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    sobrenome reacted to Adriano Faria for a file, Pay to Pin Topics   
    This application will help admins to monetize their boards by allowing users to pay to have topics pinned for a given number of days. Admin can allow topics to be pinned per forum and per group settings.
    - Requirement:
    Commerce: https://invisioncommunity.com/features/commerce - Per forum settings:
    Enabled Groups allowed to pay to pin topics Amounts Amount to pin for 7 days Amount to pin for 15 days Amount to pin for 1 month Amount to pin for 2 months Amount to pin for 3 months Amount to pin for 6 months - Settings:
    Member should only request to pin their own topics Commerce: Payment method Tax Class - Per member restriction:
    Can request to pin topics - Per group restrictions:
    Number of content count to submit pin requests Number of reputation points to submit pin requests Number of days as a member to submit pin requests - Note:
    An invoice will be generated and the topic will be pinned once payment is received. In the meantime, the topic will not be available to be pinned by anyone else. There's a Commerce setting to define number of days  the invoice can expire (ACP -> Commerce -> Invoices -> Invoice Settings -> Invoices must be paid within). You must change the default value (30 days) to something that fits your needs.
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    sobrenome reacted to rebraf for a file, Custom Redirects   
    Define custom redirects to send a user visiting any URL you wish to another URL.
    Upon installing this plugin, a new page is available in the AdminCP under System > Settings > Advanced Settings by clicking the "Manage Custom Redirects" button at the top right. From here, you can add URL mappings that you wish to redirect to other destinations. You can use wildcards for fine-grained control over the visited URL, and optionally ignore query string parameters if you want all requests to a given page to redirect.
    Both onsite and offsite destinations are supported.
    You can optionally show a custom message when the user is redirected, and you can control which HTTP status code is sent to the user agent (301, 302 or 303).
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    sobrenome reacted to Mark for a file, Developer Tools   
    These files are required to use developer mode in IPS Community Suite.
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    sobrenome reacted to MIXOH for a file, (MIX) WhatsApp Share Link   
    The app adds the ability to share content on WhatsApp.
    Just click on the button, then select in your application the contacts you want to share)
    Does not support work with WhatsApp web - version, only desktop or mobile.
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    sobrenome reacted to A Zayed for a file, Similar Topics Widget   
    This plugin will show similar topics to the currently viewed topic in a widget.
    The plugin has the following features:
    Group Permissions. Select forums to display in. Widget title. Select how to match between topics (Based on first post or topic title). Cut-off length for the matching topic (search for how many characters in topic title/first post). Option for cut-off [Cut-off by character or word]. How many similar topics to display. Display/hide similar topic 1st post. Option added to exclude words from the matching process. Row display options (Normal view / Similar Tags Plugin view). Option to determine the minimum word length to match. Option to exclude forums from matching their topics.
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    sobrenome reacted to Andy Millne for a file, News Sitemap   
    Get more exposure for your news content in major search engines and news aggregators.
    This application allows you to export a Pages database such as the default articles section as a news sitemap.
    Includes URLs for articles published in the previous 2 days. Updates immediately when a new article is published. Limited to the latest 1000 articles as per the News Sitemap spec.
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    sobrenome reacted to Michael.J for a file, Guest Message   
    Add a message only viewable to guests explaining the benefits of registration to guests. Support free plugin development by purchasing copyright removal here.
    Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.

