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    breatheheavy got a reaction from Askancy in So much empty space...   
    I didn't realize how much space was being utilized until I switched to 4.5. This is kind of a lot I agree 😂 
    I would love to somehow simplify this so it's about 75% shorter in length. For instance, it says the author and time stamp twice.

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    breatheheavy reacted to Paul E. in Drip Campaigns Support   
    Yes. Though it's not as bad as it was 30 minutes ago.
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    breatheheavy got a reaction from SC36DC in SQL Error when making a backup   
    Haha. This is what it said btw. The table is 158MB

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    breatheheavy got a reaction from SC36DC in SQL Error when making a backup   
    It worked!!! 
    Backup was successful 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
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    breatheheavy reacted to SC36DC in SQL Error when making a backup   
    Look for table 'membersshop_logs' and try and repair this one.
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    breatheheavy reacted to SC36DC in SQL Error when making a backup   
    Definitely. I've done it before in the past. It worked for me.
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    breatheheavy reacted to Eudemon in SQL Error when making a backup   
    you have access to phpmyadmin? go to the database find the table and click repair
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    breatheheavy got a reaction from SC36DC in SQL Error when making a backup   
    My host said this: 
    You can try to repair it via cPanel otherwise you need to contact your developer to look at this.

    Should I try that? 
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    breatheheavy reacted to opentype in Pages SuperVote (Support topic)   
    Rating only works for members. That’s why you can’t vote on the demo site. 
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    breatheheavy reacted to Olmyster in Auto Welcome Support   
    Thank you for this solution but, If I can understand 50$ for the initial price, IMHO, the renewal terms at the same price is way too expensive.
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    breatheheavy reacted to Logan0 in Auto Welcome Support   
    This is an application so it will be in your application list, it won't be in your plugin list.
    I haven't had any problems yet apart from the chatbox integration doesn't work which has always been the case.
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    breatheheavy got a reaction from Abies in So much empty space...   
    This post is... not the vibe.
    There's a way to offer suggestions and offer constructive criticism versus call something "absolutely terrible" that people spent a lot of time and energy on. 
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    breatheheavy got a reaction from SC36DC in So much empty space...   
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    breatheheavy reacted to SF_Ronin in Newsletters   
    @HeadStand Any ETA for the newsletter and 4.5? Thanks!
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    breatheheavy reacted to All Astronauts in Spacious ACP/Widgets   
    <two weeks later...>
    So, I've sat on this for a week or two. Pulled some things that might make IPS grumpy, waited around for IPS patches to appear to make sure that Spacious patch alert feature was working, and so on. @Joel R has a near-final build and he seemed pretty perky about it so it can't be all bad.
    Now, as far as Marketplace approvals go, there are multiple people doing the work, and it seems to be a take one and go (or take the next on the pile and go). Some stuff of mine has taken many days to get approved. One thing today leap-frogged something utterly trivial today and was approved in something like two hours. I've not had a rejection yet. Not expecting that trend to continue...
    Also, this will not be approved in two hours.
    Devs currently do not get alerts when a file is approved and I'm not checking 24/7 to see. I'm hesitant to update the description as that flags the file as recently updated and people download it and nothing has changed except the description and blah.
    So no new description until it's actually approved.
    When you see this in the ACP Marketplace, you'll know it's good to go:

    I'll have to upload a metric ****-ton of new screens when I submit so I might just do a running log of changes with those here after submission. I'll be doing the submission in the morning while watching bike riders in Europe experience a tremendous amount of pain.
    Lastly, as far as I can tell there is still a bug with templates not clearing out when you enable/disable an app or plugin on the ACP side. Which is to say post-install you are good to go, but if/when you go to the app page and toggle an app off, if there are hooks on templates on the ACP side, those hooks will remain ACTIVE until you hit the Spacious refresh caches button (if available) or use the support tool to do the same. If you do this with Spacious you might get some weird looking ACP (since the CSS is disabled so included images might be stupid large) but, again, support tool or refresh caches button and all is well.
    Not my bug, not my problem; t'was reported in the alpha/beta tracker. Fairly warned be ye sez I.
    No, there is no re-buy required for this upgrade though the work probably demanded such. Kitchen Sink, another full re-write, will probably require one just for the fact that it is moving from plugin to app.
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    breatheheavy reacted to Adrian A. in Forum managers   
    Support and feedback topic for:
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    breatheheavy reacted to SC36DC in So much empty space...   
    In a past post, didn't someone from the IPB team mentioned they were thinking of adding a floating "Reply" button? I don't recall who this was.

