is a thing of your email provider. The email goes like any other email sent by the framework. 
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    sonimik1 reacted to Makoto in Radical Tags   
    I'll see what I can do, but unfortunately there's no way at the moment that I can test for compatibility on Safari 12.1 since it is completely closed off to the public and there are no ideal free solutions for testing websites against this version of Safari out there.
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    sonimik1 reacted to Makoto in Radical Tags   
    Hey @sonimik1,
    Which version of Safari are you using?
    Trying to test this on Browserstack, I can't seem to reproduce the issue.

    Do you see the issue present on the following page?
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    sonimik1 reacted to Makoto in Radical Tags   
    Ah, so it seems to be a Safari specific issue.
    Unfortunately Apple discontinued support for Safari on Windows nearly a decade ago, so testing will be a bit difficult, but I'll see what I can do to reproduce the issue and apply a fix for Safari's rendering engine.
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    sonimik1 reacted to Makoto in Radical Tags   
    It's finally here!
    The first official major release of the application!
    This implements full support for Node/Category settings. Everything that was available in Advanced Tags and Prefixes has been re-implemented here with various tweaks and improvements.
    Namely, support for custom "Prefix" language strings, a cleaner tag themed input for prefixes, and the redundant "Select prefix" option will no longer display if you are using a required prefix list (which was an issue I mentioned above with ATP in modern releases).
    This release also adds formatting support for regular tags as well, no longer just prefixes!
    Lastly, I've done some major refactoring to just about everything and rebuilt a lot of classes with performance in-mind for very large communities.
    Thank you all for your patience and let me know if you run into any issues with the application! I hope to add many more features over the coming weeks as well, so suggestions/feedback is always welcome!
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    sonimik1 reacted to Makoto in Radical Tags   
    To provide a quick update, I've got most of the forum/category setting features implemented, and will be adding a script allowing you to import your existing configurations over from Advanced Tags and Prefixes as well.
    In addition, I'm reworking the application a bit so that instead of it providing custom formatting exclusively for prefixes, you can optionally add custom formatting to regular tags as well (so if you want color coded tags to display in the normal tag list, you'll be able to do that now!)
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    sonimik1 reacted to Makoto in Radical Tags   
    By next week, or hopefully earlier!
    You can track the progress of the next release here:
    I also have a new Discord for support/development progress updates if you'd like to join there (though it hasn't been fully set up yet):
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    sonimik1 reacted to Adriano Faria in update add-ons   
    I would submit a ticket to IPS then, as it is installed. 
    In the meantime, you can update your apps:
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    sonimik1 reacted to Adriano Faria in update add-ons   
    Go to ACP -> Support and click in phpinfo in the System Information at the right side. Search for PHAR. You need to have it enabled. Something like that:

    If it's not there, then you don't have. I suggest you submit a ticket to your host so they can enable it.
    In the meantime, you can extract the .tar file with a WinZip or WinRar and upload the folder via FTP and them update the apps.
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