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  1. Client Area UI

    Support the idea
  2. I do not refer to upgrade option, just to grouped renewals: https://scr.hu/A7lOrD Lets say you offer pack named BUNDLE and it has 2 renewal option, monthly 50 US$ and yearly 300 US$. Customer goes to the second option to save money. Now his BUNDLE pack expiry date is a year in advance. Now, you have PLUGIN package that must be assigned to BUNDLE and the PLUGIN pack has its own renewals, let say 25 US$ every month. You buy PLUGIN that is assigned to BUNDLE and viola, you get 11 months free of BUNDLE as it will use BUNDLE expiry date. What I ask for is to calculate the adjustment of packages that must be assigned to parent and which have their own renewals, so when I buy the PLUGIN and BUNDLE expiry date is 12 months forward then in real it makes the PLUGIN 25 x 12. None of current options allow to achieve such results. I believe this is easy to achieve by optional setting and not super complex calculations.
  3. Hello, We are looking for this option for years already. IPS, please bring built-in system that will allow adjust price of packages that must be assigned assigned to its parent package and that have its own renewal. E.g. Parent pack A has renewal 50 US$ every month. I renew in advance, 12 months. Now I purchase package B, that must be assigned to package A, it has its own renewal, 25 US$, so price so be adjusted to expiry date of the parent, as renewal dates are bundled to parent expiry date. Please bring it as optional setting instead forcing us to limit our Customers to do not renew in advance. Please note that such behavior goes in conflict with your other feature, which is the area that shows you how much you save on different renewals, e.g. when renewing monthly or yearly. With current setting forcing Customer to do not renew in advance you make us unable to offer better prices on long-term renewals. With current setting there are two ways, Customer or Seller is being put on lose. Please, kindly consider bringing that option as soon as possible. We are already planing to move to IPS4 from our 3.4.x.
  4. Google 2 Factor Authentication

    Hey Guys, I spoke to Andy and unfortunately he no longer owns source of 3.4.x of the mod. Anybody willing to send to me latest version of this mod for 3.4.x? I am willing to pay - I desperately look for two factor auth for IPB 3.4.x please
  5. Google 2 Factor Authentication

    I know 3.4.x is not supported anymore but I would like to buy old copy of that mod, please, reply my PM please. Really need it, thanks
  6. Two-step Authentication for IPB

    Hey, I am looking of version of this mod for 3.4.x, can you sell it to me, please! IPS removed marketplace 3.4.x mods =/
  7. New: Downloads Index Page

    Waiting some requested updates for Commerce, so people "heavily using" it will be happy as well
  8. Video: 4.2 So Far

    I also may have enough funds to get what I want but I simply have no time to prepare specification of that all, what's the point to buy a car and remake it completely? Unless it is your hobby. Well, IPS, do not get me wrong, however if Commerce would receive a bit more attention from time to time it would be great.
  9. Video: 4.2 So Far

    I was looking for many improvements regarding sale of non-physical products and a way of managing auto-assigned groups. I also was interested in improvements in packages parent/child system and charging options, e.g. price auto-adjustment of child package being assigned upon purchase to parent one with future expiry date. I made some more suggestions in the past but most was ignored and some refused. For now I gave up on requesting anything regarding Commerce, I continue to use Nexus with IPB 3.4 until I will find new Commerce suite my needs. Currently I use widely modified Nexus, only thank to that I can survive somehow.
  10. Video: 4.2 So Far

    It is all nice but.. you make so many improvements to forums itself but nothing to IP.Commerce - to make it more flexible and extended. Have feeling Commerce is really forgotten product.
  11. Paid Badge for Nexus Packages Files

    I am still interested to buy "Owned" badge
  12. Topic Template System

    That should not be done, people still should be able to purchase files so they can use 3.4.x mods.. so IPS does not care anymore about ppl using 3.4.x and not wanting to upgrade to 4.x? That is sad. We are small community with wide range of custom modifications - we are simply unable to update every part of our board to work with 4.x IPS refused to make importer, they just offer upgrade of current version what is not perfect solution for small and medium communities with range of custom modifications and small budget, that is sad too. Anyway, thanks.
  13. Topic Template System

    Hello, Would you be able to add calendar field type which would display calendar upon click? The IPB integrated field. Please.
  14. Agile by IPS Themes

    Hi, I use Agile IPS3 version, When front-end background picker is disabled from theme options I get this in my font forum page: http://scr.hu/0r7w/3af0t any solutions? Thanks
  15. Hello, We like the new abilities of IPS4 Commerce, it is really nice product, much nicer than 3.4.x version, however we would still look for some sort of changes in upgrade system. For now the upgrade.downgrade system allows to up/downgrade to package from same category of lower or higher price. We would really look for option where we would be able to Multi-Select which packages specified package may downgrade or upgrade to, no matter it is in same category or not. That brings much more flexibility and allows to organize the store front better. Similar story to move to new group on e.g. purchase. We would love to be able to select group to which we move on purchase and to which we move back upon expiry. For now it simply returns to previous group, but if we would like to move to other group to keep ex-customers sorted we have no such ability. Sorting this via custom action is also nto good as leaves mess in data of return previous group and in case of renewal by Customer and another expiration he gets moved to wrong group then. Making us able to select where really we want to move Customer upon expiry would be much better solution. Hoping to see the change soon in Commerce. Great work anyway.