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  1. Hey team, I was thinking this could be a cool feature and wanted to hear your thoughts: On Twitter and some other social media accounts, often times they guide you to "follow" a few niche topics upon signing up. This way your timeline is populated with some content you might like right from the get. It could be cool to implement either a page or something similar upon registering to a community. I think our Activity Stream feature is incredible, and I want more people to begin using it on the regular (versus my community's homepage which is curated news content that is the same for all - I'd love if each member had a homepage that was specific to them!). My thought is if they are forced to follow some suggested tags / forums / members to follow, they'd begin getting used to the Activity Stream right away and it'd create a more tailored visiting experience. Also curious to hear if others have seen success with Activity Streams in their community. Love to hear some feedback! Happy 420 😜
  2. So weird. Facebook has been giving me trouble last few days in other ways, too. It wouldn't fetch the links at all yesterday. Ok well kinda(?) relieved it's on FB's end and not something IC-related 😅 Hopefully it will resolve itself soon! Appreciate you following up!! 🙏
  3. Hey @opentype - do you know if this would cause any issues with sites hosted on Invision Community's Cloud plan? It's attempting to pull the first image uploaded to the post, but is having trouble doing so 😅 I am seeing this: The following required properties are missing: fb:app_id
    This is absolutely incredible! I use it especially for new members. When they sign up, it sends an automated email welcoming them, along with some need-to-know items. I also send a PM after their first comment congratulating them for contributing for the first time. Sky's the limit. Awesome creation, @rebraf 👏
  4. Wellllllll if more people in the community find this to be valuable, who knows what could happen 🙂 I still think of this idea daily. 😆
  5. I'm going to check later today! Maybe I'm mistaken. I've just received a good amount of emails from people who claim they don't ever get the "forgot password" email. 🤦🏼‍♂️ "What it sounds like is that they are subscribed to your newsletter but they have unsubscribed from receiving your emails through sendgrid and so sendgrid isn't sending anything." Yea! I am under the impression it's this. Do you have any advice as to how to go about using IPS' default sub/unsub? I have had trouble implementing that with Sendgrid. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Ahhh gotcha. I'll play around with that later today so I can get a visual. Thanks for the insight @Nathan Explosion! Interesting!! Going to take a look today. I believe in the past I tried to add a separate unsubscribe to my newsletter template, but Sendgrid could never recognize it, so I've been using the default unsubscribe. 😩
  6. Hey IC fam, got two little questions for you. tl;dr in bold. I use SendGrid to send emails from my community BreatheHeavy | Exhale. If someone unsubscribes from my newsletter (I send using Bulk Mail), then they also get unsubscribed from everything. Meaning, if they need to reset their password in the future, they can't because they unsubscribed. I get people emailing me all the time saying they didn't receive the forgot password email. It appears it's because at some point they unsubscribed. Question 1.) How do you guys go about avoiding this? If they want to unsubscribe from my newsletter, I'd still like for them to get the automated emails like notifications, password resets, things like that. Question 2.) Is there a way for a member to resubscribe? If I use the "newsletter" block, it won't show because they're already logged in right (I tried adding the block to an example page but nothing shows). Your insight would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Ahh that is a clever way to do that. 💡 Edit: I started to do that, but then realized that I would need to manually move all the threads that have already been created with the "grammys" tag into the Grammy sub-forum, which is kind of no bueno. 😅
  8. Hi fam! I had a thought. Wondering if anyone thinks this would be useful or not. I am exploring utilizing tags more on my own community BreatheHeavy/Exhale. Today, I created a block that is only meant to show topics that include the tag "grammys." This is just so we can have a bunch of Grammys related content flood the homepage for the day. So my homepage looks like: Grammys content-items block All content-items block I am encouraging members to create Grammy-related topics (the show airs tonight). We can curate their content to show on the homepage as long as they use that tag. Problem is, my homepage is now including a block with content related to the Grammys (showing only content with the tag "grammys"), and below that it shows all curated content (which also includes the grammys-related content). In other words, the same topic is appearing twice on the homepage. If we could exclude tags, this would solve that! I could set up the other block with all content-items and ask it to exclude any topic that includes the tag "grammys" Unless... there's a better way that hasn't come to mind yet. Thoughts?
  9. Yea I definitely think this would be more useful for the bigger fish. I'd be curious to see how it would function though! Or maybe they earn money if their content item is "featured" or "promoted." So it stops people from making clickbait content. If it's curated, it receives a cut from anyone who reads it. That might be a happy medium? On my forum, the homepage is content we curate from the members. If they had the option to earn revenue from it, I imagine they'd be more inclined to want to start writing stories / creating genuine content that has a good opportunity to be picked up by our team. Appreciate your insight, @opentype!
  10. Hey team! @Jordan Invision here. Slipping into my other account on Sunday funday to see what your thoughts are on this idea I've been thinking about. For many years, I've been interested in removing ads from my forum, but I think the standard subscription model for my community wouldn't go over well. I don't have any concrete proof, just a hunch. Now, if my members could actually earn money via Stripe for posting engaging content within our rules, that would be epic. --- Recently, I've been writing articles on Medium. Their business model (to me) is brilliant. Everyone wins: Medium, the publisher and the readers. They explain in detail what it is (if interested check this out). In a nutshell it's this: A subscription model at $5 per month for unlimited reading Guests can view a few content items per month without an account/subscription Publishers can earn revenue on the content items they post Publishers earn revenue by subscribers reading their post The amount the publisher earns is based off of how many articles that reader read on Medium that month For example, someone pays the $5 and only reads 2 articles on Medium in total that month, you get a larger chunk of their $5 Or, someone could read 50 articles on Medium that month (including one of yours) and you receive a smaller chunk of their $5 --- I think the concept might sound a little confusing at first glance, but it's relatively simple. Essentially, the publisher is rewarded with money for posting engaging content. The community benefits by having people post content they want to engage with. The community is also incentivized to post engaging content as well because they could earn some of their subscription back and possibly make a profit. And the community owner of course takes a cut. Because the community is generating revenue, ads are no longer needed. This would need to track what content items users visited, then allocate an amount to that user based on their usage over a 30-day period. To me, this could be a game-changing application baked into Invision Community. I am writing this to see if anyone finds this kind of business model appealing, or think it's a waste of time, or...? Perhaps there are some huge drawbacks/downsides to this for a community. I'd love to hear your thoughts!
  11. Hey Joel 👋 I really appreciate your feedback and comment. Please allow me to take a moment to digest your input and circle back with you tomorrow (Monday) if that's ok. Just wanted you to know your comment isn't going to sit in the Invision ether.
  12. Nice!! I think this would be super useful in this community forum, too 👏
  13. Lol this is so extra I'm low-key living for it.
  14. Update: I fixed it! Nothing to see here 😅🙏
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