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  1. The author of the WP to IPS plugin was banned (if I'm thinking of the right one), so don't count on it being updated.
  2. Ugh... MyBB features in premium software like IPB? Please, God, no.
  3. Yeah, I would still love to see the who's online list from when we had 110,000+ users online at once :P Yeah, guests can't view member profiles.
  4. Huh? Member profiles can be viewed and clicked on, it's just that the members table is so massive that the system literally cannot process the request, and you'll just time out or get a 404 error. We're also unable to utilize the Who's Online list, which is minor but still noticeable and nice to have.
  5. http://minecraftforum.net is migrating from IPB to Cobalt (custom in-house software solution made by the company that runs the site), I think that should be a big statement that IPB is sub-par when it comes to handling humongous communities. With 2.6 million members and 25 million posts, the members list, the moderating team, the WYSIWYG editor, and lots of stuff in the background are/is completely broken for no apparent reason. The site has a great loading speed, but there have been so many issues with it that it's just gotten out of control. Hopefully larger communities will be supported with 4.0.
  6. This looks great. One little design recommendation though, you guys are still using the same default avatars used right now. I think you guys should go with something similar to this. The current one just looks dated.
  7. I suggested this 6 months or so ago, and I really think it's something that should be added as well.
  8. This is the vBulletin motto, not the IPS motto.
  9. Good for IPS for getting rid of the gradients. Windows 8 isn't the best OS Microsoft has ever made (it's OK), but I will commend them on the fact that I like the metro/flat look, and I like the fact that IPS is taking that road. The gradients are looking really dated and I hate them with all my heart. The current color scheme looks great and I like the flat feel to it. In direct response to the OP, screenshots aren't the best when it comes to showing true colors. What might look dark red in a screenshot may be a lighter shade of red when you're actually looking at it on your screen. You also haven't even seen a quarter of 4.0 and you're going to criticize the design and flow? Come on already. When the full product comes out, go ahead and criticize everything you want (if there even is anything to criticize), but right now, you really have no right to say that the design and stuff are terrible when you haven't even seen the finished product yet.
  10. I plan on purchasing IPB when 4.0 comes out, so out of curiosity, why is it this way? Wouldn't it lead to piracy problems? I do realize that clients are allowed a development board to test stuff on, but even then, why not have the limit be two or three instead of unlimited, if it is unlimited?
  11. If I'm correct, you're using the search system. If that's the case, the difference between the dates is because the content you're searching for is displayed in a post that Ryan made on 12-22-13, but the last post in that topic was also made by him, so it will display the date where the content you're searching for happens to appear, and it will also show the date that the last post was made on. The time is not wrong, it's just how it displays the search results.
  12. I'm sure 4.0 will have a draft feature somewhere, just not in the form of posting it directly to the forum beforehand.
  13. What are you talking about? Massive amount of developers? Look at vBulletin 5! :ermm: According to vBulletin.org, vB 5 has 44 mods and 16 styles. That's not a lot of developers at all. vB 4 is actually usable and does have some good mods, but other than that, vBulletin will be gone in two or three years, maybe less, with the crap they're doing right now. Also, having a lot of mods is not exactly a good thing. All it really does most of the time is prove how many features are missing from a forum software platform. Regarding XF, I have nothing against it. It's a slick platform and it's right up there with IPB, but it's still missing a lot of features. The lawsuit significantly slowed down development for a long time, but some of the features that are missing right now should have been there even before the lawsuit.
  14. Migrating to IPS is 100% free. Converters can be found >here.
  15. Maybe this? '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
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