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  1. Nexus Custom Package Fields affect price?

    Nevermind, Found the solution http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/360799-how-to-set-up-products-t-shirts-properly/#entry2263116 Thanks for the assistance.
  2. Nexus Custom Package Fields affect price?

    Hi Mark, Thanks for the response. I've been right through the demo, and for the life of me i can't work out how to do it. Are you able to help me with the steps to create a custom field that will affect the price? Cheers, Alec
  3. Nexus Custom Package Fields affect price?

    Hi IPS, Looking to purchase the nexus package as soon as possible. I'm just wondering if the above feature is possible now? will it be added in later? or not? Cheers, Alec
  4. Hi, I did a search but could not quite find my answer. My question is around the Custom Package Fields in Nexus. Can they be used to affect the price based on the choice that is made by the consumer when submitting the item to the cart? e.g. Item Price $199 Custom Package Fields options: none ( +$0 ) Red ( + $2 ) Gold ( + $40 ) Cart Price $201 (Chose Red) If this is not possible, is there another simple way to perform this? Cheers, Alec