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  1. Hello, We currently run IPB 3.1 and IP.Blog 2.2.1. As we are hosting this within our intranet, hooking on to a LDAP server for authentication, we would like to have the ability to control access to different blogs depending on the users' permission set. (Different groups has been set up already and they work as intended for forums). eg: Take the following 3 groups. Contractors Established Temp Assume that all external employees such as contractors and subcontractors belong to the group Contractors and established employees belong to the group Established and so on. We would like to block Contractors from seeing ALL blogs. We would like Temps to be able to read some blogs (eg: Company news blog) while blocking them from some other blogs (eg: Engineering blogs that contain sensitive information). I cannot find a way to achieve the access control mentioned above with IPB 3.1.1. 1. Is this at all possible in IPB 3.1.1? If so, how do I do it? 2. If not, then is it possible in IPB3.3/IP.Blog 2.5.2? Thanks for your assistance. Dinesh.