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  1. Hey man, I LOVE your themes! I want to make a offer to you. If you send me your blue gaming theme and it functions, I will immediately pay you. I run a 3.2 IP board setup, so I am hesitant on paying money for a theme that may not work. :)

    1. VelocityXCI


      Sorry, I don't operate that way. All themes on the marketplace are tested by the staff here to make sure they work. Sending a skin before payment seems like a great way to not be paid at all.

    2. EJRav3n


      Hahaha, who the hell does this fool think he is... send me a skin and then I pay you??? What country this his scumbag come from?

  2. Im running 3.3.2 on my forums, will the "Evave" theme have any skinning problems that you know of? I only use basic plugins, nothing custom. :P

    1. IBTheme


      Good Morning! and Yes, Evave will work just fine on 3.3.2. :)
      I would recommend purchasing it straight from our site at www.ibskin.com/forums so you are listed as a customer and you will receive immediate support incase it's ever needed.

  3. Please release a code fix for your application feature. When your username exceeds 11 characters, it wraps in WEIRD way. Check out ForceGaming.net to see what I am talking about.

  4. File Name: Gaming Forum Ranks (PSD) File Submitter: ForceGaming File Submitted: 17 Jul 2012 File Category: Group Team Icons Hey guys! I have made a simple PSD that I think you guys will love! It requires a basic understanding of Gimp or Photoshop to edit. Also, the colors and images are VERY easy to change. Note, the rank images in the upper-half are not mine so I do not take credit for them, however, I do have a DL link HERE. (Thanks Archangel72!) The FGC watermark is only for the preview, not the actual PSD. The font link can be found HERE This is my first ever PSD I have ever marketed, let me know how I did by Rating and commenting! :D ~Jester (Force Gaming) Click here to download this file