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  1. New: Commerce Improvements

    Still no bitcoin?
    Perfect! I was wanting something like this, since Adsense provides great impression counts already One less query off my db.
  2. Two-step Authentication for IPB

    What's the best way to transition users to the IPS system? Or should I just keep this plugin?
  3. Delete My Account

    When a user tries to submit their request for deletion, this error is thrown: UPDATE `IPB_core_members` core_members SET `deleteaccount`=1,`deleteaccount_reason`='<p> User no longer wants account. </p>' WHERE member_id=234782 IPS\Db\Exception: Unknown column 'deleteaccount' in 'field list' (1054) #0 /home/user/web/site.com/public_html/forum/system/Db/Db.php(870): IPS\_Db->preparedQuery('UPDATE `IPB_cor...', Array) #1 /home/user/web/site.com/public_html/forum/system/Patterns/ActiveRecord.php(489): IPS\_Db->update('core_members', Array, Array) #2 [internal function]: IPS\Patterns\_ActiveRecord->save() #3 /home/user/web/site.com/public_html/forum/init.php(441) : eval()'d code(68): call_user_func_array('parent::save', Array) #4 /home/user/web/site.com/public_html/forum/system/Member/Member.php(317): IPS\Patterns\rules_hook_ipsPatternsActiveRecord->save() #5 /home/user/web/site.com/public_html/forum/init.php(441) : eval()'d code(40): IPS\_Member->save() #6 [internal function]: IPS\core\modules\front\system\hook1153->_deletemyaccount() #7 /home/user/web/site.com/public_html/forum/applications/core/modules/front/system/settings.php(55): call_user_func(Array) #8 /home/user/web/site.com/public_html/forum/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(96): IPS\core\modules\front\system\_settings->manage() #9 /home/user/web/site.com/public_html/forum/applications/core/modules/front/system/settings.php(35): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #10 /home/user/web/site.com/public_html/forum/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(129): IPS\core\modules\front\system\_settings->execute() #11 /home/user/web/site.com/public_html/forum/index.php(13): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #12 {main} Running
  4. Two-step Authentication for IPB

    The IPS support tool is telling me there is an issue with this plugin's table, and to run this command: "ALTER TABLE `IPB_core_groups` CHANGE COLUMN `g_twostepsauth_admin` `g_twostepsauth_admin` TINYINT (1) UNSIGNED NULL DEFAULT 1 COMMENT 'Can use 2-Step Verification in ACP?'"
  5. Social Icons by IPS Themes

    Google+ tooltip is still "Blank". I fixed this for my specific install, but it was anoying to fix. Also, is there any way to display the social icons in the header for the mobile theme?
  6. Password Policy

    Of course, I understand. Nice!
  7. Password Policy

    It's been sometimes since this has been released. Is there an ETA on reminders? I'd like to buy it specifically for that feature.
  8. Accept BTC with Stripe Payment Gateway

    Correct, IPS is using their own skin to pipe the API. If they didn't it'd be much easier for future Stripe updates/implementations.
  9. IPS Rules Application

    Good point. Somtimes the post won't 'go through'. So the page doesn't switch to the topic page after creation, so user clicks submit a second time, which posts topic a second time. At least, that's how it's been described to me, I haven't encountered the issue myself.
  10. IPS Rules Application

    Any idea how to create a rule to check for duplicate topics, then delete the duplicate which was created AFTER the first? I tried setting up a rule for this, which doesn't work: Run on topic created Conditions: Check if topic titles are the same. Check that topics were created within the same hour. Check that topic creation dates, are not the same. (so topic being created is not deleted for matching itself). Actions: Delete topic. (run action 2 minutes after) With that above, minus the third condition, the first topic is deleted upon creation, because it's matching against itself somehow. How can I make a rule that waits for both topics to be created and can check them against each other?
  11. Accept BTC with Stripe Payment Gateway

    I agree with this. Full documentation is here: https://stripe.com/docs/bitcoin
  12. (VN41) Matter - Google Material

    That's almost never the right way to get help. @Veilon is very responsive if you took the time to look back at previous issues I reported. Please don't bring toxicity or rudeness here.
  13. File Version on Downloads Categories

    Awesome! Thanks for the quick update!
  14. File Version on Downloads Categories

    This plugin now causes forum to go into 500 errors on Had to disable it.