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    sobrenome reacted to Jon Erickson for a file, AWS Simple Email Service with Bounce Management   
    This simple lightweight application allows you to send emails from the Invision Power Board platform through the AWS Simple Email Service API. This application sits on top of your configured email delivery methods and overrides your default settings. With the click of one button, enable and disable the service. The application also features several complaint and bounce management actions that may be applied to members to help improve throughput and deliverability.
    Amazon SES is one of the most robust and cheapest transactional email service providers on the market. While this application is extremely lightweight and easy to configure, most of the work to correctly set up will occur within the AWS Console. Follow the following steps to correctly configure AWS to send emails.
    NOTE: When you initially begin to use AWS Simple Email Service, you will be in a non-production, sandbox environment allowing you to test the email service without affecting your deliverability and reputation. Once you are ready to enter production, you will need to request access from AWS under the Sending Statistics section. The form is self-explanatory and will not be covered here.
    Feature Requests and Bug Reports: Click here to file a bug report or suggest a feature for our development team.
    Support Topic: Click here to read the Invision Power Board support topic.
    View AWS Simple Email Service Pricing
    Simple Email Service Installation For Sending Emails:
    Create or Sign In to your AWS Console. Proceed to the IAM section of the AWS Console. On the left, select the Users section and add a new user. If you already have a user you would like to use, proceed to the next step. Enable programmatic access for the user account. Attach the AmazonSESFullAccess policy to the user account. Finish creating the account, adding any tags you'd like for easy identification. Copy and paste your Access Key and Secret Key into the corresponding fields within the Invision Power Board ACP settings. Proceed to the AWS Simple Email Service section of the AWS console. Select your closest region in the top right corner. Copy the corresponding region identifier and input it into the corresponding field within the Invision Power Board ACP settings. Save your Invision Power Board ACP settings. Back within the AWS Console, select Domains -> Verify a New Domain to add the domain you wish to send emails from. This is called Verified Identities - Add Identity, if you are using the new AWS console. You may enter as many email addresses as you wish to send email from. Make sure to check the "Generate DKIM Settings" checkbox. These are enabled by default if using the new AWS console. This will help with your deliverability. Update your DNS records for the domain you are verifying by adding the TXT and CNAME records that are presented. Make sure to not update the MX records as this will affect your ability to receive the emails. We are only configuring sending emails. For each verified identity you add, enter the same email address in the corresponding field of your Invision Power Board ACP settings. Once an email address has been verified, you are ready to start sending emails. Fill in the Default Sending Email Address field of your Invision Power Board ACP settings. This will help your Invision Power Board website not send emails from unverified domains. This may happen through third-party applications. While in the sandbox environment, you will need to add your test receiving email address under the Email Addresses section, or else you will receive a sending error. Once everything is configured, proceed back to the Invision Power Board ACP and proceed to Email Settings. You can use the built-in Test Email Settings feature to test AWS SES. You will see the corresponding logs under the AWS SES application and any generated errors. Simple Notification Service Installation For Handling Bounces/Complaints:
    Create or Sign In to your AWS Console. Proceed to the IAM section of the AWS Console. Select the user that you created/or designated when setting up Simple Email Service for sending emails. Attach the AmazonSNSFullAccess policy to the user account. Proceed to the AWS Simple Notification Service section of the AWS console. Create two new topics for handling bounce and complaint notifications, one for bounces and one for complaints. Make sure these are Standard topics. Name them for easy identification. Proceed to the AWS Simple Email Service section of the AWS console and click on your Verified Identity/Domain used in sending emails. Click the Notifications tab and edit the Feedback Notifications. Select your newly created SNS topics for their respective field. Make sure to "Include original email headers". Once your domain