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  1. (Wolf) Hide Posts

    Hey all - couldn't find this answer here and maybe someone can help before I purchase this: I am looking for this plugin to do the following: Any ideas how to make this work? [*]Show the post and replies BUT hide the link in the first post and have a message (or html image) that says "you must reply to view the download link"
  2. Download: Hide Links Until Reply

    Wow I just purchased this and got the same exact Driver Error, then came here and saw it's not compatible. When is there going to be an update and is there any way to get a refund until then?
  3. Wordpress/IPB merge

    Yes, we have actually purchased this plugin and have received no support thus far from the author - looks like NO ONE is able to reach the author and it's not working with the latest version of IPB.
  4. We just installed this plugin and are having MAJOR issues so far: a. Driver Error. There appears to be an error with the database. If you are seeing this page, it means there was a problem communicating with our database. b. When I type in a fake username, it takes over 2 minutes to verify and then says "Username incorrect", which is good BUT it takes 2 minutes... Conclusion - The plugin recognizes the other database but it takes 1-2 minutes to verify every time, and it eventually doesn't even let you login, so it doesn't work as advertised. [*]When we try to login with a Forum username on Wordpress, we get this error: a. "Invalid username or incorrect password" Conclusion - It is not recognizing any usernames from the Forum We activated the plugin in Wordpress, activated it in IP.Board, followed all instructions, and installed Root Cookies. Does anyone have any suggestions, ideas? [*]When we try to login with a Wordpress username on the IPB Forum, we get this error:
  5. Wordpress/IPB merge

    How can i integrate my current wordpress user datebase (single sign on and login for both our blog and forum) is there any plugin for this ? I really need that,Thanks in advance. UPDATE - Found out we can use this plugin, thanks! http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/4349-wordpress-sso-integration/
  6. Hey Community! I have done a lot of research on both IPB & VBulletin and have pretty much made up my mind already with VB, unless you can sway me otherwise. The reason I am posting this thread is due to the excessively difficult (and maybe even impossible) integration between my current Wordpress Users and VB's user database. Here is exactly what I'm looking for: [*]Integration with our current Wordpress user database (single sign on and login for both our blog and forum). We use the “Subscribe2, Capability Manager, and Theme My Login,” Wordpress Plugins. [*]Need to create different user profiles with different access levels to the Forum depending on the status of their “membership”. We will be charging users 3 different prices per month, each level of membership will grant them access to different sections of the forum. Is this possible with IPB? [*]Need to customize the overall design of the forum to match the design of the website. Thoughts?>