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  1. Yea lol nice point. I haven't jumped ship to 4.6 yet because I just wanted to confirm with the community either this review process would still allow for embedding Instagram posts, or perhaps this plugin was an option still - IG embeds are super important in my community. Another reason I haven't upgraded just yet was that I have a bunch of plugins and apps that I needed to make sure were on 4.6 👼 Most are ready to go though! 😭 Appreciate you reminding me of this. I did this review process a while ago and it did work in my community. I receive a lot of messages from the community asking about embeds for their own community. Might be worth me trying this out in a test environment when I have some spare time. Thanks again!! 🙏
  2. This is why I get for rushing into threads 🤦🏼‍♂️
  3. Yahoo! Thank you 🙏
  4. @newbie LAC Came here looking for this as well 🙂 An update one way or another would be greatly appreciated! 🙏 Edit: Apologies for not realizing or it slipping my mind that Newbie is in the hospital. Sorry about that! Wishing them a lot of healing vibes.
  5. Phew! Love to hear that. I came here searching. Wondering if @InvisionHQ would be willing to take a look and confirm? And possibly update the file information? 😇 Would be greatly appreciated! It's a great plugin!
  6. Hey there. I'm hesitant to ask lol, but would this possibly work on 4.6? It's currently working in my community that's on 4.5. Because of the nature of my community, Instagram embeds are imperative. Anyone have any insight? Would be greatly appreciated! I know there's another topic going on about this, but haven't seen much conversation directed at this existing plugin. Thank you 🙏
  7. Just wanted to circle back and say how much I love this application. It's a really powerful moderation tool. It bridges that gap between suspending someone and allowing them to post freely after a warning. Thank you again, @Nathan Explosion
  8. !!! This is great news. My anxiety is kicking in anyway 😆 . Perhaps @kRSB can take a look and possibly update the file page to reflect that it's compatible with 4.6? 🙏
  9. Hoping so, too! @Adrian A. 🙂 🤞
  10. Came here searching for this as well. @Adrian A. any thoughts on updating this to 4.6? Or are we leaving it in 4.5? Would love to hear from you 🙏
  11. Came here searching for this as well. I'd love to know if there are any plans to update this to 4.6 @newbie LAC 😇 Or if 4.5 will work with 4.6? Edit: Apologies for not realizing or it slipping my mind that Newbie is in the hospital. Sorry about that! Wishing them a lot of healing vibes.
  12. Hey @Makoto, I noticed in the description for the application, it does say it's 4.6 compatible, but in the side bar it still says 4.5. Would love your thoughts! I am gearing up for my own 4.6 upgrade soon :] Thanks
  13. Hey @TheJackal84, wondering if this will be updated for 4.6? 🙂 Just curious! Thanks
  14. Thanks for the other answers above. This blue bar still appears even in default. 😅 Edit: I figured it out. It was displaying because 'Displays guidelines in this category?' was checked, but there wasn't any information in it. All good!
  15. Hey again. Few questions @InvisionHQ 1.) Does a member have to choose a package? When I de-select the item in the ACP, when creating a new advert I see: If yes, all good. One of the packages I'd like to say "I do not want to feature my item." But the Duration has to be at least 1 day. Can it be 0 days? What's the best way to go about this?    2.) When creating a new Advert, I see a blue info bar at the top of the page. Not sure why heh Any help would be awesome!
  16. SOO much to unpack here haha Appreciate the in-depth comment! In the time since, I have found someone via Fiverr to create legal agreements regarding all this so my community and my members are protected. So in the event one of the things goes south (like you mentioned above), it's up to the members to work it out. Both the seller and the buyer will have to agree to terms expressly laid out that my community is not at fault should an issue arise, we are simply the medium. For example, if someone buys an item on FB marketplace and the deal goes south, FB is not the one they'd go after. I am also going to use Paypal only to start (not Stripe) to avoid any potential chargebacks. Thoughts? Am I being too naiive?
  17. Hey all! I bought the app and am setting it up now. Looks super cool. Wondering... has anyone enlisted the help of a legal professional to set up some verbiage (terms of service / guidelines etc)? Essentially, I want to lay out: when one member purchases an item from another member, my community is the middle man and isn't liable in the event a deal goes south. I kind of anticipate members reaching out to me to mediate a deal and I'm not sure how to feel about that. It'd be like buying something off Facebook Marketplace then hitting up FB if the deal went bad. I just want my community to be the platform for them to buy/sell merch, but not be legally responsible/liable. Or, is that not how this works? 😅 I'm also curious if this could land my community in hot water for selling previously-purchased merch. For instance if someone wants to sell an opened Britney vinyl, can that get me in trouble? Think I am answering my own questions in needing to speak to a lawyer about this all lol. Curious what others here have done. Any insight would be greatly appreciated :]
  18. Feeling very grateful 🙂

  19. Ahh yea true true. I'd love to see an option to follow tags. I know on Instagram it's possible to follow hashtags, which is kind of cool cause it's all encompassing. Ideas 💡
  20. From what I gather, it's not possible to follow Tags with the auto follow app right? I'd be super curious to see how that'd function as well. If someone only wants to follow Justin Bieber for example, there'd be an option in the beginning to follow only him. I have a whole vision in my mind 😂 I should probably create a doc and pass it along and see what you think. I think Activity Streams are epic. I'd love to work on guiding more people to them in my community and in general! It'd also be cool to design them in a way that looks like my homepage (which uses SuperTopics).
  21. Love this! Interested in trying this out. We are launching 4.6 in the coming weeks. Do you have plans to update these for 4.6? I've been trying to hold off on getting any new apps/plugins until 4.6 but I'm kinda interested in trying it out anyway 😂 Appreciate you clarifying what each marketplace item does btw
  22. Hey team, I was thinking this could be a cool feature and wanted to hear your thoughts: On Twitter and some other social media accounts, often times they guide you to "follow" a few niche topics upon signing up. This way your timeline is populated with some content you might like right from the get. It could be cool to implement either a page or something similar upon registering to a community. I think our Activity Stream feature is incredible, and I want more people to begin using it on the regular (versus my community's homepage which is curated news content that is the same for all - I'd love if each member had a homepage that was specific to them!). My thought is if they are forced to follow some suggested tags / forums / members to follow, they'd begin getting used to the Activity Stream right away and it'd create a more tailored visiting experience. Also curious to hear if others have seen success with Activity Streams in their community. Love to hear some feedback! Happy 420 😜
  23. So weird. Facebook has been giving me trouble last few days in other ways, too. It wouldn't fetch the links at all yesterday. Ok well kinda(?) relieved it's on FB's end and not something IC-related 😅 Hopefully it will resolve itself soon! Appreciate you following up!! 🙏
  24. Hey @opentype - do you know if this would cause any issues with sites hosted on Invision Community's Cloud plan? It's attempting to pull the first image uploaded to the post, but is having trouble doing so 😅 I am seeing this: The following required properties are missing: fb:app_id
    This is absolutely incredible! I use it especially for new members. When they sign up, it sends an automated email welcoming them, along with some need-to-know items. I also send a PM after their first comment congratulating them for contributing for the first time. Sky's the limit. Awesome creation, @rebraf 👏
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