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  1. Please update this modification to Ip.Board 3.3.4
  2. Yeah, if that shows the IP adress from the membe which used when registring, my problem is fixed. Thanks though.
  3. Please, I really would like this done. :D
  4. Is there an option to let super moderators/global moderators see all IP adresses from a user? Currently my super moderators can only see user's IP adress when they start posting, but not when they register and no posts. If not, I'd suggest to make a modification for this. thanks in advance!
  5. Members Online Today

    Is there a way to boost this? I'm using fake members online but it won't add them to today online list. Thanks.
  6. Show All IP Addresses

    I'm about to buy this modification but I'd like to allow my super moderators to this feature. is this possible?
  7. Manage Validating Members

    nah bro I mean this in the ACP: Ins't that the same as your modification? Just wondering, I had this included after succesfull installed Ip.Board 3.3.2.
  8. Doesn't work with board 3.3.2? Could you please check or am I doing something wrong?
  9. Manage Validating Members

    this is included in ipboard 3.3.2? I just installed ipboard 3.3.2 and I have this :P