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  1. It's far too expensive, especially in an era where it's very trivial to get the software running on a LAMP stack.
  2. 4.0 - Handling email

    This seems interesting for newsletters...
  3. Auto-Upgrader

    Agreed 120%. I don't want to upload files any more -- this is tedious and boring. Download and do it all in one shot, please!
  4. IPS Converter Updated and Switch Promotion

    I'd love to see a Wordpress type upgrade, where it's all done in the board admin panel. Saves everybody a lot of headache.
  5. IPChat needs work...

    Do you use something for IRC on your site?
  6. So I am already a license holder for several products, but I am thinking of buying another license for a business purpose. However, since this idea is global, I need to have my site be responsive worldwide using CDNs like Akamai, Level3, Azure, or Amazon (or anybody else). Is this possible with IP Software? I want to host it "in the cloud"; I'm not talking about virtual hosting that you provide, but a REAL cloud service where I can keep the demand of the servers at bay because I can "page" into the cloud for more resources. Any ideas and pointers on this would be greatly helpful. Also, does IPS do custom work? I know I can find a third party, but it would be nice to know that you guys provide consulting services for my needs as well, since I know that you will be here tomorrow -- everybody else, who knows? :)
  7. One to One Chat - No Chatroom?

    I've noticed... i also can't use a chat so severely limited by users or by price. When i say cloud, i mean Azure or Amazon, not IPS. I need to expand at a huge rate for what I am trying to do, and the prices you set are astronomical... though thats probably more from the app simply not being mature as the others in the suite.
  8. One to One Chat - No Chatroom?

    Honestly the biggest downfall of chat is that it *has* to be hosted by IPS. That's ridiculous, and I imagine why the cost is inflated. People have different needs, and I have needs where I need users to have MULTIPLE chats (one per forum, or whatever) and these are features that don't exist. I'd like to see it decouple from IPS and let me host it. I'd like also to have the ability to put the chat on the "cloud" so it doesn't drain from my server resources, or something like that. I think it's a valuable resource if it's willing to be developed. I'd just like to see some information from IPS saying that they intend to. Or just let Cometchat take over and shuttle the project.
  9. I have been interested in IPChat, but looking at the options out there on the web (free ones!), I can't help but think that IPChat is *severely* lacking. I don't personally care if you guys host it or if there's another way to go about it. With all the work on the other addons, it would be nice to see some changes for IPChat as well (and I'll be a customer!) First, I need the ability to host *unlimited* people in chat. In my case, and I'd venture to say others, chat can be a one directional thing that allows moderated discussion for huge "events", not just for forum members. Think bigger guys! If I am broadcasting an event like a podcast live, and people want to ask questions, then I need a medium to do that. Right now I've found things like Facebook live streaming (which is going away), Disqus, MSN chat, etc. The other feature request I'd have is to have multiple chat rooms for different topics -- again, unlimited. I want to have different chat rooms to target different segments of things in my site. The vision of IPS has always been forum heavy, and now with the decoupling of forum from the rest of the products, I'd like to see the same benefit for chat. Having heavy moderation features (or the ability for "streaming" chat to support things like live podcasts -- my intention) is huge. I want to be able to have flood control (one comment per minute, or whatever), have the ability to take moderated comments through a medium, etc. I am not asking for all of these features NOW! -- but rather asking if you guys intend on expanding the role of IPChat, or keeping it as useless and pointless as it is. I love the interface, it's got great potential, but in order to really tie together my community I'd rather have an integrated chat client with a lot of flexibility rather than worry about integrating a 3rd party that is uglier and doesn't work as well. Additionally, I think it's imperitively important to have the ability to self-host this... because for my needs, my site will need a LOT of chat options and likely, you won't be able to support what I'm trying to do. Thanks!
  10. Chat software...

    I have seen the chat software as it stands, and I think that there needs to be something more robust available. I look at sites like LiveStream, JustinTV, (live sites) and their chats are dynamic and support lots of users with lots of spam protection and things like that. I know JustinTV uses some IRC backend to support more users... do you guys plan on enhancing Chat to make it more useful? Edit: I am talking about having MULTIPLE chats per forum or whatever.. I don't want one "chat" -- I want different chat interfaces to support multiple sections of my site. A broad "chat" doesn't help as it's too generic for my site. Appreciate any help!
  11. Question about Nexus...

    You didn't answer some of my questions, namely are there consulting services available for things that I might want? And if the affiliate system can do a payout, I think something can be rigged... In any case, let me know.
  12. Question about Nexus...

    Hi guys, a few questions from a *very* longtime user :) I am thinking of starting a business and rather than reinvent the wheel for login management, advertising, referrals, etc... I wanted to use IPS software as the base. So here's a scenario, and I'm leaving it very broad since it gives away some of my business requirements :) I need to have the ability for people to "subscribe" and pay a monthly fee for viewing a certain section of my site, or disable ads, etc. These sub sections of my site will be run kind of independently, so let's say that a user has a service he offers and he signs up on my site to "sell it". They use my site and can track their purchases and the money goes to them directly with me getting a slight cut for "hosting" them. Additionally, let's say that 5 users sign up to do this and use my site for "hosting" their merchandise or services. They want to "band together" as a group, so instead of paying 5 people for some content, you can pay one "group" and the money gets distributed back to a central place. Imagine it like TV.. you pay for watching TV on an ala carte basis, or you can buy a "network" package, that may consist of multiple channels to watch. The first question is.. is it possible? The second question is do you offer services in order to deliver this and code/support/maintain it? Thanks for any help, ask for clarification if you need it!
  13. If you can add it, that would be great :)
  14. I would buy IP.Chat, but the idea that people are going to idle and chat on a website is ridiculous. I'd love to see a plugin for IRC support, but if that's not in the cards then IP.Chat is useless for me. We already have a home on an IRC server, so I'm not going to move folks into the web for less benefit.
  15. IP.Gallery 4.0 - Uploading

    Few things.. please make it so we can do a "check all" for location aware pictures. I don't want to check boxes a hundred times. In the options, make this an available option to "always check" the location aware tag so we never forget. Also, tagging other users in the picture (ala facebook) would be a nice addition. Since it's designed to be a community gallery for your community, the odds are you can tag folks in the picture and they find out about it in their feed. Anyway, looks great, tastes great, less filling! :)