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  1. I am 100% in agreeance heh. I would LOVEEEEE for some way my forum users could comment on the news stories we post in Wordpress. It would be mutually beneficial for the news part of our site and forum because it'd increase engagement. It would get the forum users to read the news posts, and conversely the people who read the news posts may want to comment. We use Disqus and I hate it.
  2. Yea totally. I was just saying how I wish it could show comments like that, but on my Wordpress posts. I know there was a plugin for it at one point, but it's outdated, and the plugin developer told me it would cost me $20,000 for him to re-do it. Sigh. I had a plugin built years ago called Wordvision – when I posted a story in Wordpress, it would also simultaneously make a thread in the forums. Then at the bottom of that story, it would display the comment count. Wish I could still use it.
  3. I would absolutely love to be be able to tie comments from IPB into my Wordpress posts. I saw this Page and the IPB comments at the bottom and was so jealous: If only there was some way to add comments to the bottom of my WP stories... anyone?
  4. I have a few pre-sale questions, but I would prefer to discuss PM versus post in the forum. Is that possible? Please let me know or email me at breatheheavydotcom@gmail.com
  5. Responsive Google ads don't allow the next page to load. Any fix to this?
  6. Does the Patch announcement disappear after applying on the 3.4.7 board?
  7. Just purchased. Will install on my board this weekend and supply feedback. Thanks!
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