notifications are set, proceed back to your Invision Power Board ACP settings and proceed to the REST & OAuth section. Create a new API key and make sure to allow access to all endpoints under the AWS Simple Email Service application. Enable logging for both endpoints as well. Once you have created the new API key, click on the API reference tab and copy the example API POST URL for each AWS Simple Email Service endpoint; bounces, and complaints. Proceed back to the AWS Simple Notification Service and create a new subscription. You will create two subscriptions as well, one for bounces and one for complaints. Choose the matching topic and select HTTPS for the protocol. Paste the appropriate API POST URL you copied from step 11 and attach the ?key=APIKEY query parameter to the end of the URL. For example, the entire URL should look something like: https://community.deschutesdesigngroup.com/api/awsses/bounces?key=APIKEY. If you do not utilize Friendly URL's (the default setting), you may have "index.php" in your URL. Make sure to create a second subscription for complaints - you should have two subscriptions, one for bounces with the bounce API URL and one for complaints with the complaints API URL. The AWS Simple Email Service application will take care of confirming the subscription for you. If the subscription does not show Confirmed, your API endpoint may not be configured correctly and you should submit a support ticket for assistance. AWS should now post a notification every time a bounce and complaint is encountered and Invision Power Board will process the notifications based on the email address using the Bounce and Complaint settings saved in your ACP settings. Bounce and Complaint Notifications can be tested by sending a test email through Invision Power Board's Test Email function to bounce@simulator.amazonses.com and complaint@simulator.amazonses.com. Logs for each notification should be seen in your settings. 
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    sobrenome reacted to DawPi for a file, (DP45) Attachments Center   
    With this handy application you can review all your attachments on board, sort them or filter.
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    sobrenome reacted to opentype for a file, OG Image for Forum Topics   
    When you share forum topics or forum posts on social media sites like Facebook, the site’s default sharer image will currently be used, which doesn’t work well as representation of specific forum discussions. This plugin will use the first image uploaded as attachment in a topic and set it as as Open Graph image (“og:image”), so social media sites (Facebook, Twitter and more) can use it as thumbnail image to represent the link. The process is fully automatic. There are no settings and no image needs to be picked manually. 
    What’s needed: 
    Forums application   Note: 
    This plugin only adds the attachment image to the source code, so Facebook and other social media services can pick it up. There is no guarantee, that the image will be used instantly and that later changes to the forum images will be used by social media services. Facebook caches the images and loads them asynchronously. So when you share an URL for the first time, the image might not show instantly.  If you want to test what Facebook is picking up, go to https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/sharing/
    If you don’t see an image for your topic URL or it is an outdated one, click “Scrape again” until the correct image is loaded.
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    sobrenome reacted to Adriano Faria for a file, Additional Social Profiles   
    This plugin will add 11 new social profiles/sites to your board. They are:
    Bitbucket Digg IMDB Reddit Soundcloud Spotify Stack Overflow Steam Telegram Trello Twitch Vimeo Whatsapp  
    Sort the list of sites alphabetically
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    sobrenome reacted to Adriano Faria for a file, Gallery Images Tab on User Profile   
    This resource will create a new tab on user profile to display all images posted by the user, regardless they're in any albums.
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    sobrenome reacted to Adriano Faria for a file, Leaderboard: Past Leaders   
    Shows which members have won as the most reputation or likes across the last days.
    Block settings:
    Number of leaders to show The block will appear if:
    Reputation is enabled Leaderboard is enabled Member who's browsing has permisison in the leaderboard module
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    sobrenome reacted to IP-Gamers for a file, IP-Gamers 2021   
    Please leave your feedback. Whether positive or negative, your feedback motivates me to work on the topic.
    In version 1.1.4, an option will be added to hide the large category and section title on the forum home page.

