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  1. Nice!! I think this would be super useful in this community forum, too πŸ‘
  2. Lol this is so extra I'm low-key living for it.
  3. @newbie LAC Hi there! Wondering... would it be possible in a future update to add a placement spot? I'd be interested to see if we could populate an ad at the very very top of the page (before the login/navigation section). That is the most-visible spot for an ad and tends to perform better. I know it doesn't provide a better UX, but I'd still be curious to see how it could function and perhaps generate more revenue. Example πŸ™‚
  4. +1! I like your suggestion a lot @Morrigan. I think a +1 would serve the community a lot more than "confused" or "sad" tbh. Maybe Invision can take a little peek at the percentage of how much the confused and sad reactions are used and if it's minimal, replace them with a +1 and see how it's used in the coming weeks. Nice idea.
  5. I had to take mine offline temporarily while I look into something πŸ˜• Sorry bout that. It's a great app but I have found it a little more difficult to make sales when there isn't a guest option (where the person isn't required to become a member to purchase something).
  6. πŸ™ I would say most comments are respectful and kind, but there's still work to do. It's still an initiative I'd like to pursue (even if I'm in the minority right now ;]) As I'm sure all community leaders can relate to, people are going through tough times right now. It's important to me to have an uplifting community corner on the Internet. So while some may think this idea is a nuisance, I personally think it adds value. I love the Random Act of Kindness idea you mentioned. I have done things like that in the past and it's fun, but it's not a sustainable solution to have to
  7. The part about the ads only came to me after the fact. My original intention is to keep my community as positive as possible. That’s most important. But the community does need to generate revenue to be sustainable. I didn’t anticipate so much pushback πŸ˜…. This isn’t a one-size fits all solution. However I think for me as a community leader it would enhance my forum. It sounds like it won’t for you and I respect that. πŸ™
  8. I suppose I should dive a little deeper into my desire behind this idea. Yes, it's one more step and doesn't head in the direction of good UI/UX, but it does head in the direction of quality commenting which is overall the ultimate goal (for me). Social media giants like Instagram and TikTok as we speak are rolling out new terms and conditions that crack down on the kinds of comments people can leave. People are being banned left and right from the platforms for calling someone "dumb" for instance. It is a form of censorship, however it's because of the mighty dollar. Advertise
  9. Going to have to agree to disagree. I am personally not inquiring about this because I want a Utopian type site. I know different point of views are essential to keeping conversations ongoing and engaging. This idea doesn't encourage people to have similar views or outlooks, rather it's a reminder that before they post their point of view, it doesn't tear someone down. Fanbases of pop stars tend to be emotionally charged, and things can get out of hand a lot faster (imo) than other niche communities. Hence what inspired this. I think your comment is a great example of it disagreein
  10. I appreciate the heated passion behind your responses. It's worth mentioning that it doesn't *have* to be a core feature of the platform (though I think it would be beneficial if it was available to turn on or off). I am merely asking for feedback regarding a plugin/app that's designed to keep things positive as much as possible. If someone had to tap a heart for instance before tapping the Submit Reply button, I personally don't feel that that's such a hassle. It sounds like that is something you wouldn't like and I hear you. =]
  11. Nailed it!!! I disagree. It may be a nuisance to some, but to those that want the community to be a positive place, I imagine they'll welcome this with open arms. Also keep in mind this isn't a required plugin lol so any community owner who doesn't want to use this can feel free to pass. πŸ™ If people check the box and continue to be icky members, it'll be a lot easier to suspend or ban them because they displayed a blatant disregard for the rules.
  12. We have that currently πŸ™‚ But I do think it'd be interesting to have a feature where members have to agree that their comment is kind before it gets posted. If we have a "kindness" reaction, the comment has already been posted. I'd like to be one step ahead with this =] I don't actually agree with this. πŸ™ Some times conversations get out of hand, especially dealing with fanbases stanning pop stars. Patience is a virtue. =] But honestly I don't see it taking much patience to use this feature. It takes a fraction of a second to tap a "heart" or something to remind the user that
  13. Nice!! Looking forward to it =]
  14. Yea!!! I love this idea. It’s one extra step but takes a fraction of a second. πŸ™
  15. I bought the plugin and tbh it was $10 well spent now that my members can post IG and FB posts again. Especially IG, that was a big deal that we couldn't.
  16. Haha sorry. Just updated my post previous to this one. I got it working by making the IG and FB ids in the plugin settings the same :]]] Thank you thank you! @Kjell Iver Johansen And thank you @rebraf for making this!
  17. Omg. I did this and now it's working 😭 Thank youuuuu!!!
  18. Hey. I can't seem to find that screen ^ Here's what my OAuth settings looks like:
  19. Hey Invision, hope you're having a great December. So, I had an idea. One of my main missions this year was to elevate the culture in my forum and make it a kinder place. I feel like I have achieved success in that regard, however I still see comments that I find pretty questionable despite the warning points system, moderators, rules etc that are in place. My idea is to develop a Kindness plugin. There's a lot that can be done, and I'd love to hear your guys' feedback, but the first thing I'd like to have this plugin do is create essentially a little check box that the mem
  20. Yes I have a FB developer account set up :] Here's what it looks like: I'm not quite sure what you mean with this: You could try setting (siteurl)/oauth/token/index.php for the redirect URI. I tried this URL: https://www.breatheheavy.com/exhale/oauth/token/index.php But it's also asking me to fill more fields out. Once you guys work this out, I'd love it if I can jump in too and get some help to get this working πŸ™ 😊
  21. Hey there! So excited to get this in motion! @rebraf I purchased the plugin and tried setting up all the criteria in FB developer app, but I still didn't have any luck getting IG embeds to show. I think the part I'm stuck in is creating the Instagram App ID. It's asking me for this information in FB and I'm not sure what to put:
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