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  1. I just installed this and have the same problem with lots of blank lines in front of the table. If you remove the line breaks from the table source so that it's all on one line like this: [table] [tr] [th]Test[/th] [th]Test[/th] [th]Test[/th] [th]Test[/th] [/tr] [tr] [td]Test[/td] [td]Test[/td] [td]Test[/td] [td]Test[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Test[/td] [td]Test[/td] [td]Test[/td] [td]Test[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Test[/td] [td]Test[/td] [td]Test[/td] [td]Test[/td] [/tr][tr] [td]Test[/td] [td]Test[/td] [td]Test[/td] [td]Test[/td] [/tr] [/table] Then it works fine.
  2. Thanks, that's fixed it! I guess running JavaScript in a wrapped page is not going to work then?
  3. I'm having a problem with the add on. We have various Themes installed on our site, and Pages works fine with our custom theme, but if anyone is using the default IP.Board theme, they get the following error when they click on the "Pages" link. Fatal error: Call to a member function showPages() on a non-object in /home/vapepit/public_html/admin/applications_addon/other/sdpages/modules_public/pages/pages.php on line 119 Any ideas?
  4. NIce add on Spanner! A question. I have created a page that contains some needed Javascript to work. If I enable the IP.Board wrapper, my script gets disabled. Is there any way to have both the wrapper, and my page's script running together?
  5. Nice hook, may i suggest 'recent hot topics' going by date and not just post count? cheers
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