    In version 1.1.3 for mobile, I wanted to highlight user-generated content in user profiles, not user-generated information. The user does not have to swipe to the middle of the page to post a new status.

    Version 1.1.2 will bring unread and new content buttons where newbie users will notice them immediately. There are small children in my community who, without these buttons, are poorly versed in site navigation. And these buttons help them a lot!
    Most of this design for IPS was edited in Custom.css, other files are rarely touched.
    Accordingly, you can visit my website and watch a live demo.
    Visit IP-Gamers.NET Go to the bottom of the site In the theme selector, select IP-Gamers 2021
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    sobrenome reacted to Makoto for a file, Attachment Watermarks   
    Attachment Watermarks
    Watermarks is an application that allows you to apply watermarks to image attachments uploaded within your community, just as you can for images uploaded to the IP.Gallery application.
    Version 2.0.0 is a continuation of the original Attachment Watermarks plugin. If you are upgrading from this version, please note this is not a direct upgrade. You will need to uninstall the plugin, and then install the new application afterwards.
    This new version includes many highly requested features, including..
    The ability to retain backups of original attachments, which you can restore freely at a later date The ability to apply watermarks to existing attachment uploads Watermarks that scale dynamically according to the original images size The ability to freely change and update watermarks in the future (as long as you leave attachment backups enabled) Attachment Watermarks is currently the only watermarking application on the marketplace supporting all of these features!
    After installation, just navigate to the settings page to get started. You'll first be prompted whether or not you want to retain backups of non-watermarked images.
    It's strongly recommended you do, unless you are very constrained on storage space.
    Once this is done, just upload your watermark and adjust the other settings to your preference!
    At this point, you can optionally go ahead and apply your watermark to existing attachments through the "Rebuild attachment watermarks" option at the top right.
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    sobrenome reacted to Adriano Faria for a file, Calendar Enhancements   
    This resource will add new features to the Calendar, such as:
    User will receive a notification about the event he has RSVPed in the event date Countdown to the events start date on Upcoming Events widget Ability to filter events by Venue Manage RSVP Attendees Add or Remove Attendees Change event author Swap Reviews & Comments tabs position in event view Add settings to control: Number of comments per page Number of reviews per page Add a new tab in member profile do display all events RSVPed by the member ------------------------------------------------------------------
    Some features listed above already existed in other resources. They will be delisted from marketplace and all existing clients will get a copy of this.
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    sobrenome reacted to HeadStand for a file, Template System   
    Custom Fields anywhere and everywhere.
    The Template System allows you to customize anything in the suite - forums, calendars, gallery categories, blogs, etc - and to create forms for the user to populate when posting new content.
    Create custom fields Group custom fields into Sets for individual containers (e.g. forums) Customize the layout of the field values when viewing content Allow multiple Sets per container to give users a choice of which form to populate Mark individual fields as required - preventing users from creating content without populating the additional fields By default, you can add
    Custom fields when creating topics Custom fields when creating calendar events Custom fields when posting blog entries Custom fields when uploading images to the gallery Custom fields when submitting downloads files Note that the system will detect other areas of the site (depending on the 3rd-party modifications you have installed) and will allow you to place custom fields in those areas. However, support for those areas is not guaranteed.
    Fields can be created for individual areas or shared across multiple areas. (Example: I can create TextFieldA for topics, or I can have TextFieldA available for both topics and blogs.)
    Different fields can be used for different items within each area. (Example: TextFieldA is visible for Forum1, but DropdownA is visible in Forum2.)
    Fields can be grouped differently for different areas. (Example: Forum1 will have TextFieldA, but Blog1 will have TextFieldA and DropdownA.)
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    sobrenome reacted to Adriano Faria for a file, Record Image Required   
    This plugin will make the image record required when submitting a record in Pages.
    Apply in databases (to choose) Apply to (groups)
