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    sobrenome reacted to jaeitee in AWS Simple Email Service with Bounce Management   
    Whether you have an established community with thousands of members and millions of posts or you are just starting a new community, this plugin is essential to reliable email delivery and maintaining a clean mailing list with its bounce management handling.
    Took about 10 minutes to setup following the instructions.
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    sobrenome reacted to Aaron M in AWS Simple Email Service with Bounce Management   
    "Email Copies" functionality in Commerce is broken (although other emails come through fine); consequently this app in its current form is unusable. Will be happy to amend rating should author fix the plugin.
    Developer has pushed update to fix issue, and is expeditiously communicative. Would fully recommend in the application's current state.
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    sobrenome reacted to rnorth6920 in AWS Simple Email Service with Bounce Management   
    You can't beat the value of AWS SES and this application ties it in perfectly with Invision Community.  The hardest part of setting it up was getting AWS to switch from sandbox to live.  Smooth sailing otherwise.  Thanks for making this!
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    sobrenome reacted to Brainy S. in Instagram Login Handler   
    The new version the author had me test today now works. I tested it on 4.3.4 (test install) and 4.3.5 (live/production server) and no problems. Hopefully, the author will upload this updated version here soon!
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    sobrenome reacted to catbreadbat in Afterburner - Advanced S3 Caching   
    Been waiting for this plugin! Does exactly what it's designed for, without any work (well, just clearing caches). Works great on Wasabi S3.
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    sobrenome reacted to Amy Pond in AWS Simple Email Service with Bounce Management   
    Fantastic plugin and wonderful support ❤️ 
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    sobrenome reacted to AlexWebsites in AWS Simple Email Service with Bounce Management   
    Works great. Got rid of that SES SMTP posting lag using the API. I like the logs as well. 
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    sobrenome got a reaction from kcmesca in Mail Bouncer - Automated Bounce Management   
    Should be a built in feature!
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    sobrenome reacted to Ramsesx in Similar Topics Widget   
    Very cool and well done plugin brings back the feature I had on my vBulletin board by default. Easy installation in 10 seconds. The only time consuming part is adding the exclusion words.
    Two suggestions to improve the product. "Block Title" should be added into the IPS phrase system. In the "Neglect Words" part it should be possible to add wildcards because in my language there are hell lot of variations in wording. For example: zusätzlich, zusätzliche, zusätzlichen, zusätzliches, so zusätz* would be cool. Thanks for your great work.
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    sobrenome reacted to Durango in Similar Topics Widget   
    Excellent plugin
    Great for community users, and great for SEO !
    Well done !
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    sobrenome reacted to AlexWebsites in Similar Topics Widget   
    This is a great plugin. I'm using it in conjunction with similar topics based on tags as two separate blocks.  The topics that don't have tags never get a default IPS similar topics block so this fixes that. 
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    sobrenome reacted to Claudia999 in News Sitemap   
    Great app for the Pages part of our site. Works fine. Thanks!
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    sobrenome reacted to JohnCourt in OG Image for Forum Topics   
    Ok, I have been using this plugin for over week now, and I am completely thrilled with it, why this is not a core app I have no idea, but this works great, copy past link to FB, and the first image of the topic displays in a nice lightbox with intro text to the topic. I have been wanting this for years from IP, and now it's here, thanks so much @opentype! 7 dollars? The best 7 bucks I have spend in a long time.
    I have also began using MeWe, a FB alternative, and this plugin works flawlessly with it as well.
    No more share logo, a real life excerpt from the content is displayed with an image if available within the content, great job!
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    sobrenome reacted to Shinji3rd in WordPress SSO   
    Cool! It does what it says. It is compatible with IPB 4.3.x and latest WP, it is easy to setup and it is also secure. I am happy with it.
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    sobrenome reacted to Ramsesx in Template System   
    Product itself is great, support not really.
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    sobrenome reacted to Thomas Hop in Template System   
    Seems like with the new update 4.4 the title are not displayed properly anymore. They are not bold and have no enter to seperate them from the content. 
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    sobrenome reacted to Mr. Monster in Template System   
    Great addon.
    Insanely powerful, not sure why this is not in the core!
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    sobrenome reacted to SJ77 in Member Location   
    OUTSTANDING!!! This has to be one of the most under rated plugins available in the market place. Let me tell you this is a MUST HAVE. It simply works and it really adds a neat dynamic to your forum. I think this should be stock and replace the location box that is included with IPS already.  The location box that ships with the regular IPS software is just a plain text box. Users can write whatever they want there. This mod provides a TRUE location box that is very powerful. Really DO get this, it will be worth every penny. It's priced very well at that. BTW for those worried the issues mentioned in the other review have been corrected.  FIVE start, great service, great support. Amazing plugin.
    Use the enhanced member list with this plugin for full benefit.
    Thank you Boris!!
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    sobrenome reacted to MythonPonty in Gallery Images Tab on User Profile   
    Another great App from @Adriano Faria
    Thanks, it works very well so far, and my members are happy. Thank you...
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    sobrenome reacted to AlexWright in Gallery Images Tab on User Profile   
    Works just as advertised. Thanks!
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    sobrenome reacted to Core4D in Gallery Images Tab on User Profile   
    Nice, simple and super useful! Thanks 🙂 
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    sobrenome reacted to SC36DC in Gallery Images Tab on User Profile   
    This works, as it adds the tab to the profile, but for me it only shows images if the user has uploaded them to the Gallery. I thought this would show images that they "uploaded" anywhere on the forum, like on posts, is this how it should work?

    Thanks for offering it for FREE, great deal!
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    sobrenome reacted to Tripp★ in Makoto's Gallery Enhancements   
    Absolutely needed. Thank you very much for this thoughtful modification @Makoto. You had me at allows you to disable the lightbox. 
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    sobrenome reacted to Unlucky in Makoto's Gallery Enhancements   
    Brilliant - this is a huge improvement - well done
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    sobrenome reacted to Dean Spencer in Makoto's Gallery Enhancements   
    Works great on my community. Thank you! 
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