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  1. حاضر و ساراسلك على منتداك باذن الله و دمت بودّ.
  2. شكرا، لا اريد ازعاجك ساتقصى الموضوع بنفسي و هكذا افهم ماذا حصل و هذا رابط المنتدى: http://www.allawha.com
  3. على كل حال لم تنجح اي من محاولاتي لتعريب المنتدى، لم افهم ماذا حصل. و شكرا على اهتمامك و دمت بودّ.
  4. I used this one, but it does not work, I see that your forum is the same version as mine and everything works normally?
  5. I uninstalled the language, but there are still traces and now my forum is a mix between English, French and Arabic
  6. And now my forum is a mix of english, french and arabian :cry:
  7. the ajax functions don't work, i can't choose other language, in finnish, i will reinstall all the hole forum !
  8. Many problems in this language pack, please don't download !
  9. Hello, I wanted to ask, why there is no support for languages ​​, I wanted to make a forum in Arabic language, but there is not, after I turned into French, it is also the catastrophic I just wonder, this software is not free, so why there is not a team that handles the translation. I know very well that board staff will tell me it's not our problem, but I must say that this software is rotten and that I regret not having bought another board system. cordially,