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    sobrenome reacted to rebraf for a file, Modern Gallery Homepage   
    Looking for a more modern Gallery homepage? Well look no further!
    This simple plugin completely transforms your Gallery index page into a modern, sleek and simple consumable Gallery. The main features of this plugin:
    The Gallery homepage completely transforms to a "masonry"-style layout using flex CSS to ensure everything fits nicely. Infinite scrolling! No more page 1, page 2, page 3 clicks....new images are loaded right into the page as the user scrolls, allowing them to more easily consume the images stored on your site. The built-in Gallery lightbox is still supported, so you can click on an image to view more details. You can still easily click back to the standard Gallery index page via the "View Categories" button at the top. Images zoom in and show a box shadow when hovering to help visually indicate where the user is about to click. Really that's all there is to it. Enjoy!
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    sobrenome reacted to Makoto for a file, Makoto's Gallery Enhancements   
    This plugin contains various tweaks and adjustments I have made to the IP.Gallery application to make it more suitable for my own personal use.
    After losing the original code for this plugin and having to reverse engineer the last build I made of it in order to apply a minor bugfix with the latest IPS release, I have decided to go ahead and open source my modifications here to submit as a general suggestion to IPS in regards to changes I'd like to see to the IP.Gallery platform.
    What this plugin does
    1. Changes the scaling of images in the gallery. I find the default gallery window way too small for most use cases. This plugin, by default, modifies the gallery window to utilize up to 65% of the browser window.
    Here is a before and after demonstrating this:
    16x9 aspect ratios can cleanly fill the entire box with this setup, while other images still are able to be viewed at much more reasonable resolutions.
    2. Allows you to disable the gallery lightbox.
    The gallery lightbox is neat. It's nice to have in certain areas of the site, like when clicking on a gallery image linked in a forum post.
    It is not, however, nice to have literally everywhere you go in the gallery. It does not replace traditional gallery navigation for me, and based on the vast amount of user feedback I've seen, most members I've interacted with do not like this system either.
    This is anecdotal, but shares my personal experience.
    This plugin will let you disable having the lighbox open when you click on images in category and album overview pages. You will instead be directed to the normal image overview page.
    3. (Or more 2.1), disables the gallery lightbox when loading an image link directly.
    Why is the lightbox being forced here? It's redundant and not any more user friendly than just looking at the page that's already been loaded. It's just an annoyance. So I've disabled it.
    4. View full image actually opens the full image.
    This I consider more of a bug. The "view full image" link does not, as its name implies, open the full image. It opens the large, scaled down image in a new tab instead.
    This plugin fixes it so that it links to the original image instead.
    5. Adds a download button to the lightbox
    After bashing the lightbox overuse so much, I decided to wrap up by adding something to it. This includes a simple tweak that adds a "download image" button to the lightbox.
    6. Adds two new options to control the number of albums and images displayed
    By default, the gallery displays 25 albums and 50 images per page. If you utilize categories that make heavy use of both albums and direct image uploads, you may wish to tweak this like me. Personally, I prefer limiting the gallery to 10 albums per page.
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    sobrenome reacted to Kevin Carwile for a file, Album Link Field   
    Album Link Field
    The album link field is a plugin which adds a new custom field to your cms databases called "Album Link". The album link field allows you to link albums to your database records.
    You can configure the field to allow the selection of existing albums, or to allow the creation of a new album in a specific category, or both.
    Built for IPS Pages / CMS Link existing gallery albums with records Allow new albums to be created and linked on the fly Record workflow and image upload workflow are chained together Built-in mini-album display on records pages Built-in "linked" content display on album pages Set custom permissions for linked albums Control album placement categories  
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    sobrenome reacted to All Astronauts for a file, Super Search and Stream Results   
    Searchlight navigable highlighted search terms on the content items themselves Select-a-Search highlight text to search feature on commenting content More Precise Search Result Snippets Faster Search and Stream results Customize Gallery stream results Truncate Stream descriptions  

