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  1. Is it normal, that when a guest submits a form, the form author becames my own user?
  2. Hi, I have a simple form with a couple of fields, where one field is 'Upload' Field Type, so that the user can upload a file if needed. My form when submited creates a new topic. The topic is being created properly, and everything else seems to be working, but the file upload isn't. When I click in the attachment in the topic, I get this error: This is my form And the form settings Any idea what's causing this? Thanks
  3. I have a question, can promenus 2, create a menu system similar to that neowin.net uses? Where when the user selects a menu item (from the primary menu), a bounch of items appears in a submenu (horizontally), that submenu is always visible (it won't close when the mouse is clicked elsewhere) So using the neowin example: when the News menu item is selected, a couple of categories ("Spotlight - Software - Reviews - Microsoft...") appear in a submenu (horizontally), can I do this this mod? Thanks
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