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  1. Category icons should be a default feature

    There is a forum that has this looks pretty well done. http://www.rawr-gaming.com/forums/
  2. Download: Paerula (3 Colors)

    It's been already a month and he hasen't fixed the problems that the skin has been having. ( If you change the background on your profile you see a huge red/blue/green block at the bottom )
  3. Glare by IPS Themes

    Interesting theme, tempted to buy it. my only concern is that you had "background image examples" does this mean it changes when a person has their own background image for their profile? Right now I'm under the assumption users can have their profile background and it'll change the forum header to the profile background the user is using or no?
  4. Download: Paerula (3 Colors)

    Bought this theme; because it looked sexy. Can't install it; there is some bad .xml going on for the images-pareula.xml.gz Can you update the download link please?
  5. I have seen sites running IP.Board and I must say that IP.Board is the best forum software I have seen ( I have used vb,xenforo,mybb,smf and other software in the past). Now I'm working on a pretty big project and have a site that I'm using as a reference and I believe they are using IP.Board How do I get a portal like this? http://solomid.net/ What plugins are they using for their guides/videos/blogs and their news slider? I pretty much want to get a portal similar to that and I need to know what do I need to do in order to achieve this? ( are they using IP.Content?) ** Being able to feature streams is important for me so the way solomid.net has their portal setup is my real goal ( Not everything though, like latest guides and etc) Are there themes that include new sliders and such like that i'm not 100% familiar with this. I heard that IP.Board will soon have a change in license so when you buy the IP.Board license you get not only just IP.Board but other stuff like IP.Gallery, nexus etc? ^ This mainly worries about me buying the license right now or waiting for later ( I really don't want to wait. ) Thank you. - Crim