    Highlights searched-for terms on search results content pages. When your users click a search result link, the content page that loads with those results will have their search terms highlighted! SSSR has some major improvements over the earlier standalone Searchlight plugin. Marked terms can be navigated via a side-page navigation element that also notes how many marks there are on the page and which mark is currently navigated to. Admins can configure not only the mark styling but create separate styling for the "active" mark on a page. Version 4 of SSSR incorporates major improvements into the marking routine
    With 4.0.0 I've reworked the Searchlight functionality to effectively remove any double marks that would break the Searchlight highlighting and navigation, added more formatting options for the search mark navigator, and a few other things. SSSR 6 now includes a toggle to turn the marks on/off and also will no longer mark out common small inconsequential stop words (the, a, an, etc...) when marking words separately. They are still marked when the full query term is marked out.


    On comment content, which are any commenting areas in the Invision Community suite, most notably Forums, IPS provides a feature where you can select text and are then presented with the option to add that selected text as a quote in a new comment/response. SSSR with 4.0.0 now piggy backs on that feature to allow you to instead search that selected text instead! Admins can just add the single option to search for the selected text as individual terms or as a direct phrase (quote). Yes, expanding this to other non-comment areas is on the punch list but it will probably require adding in a 3rd party tooltip library. Not the end of the world, just means I'll take some time before doing it.
    Better / Faster Search Results Snippets
    Prior to Invision Community 4.5 IPS pushed out the ENTIRE content item for every search result. That was... not ideal. So I had a Truncate Search and Stream Results plugin that lightened that load and also incorporated it into an early version of this plugin. IPS got religion with 4.5 and now natively truncates every search and stream result to 600 characters, which naturally removes the need for my truncating plugin. The hitch though, is that it is always the first 600 characters of the item. If you expect search results to have some of your searched for terms highlighted in the snippet, unless you have a hit in the first 600 characters, that ain't happening. For streams this is nothing - there is nothing to mark out. For search results this is a problem. I went out of my way with my earlier plugin to ensure at least something highlightable was returned in the search results snippets. For 4.5 this is, as you can see, still needed. SSSR skips common English stop words (Elasticsearch list, to skip common things like 'a', 'the', and so on) and looks for the first instance of a search term in the content item, grabs some text forward and back, and pushes that 600 characters out for the search result snippet, ensuring you will, usually, have something highlighted in each result returned. Works spectacularly for quoted search terms; see the screen shots for the rest. Its pretty solid though I do have an upgrade in the hopper that will take the longest of your search terms and use that as the one to mark out instead of just the first term. Either way, this is a nice search upgrade.
    Invision Community 4.6: IPS pulled the truncation of search and stream results they had with 4.5. SSSR was truncating anyways for search results to get better matching snippets presented but with SSSR 6 I've re-inserted the truncation on stream results. They are, of course, quite perky now without needing your browser to truncate all that content text with JS.
    Display Mods
    When users make custom Streams, all of their choices for content appear in the description underneath the stream name. That can be a rather large amount of text. SSSR provides an option to truncate all that down with whatever remains available under a 'read more' click. See screenshot. Gallery stream results can be quite heavy, often times loading in 15 or more images per Gallery item. That's a lot of weight for a page. SSSR let's you truncate that all down to whatever level you are comfortable with. When users are on the advanced search / search results page, they probably do not need to be told in the page title that they can 'Search the community'. SSSR provides an option to kill that and replace it instead with the terms searched for with the same appearance as the page title.   
    Make sure you toggle the Searchlight feature ON in the plugin settings. Same for Select-a-Search. Searchlight should work most places in most apps but Gallery has been specifically exceptioned OUT due to the post-pageload image popup modal. I might come back to that later. IMPORTANT! For select-a-search, this piggy-backs on the built-in IPS quote highlight function. That feature ONLY fires if a user is able to actually quote something in a comment area. That means it will not fire for guests if you do not allow guests to post, or any forums/topics where the member is not allowed to post, locked topics, and so on. Yes there is still more to come with this mod. Search junky? Check out Social Search. It's slightly paused as IPS now natively tracks search results but my tracking is more precise and there are some neat social features around search. IF we get some more interest there I'd love to get back at it...  
    Any questions just pop into the support topic.
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    sobrenome reacted to ehren. for a file, Elegant // ipsfocus   
    Elegant: A color picker powered theme for IPS.Suite 4.x!
    Elegant is a minimalistic theme controlled by a color picker, allowing each of your members to choose their own unique color scheme.

    Theme Features

    Theme Settings
    Easily enable, disable or modify theme features such as background images, logos, social media links, guest messages and colors. This makes modifications and upgrades very simple since little code changes are required.

    Color Picker
    Elegant comes with a color picker, allowing your members to choose their own unique color scheme. Their selection is saved via cookies and a "reset" buttons lets them easily revert back to your default color scheme.

    Optional fixed header
    If enabled via theme settings, your header will stick to the top of the page, allowing for easy access to your navigation.

    Background picker
    If enabled, your members can choose their own background image or color from a predefined selection. Their choice is saved via cookies and automatically load each page visit.

    Guest message
    A customizable message can be shown to guests, prompting them to either register or login to your forum. Two designs, "billboard" and "alert" (shown) are available.

    Social links
    Social links can be enabled/disabled and customized to your own URL, allowing you to easily link to your social network pages (facebook, twitter, etc)

    HTML logo with slogan
    Easily add/edit your text logo and slogan from within the theme settings. If required, the text can be replaced by an image instead.

    Mega Footer
    A mega footer with configurable column numbers and content can be enabled and customized all within the theme settings.

    Enhanced mobile layout
    The last topic title is visible on the board index on mobile layouts, allowing for easier access to your latest content.
    For a full list of features and a live demo, take a look at Elegant on ipsfocus.
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    sobrenome reacted to Veilon for a file, 💎 AQ - Clean and simple theme   
    A new theme in light colors will help make your forum fresh, clean and enjoyable to spend more time here.
    A huge number of settings, effects for the slider, simple color change.
    Attention, the theme will be constantly updated and get new features.
    Probably incorrect display of third-party plugins. At your request, we will fix it.
    View demo 🔗 Login and Pass: test  
    If You need to install style on Your forum, but You can't do that, write me in personal messages You can request to delete copyright via personal messages If You like the style, then check out my other work
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    sobrenome reacted to opentype for a file, Pages Images in Activity Feed   
    4.3 only! This is not needed or recommended in Invision Community 4.4 anymore. 
    Activity stream entries for the Pages app look rather dull compared to entries from other apps. This plugin improves that. If you use the record image field for your Pages databases, the images for each entry will show in Activity Streams for new records and optionally comments and reviews. 
    What’s needed: 
    IPS 4.3 in its most recent version with the Pages application  
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