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  1. Portal

    Hi Michael, that is the way I thought it was setup. the portal's index.php is at public_html(root) and my forums index.php is in my public_html/ssc directory. The portal and forums are working fine, its only the ip.content pages not working right any more? Would I have to edit the .htaccess or something, I do notice that the portal's index.php is missing a lot compared to the ip.content index.php which I was using. Do I have to revert some IP.Content settings to get ip.content to work right with portal?
  2. Portal

    HI Michael I recently installed the portal with IPB 3.4.3 and it is outside at the root (here), this is working fine. What isn't working for me is my pages, all of my pages don't seem to work anymore after replacing the index.php. Is there some code that needs to be added to this so that ip.content pages that were created work again? The pages would have all had a url of <website>.com/<page name here>. Forums are located in <website>.com/ssc and everything else on the site seems to work fine but the ip.content pages. Any ideas where I should look to get these to appear again? If you visit my site there will be a 'more' button in the nav bar that has all the pages in it. Thanks for any assistance on this.
  3. Hi Everyone I will hopefully be upgrading my website soon, the main reason for it is because I currently use four different pieces of software with bridges and such to communicate. So mainly I'm looking for one solution that gets rid of the high maintainance of users and software bridges (what a mess). It seems like IPBoard is tightly integrated and even includes some social components to it. So on with the questions... 1. I am interested in IP.Content and want to make sure this can replace WordPress for the most part? And will I be able to import articles, comments, pics into IP.Content without loosing anything major? Not worried about the users because that will come from the PHPBB migration. 2. In WordPress I currently have like a rotating article banner that scrolls through the stories by showing the title/descr and a image, does IP.Content have this type of functionality? 3. During the migration of data between PHPBB and IPBoard I have read that passwords are not brought over. That is fine, what happens after that? Will the user be sent some sort of email or passwords be randomly generated and the user sent something to reset when they login again? 4. In IP.Downloads, is there anything done to the file or file name when imported or uploaded? Because I know PHPBB changes the names of the files and I wanted to keep the file structure the way I have it now. Basically if you upload a file called test.txt if you look on the server in that directory you should see test.txt and not something else. 5. On the renewel system for every 6mos. What happens if you skip a year and want to then restart the renewel process can you or do you have to buy the whole suite all over again? 6. Is there any tweaks or special settings I would need to do to have this work on GoDaddy hosting? I ran that script to have it check the server for compatibility and all green, I had to enable Zend on my server. 7. I have a few custom bbcodes in WordPress and PHPBB, what happens to them and could I prep a post with certain tags in IPBoard to have similar functionality working after conversion? 8. Last question, I really want to try to improve data flow and not missing posts or articles, blogs etc.. What does IPBoard have in place that will make it easy to not miss things like new posts, articles and blogs? Is it possible to have an article reposted to the forums? Thanks for your time and I did look at the converting tools and they look like they cover a decent amount of the content in both WordPress and PHPBB. I have read that we can use a copy locally for testing so that will help out greatly. -D1-