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  1. Still waiting for this to be implement on RSS 😄 (just image tag)
  2. Thank you very much, I have purchased this product to use it as RSS thumbnail (i thought it was there). I checked this website rss and have <thumbnail> tag on it, searched in marketplace thought it was your app. I think they are customized but if you ever include it on RSS that would help my website to get finished. Thank you! I want to use it on my website something like this:
  3. Is it possible to add the thumbnail on RSS feed? So we can call it there?
  4. Good looks, hope someday you will make a seperated tab for each category :'| like ipb 3 tracker.
  5. Hello, Thank you for saving my day!
  6. Please help, After ive done so many things setup forum and permission everything.. Then i decided to rename my database it went like that, I tried to undo it.. its still the same. http://atlas-ro.com/forum/
  7. Well that fixes it thank you everyone .
  8. I'm trying to re-upload my backup now. (profile) one,,,,
  9. http://board.aeva-ro.com/ Here are the website sir. There are broken images (avatar)
  10. I did it like 5 times, but its still there.
  11. I just upgraded from 3.4.6, been finding it for like hours, How can i fix those empty avatars? On 3.4 (there's a clean up stuff) but i can't find it on 4.1
  12. Thanks looking forward to it!
  13. I just purchase this wonderful product i want to suggest a thing, can there be an option to make a default tabs? I have a gaming server that has 2 different server and then i have 2 tabs. Can there be an option when registering? and then the option will be there? Question can be modified such as? What server are you?, What forum do you want to or stuff,
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