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  1. It's appearing in 4.5.3 then as well because that's my latest version 😅
  2. AHHH how interesting. I am testing the Timeline app and instead of showing the date, it shows this long number. And I had no idea what I was doing wrong or how to fix this. So, this is a bug eh? 1556002800 instead of the date.
  3. Hi there. I tried using this on 4.5 but didn't receive any notifications on several accounts I tried testing 😕 @kRSB Any help would be greatly appreciated! Oops, just realized this wasn't updated for 4.5 yet. Any word on if it will be would be awesome. I really liked this tool. Thank you. 🙏
  4. Oh lmao I just saw this. Yes, these are exactly the bugs I'm looking to fix.
  5. Appreciate the kind words and quick response! Looking forward to the update.
  6. Hi there. @Makoto I tried to merge two member accounts, but received this error: I recently upgraded to 4.5 and have the latest version of the app. What should I do? Thanks!
  7. Wait... is Members Shop not compatible with 4.5 yet? Cause on the files page it says it is. If it's not, that would explain a lot of the bugs I am receiving 😩
  8. Worked with Mark on updating one of my themes from 4.4 to 4.5. Success! He was quick, responsive and polite, which is very important to me. Very grateful. Thank you!
  9. I think I figured it out. After the upgrade, it reset the template to default. I put it back to SuperList listing and now it appears 😅 Which also means I might be posting in the wrong thread again 😩 Thank you for the dialogue. I will circle back if anything funny pops up again. 🙏
  10. Hey again. There used to be a member's profile points total in their profile, but after updating to 4.5 I noticed that's gone. Wondering how I can add it back. Thanks!
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