    I also would LOVE to see this added as an option, which can be activated in specific sections of the forum. I would most likely only use it in a 'Roll Call', 'Introduce Yourself' type of thread.
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    breatheheavy reacted to Lindy in When plugin/application upgrades fail in 4.5   
    Paul, the feedback truly is appreciated. With anything, there are inherent risks. You can buy anything and it can go unsupported, warranty denied, or any number of things you hadn't hoped for. The Marketplace is an inherent risk to IPS as well. Anytime there's a fraudulent purchase, a developer disappears and/or there are chargebacks, IPS bears the burden of such - financially and otherwise. When you are dealing with inexpensive resources at a 10% commission, one $15 chargeback it can take dozens of transactions to recoup the loss from that one previous transaction. The Marketplace, from a financial standpoint, is a loss leader for IPS, but it's something that adds value to the product and enhances the customer experience. So, yes, there are risks - for everyone. We've drastically improved the footprint and presence of the Marketplace for 4.5 and thus increased exposure - which ultimately, will be great for everyone. With that, however, necessitates the need to leverage tighter control of the Marketplace. If you buy an app in the App Store or Play, you don't get the source. If the developer disappears, that's the end of the app. That is the unfortunate reality that we all face virtually everywhere else. 99% of the time, the risk pays off.
    I completely understand where you are coming from, Paul. Truly. You are fortunate to have the skills and desire to get your hands dirty. I do, however, have the advantage of knowing our customer base and  very respectfully - you are indeed the exception, not the norm. Most want to point, click and go. I understand the argument that has been raised: "why not have both?" - we effectively do, even if it's not quite what you had in mind. You can manually install resources and if you wish to purchase something in the Marketplace, there is nothing stopping you from contacting the author and asking for files and likewise, nothing preventing the author from providing it to you. The only caveat is it's installed through the unofficial installation side of the framework and thus unsupported. Beyond that, if the author agrees with your assessment that you should have the ability to view and alter their resources, what we've done in 4.5 should have no bearing on you. If you're asking to have it like it was, I'm afraid we have no intention of doing so, to be completely candid. Whether that changes in the future is unknown, but at this juncture, we will continue to improve the infrastructure, processes and work with the authors to create the best experience we possibly can. There will be bumps. There always is - as we speak, there's an app I can't open on my iPhone since an update - it just crashes. I've been doing this long enough to know things happen and I don't expect the developer or Apple to catch everything. Likewise, we can't predict the perfect storm in every circumstance and when we find something, we will all learn from it, do our best to ensure it doesn't happen again and rather than mask issues that bubble up outside of the Marketplace, they will be dealt to ensure other customers don't encounter the same thing.
    Invision is moving in the direction that the majority of the Internet has already moved towards. Point. Click. Done. Fewer and fewer people have any interest in the nuts and bolts of things anymore. We used to have our own datacenter space long ago. I remember personally, in our earlier years, getting late night calls because a power supply failed, or one of the Cisco 6509's didn't come back after an update, or a processor failed. I know nothing about latest server hardware and I haven't had to telnet into a power strip in years... do you know why? Because I don't have or want to. 🙂 Our infrastructure is housed entirely within AWS these days. They do what they do, so we can do what we do and while they aren't perfect either... it works. That is what the overwhelming majority of customers want. Of course, if I wanted to get my hands dirty and rack a server, there are still colo providers available. If we wanted to download, hack up and mess with a collaboration and communication tool - we could, but why? That's what Slack does and I don't care what their code looks like, or what the third party developer's code looks like. It's point. Click. Done. If there's no done, they will work until there is. Again, it may not be your ideal outcome and I really do understand the mistrust, but we just can't be something to everyone and in this case, we're focusing on the things you shouldn't -have- to focus on vs carving out space for you to rack your own server. Others do that well, but we are moving away from that model and I do realize it's a big change for some. We hate to alienate or turn away anyone, we really do.
    In short: I would encourage you to contact authors moving forward if you want a copy of a resource and see if that's an option, either as a courtesy or by purchasing from their site instead of the Marketplace. We are standing firm on our position with regards to how the Marketplace will function moving forward. You have my word and commitment to making that the best possible experience it can be. We will also improve communication for these types of things in the future. I think we just assumed everyone would welcome the change - who doesn't like simplicity, right? There's obviously a few that do care and we'll be more mindful of that.
    Thanks again for taking the time to provide concise and constructive feedback, Paul. It's appreciated.
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    breatheheavy reacted to Rikki in Timeline application   
    @opentype to the rescue 🙂 
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    breatheheavy got a reaction from Rikki in Timeline application   
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    breatheheavy reacted to Afrodude in Group Mention   
    Hopefully @kRSB can do something about it. 
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    breatheheavy reacted to borangeatx in Wordpress 5.51 to IPS 4.52 Converter   
    Thanks!  I’ll give it a shot!
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    breatheheavy reacted to opentype in Pages SuperTimeline (Support Topic)   
    It’s a template for a regular Pages database. So all Pages functionalities, like the ones you mention, will work. 
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    breatheheavy got a reaction from kmk in So much empty space...   
    I do like this....
    But I still find it a little odd the user has to scroll all the way to the bottom to reply. That's not very intuitive imo. I wish there was an "easier" way to reply
    Also, would love to see nested replies, but that's a whole other topic 😆 

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    breatheheavy got a reaction from JEFF MACK in So much empty space...   
    This post is... not the vibe.
    There's a way to offer suggestions and offer constructive criticism versus call something "absolutely terrible" that people spent a lot of time and energy on. 
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