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  1. 1) It would be good to have this opportunity to copy the topic to blogs, as well as from blogs to the forum. 2) It would be very good if you could separate comments from articles or blogs and move them as a new forum topic.
  2. Why? It's convenient? Or is there a technical reason?
  3. Thank you! You can make a choice of the author when editing an article?
  4. I found a bug. If you select the author of "I am the author", then save the article. And then open the editing, the author has no choice! If you save, the author becomes a Guest. Can be corrected?
  5. Could you please PM a demo link?
  6. This morning I received an error: code EX1030 on the forum and in the admin center. Blogs and pages work well. What could it be? Please, help.
  7. Main pages ---- The first article The second article Own Block - advertising, or other information - How? The third article The fourth article etc
  8. I'm using the application Pages. Output of articles in the form of a blog. How do I place an advertisement after the third (second or fourth) article of the list? I apologize for the bad english.
  9. I am also saddened by the lack of blog categories (((
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