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  1. Easy Pages

    Hello, Those who have bought the version for 3.x must buy it again? Thank you Christos
  2. Agile by IPS Themes

    It's really fantastic theme. Any ETA Tom on when it will be ready for ver.4 (I know that it's still in beta). Also for the ver.3.x 1.- Does it supports all modules? I'm a bit confused seeing that remark for Blog only 2.- If I buy the version for 3.x my license will be valid for ver. 4 when it will release?
  3. (M34) Donation Tracker

    Hello, As I never used IPB at all, I'm thinking to sell it and give for free any addon that I've bought. Among them is Donation Tracker. Does the license allows transfer? I think that it will good for you as the new owner most probably will renew it. Thank you Christos
  4. CSS3 Breadcrumbs by IPS Themes

    Hello, As I seen now (I'm new to IPB) there is a 2nd Breadcrumb at the bottom. Is there any way to use the same style there? Thank you Chris
  5. Easy Pages

    Hello, Even if I don't know if my question is for support from you or from the theme's owner, I dare to ask. In my site http://www.phpdevtools.com/ I've added Easy Pages to be the default page. But don't know why the menu tab is not highlighted when I'm in this page. Any suggestion? Thank you Chris
  6. Maxx 2013: The Smart one

    I'm wondering if there is official support from the author here, or is better to go for another style? I've already wasting a week trying to figure out some issues. Thank you
  7. CSS3 Breadcrumbs by IPS Themes

    It's not the only that is not working as expecting in the template but I like the color schema and the simplicity. Thank you. Issue solved.
  8. CSS3 Breadcrumbs by IPS Themes

    Hello, Why the 2 deluxe templates (white & blue) the top border let's a so big gap? All other templates work fine. http://www.microhellas.com/index.php?/forum/2-a-test-forum/ Thank you Chris
  9. eLeMentaL IPB Skin (Facebook style)

    Hello, Is there anyway to use any jQuery side panel slider for the menu column? Or at least something like Expand/Collapse? Thank you Chris
  10. Tutorials

    Yes, I've seen the BBcode for pagebreaks. The problems is that they're going away if you try to edit the tutorial. I tried to edit it so I can add at least on list with links to other pages but when I saved the tutorial the pagebreaks have gone.
  11. Tutorials

    Never thought that I'm so well known :) . Sorry if I didn't understood who you are, but thank you for your help. I've bought all plus many plugins but never used them. I thought that maybe this plugin has a ready BB code for doing it but I've been mistaken. Thanks again :)
  12. Tutorials

    Hello, How I can create a Pages Links Index? eg Let's say that I want to have 3 pages: Installation Configuration Templates I want to show the above block on the somewhere in the first page with links to the pages. Thank you Chris
  13. Maxx 2013: The Smart one

    Any idea why the tab "Homepage" is not highlighted? http://www.christeris.com
  14. Maxx 2013: The Smart one

    As I seen in your site you're doing custom design changes. So let me count all changes that I want and then I'll ask you for a quote. Thank you
  15. Maxx 2013: The Smart one

    Thank you. Currently I'm testing the whole system there and if finally I decide to use IPB and especially this theme, I'll move them to the real site and I'll inform you. But strange that the setting for default color to not work. Thank you again for your prompt attention. Chris