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    Ely R. got a reaction from Cyboman in Disable "hide signature" for certain member groups   
    Is there a setting that certain member groups can disable signatures and others not?
    I have a paid member subscription on my forums and would like to enable that they can disable signatures as extra feature.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Ely R. reacted to 13. in Highlighting staff posts   
    I don't like current behaviour of highlighting because it works for every posts, does not matter if this post important or not (i.e. "official staff answer" or "staff member's comment on kittens photo"). I'd prefer to have an option below editor.

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    Ely R. reacted to MarilynWallace in Bulk PM certain members   
    I think this mod does that
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    Ely R. reacted to Troy Spiral in Push Notifications?   
    This is an old topic but the same subject.  Really would be nice to see this built - in.   People expect this nowadays.  One of the many reasons people use say FB instead of message boards, even though when the exodus from boards to "big social media" started It wasn't doe BECAUSE of that, its just one thing people now, expect.  They also expect awesome mobile device versions of websites, since most people use mobile devices to access them it just makes sense. 
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    Ely R. reacted to TSP in Guests can't see who's online   
    Check if they have access to view the following module:

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    Ely R. got a reaction from VincentS in Dutch Translation for Invision Power Suite (IPS) 4.x   
    Bedankt Vincent. Ik probeer het.  
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    Ely R. reacted to day_ in IPB4 Clear text area   
    I use this button addon
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    Ely R. got a reaction from Safety1st in Exclude from Feeds   
    Does this also exclude from the activity stream?
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    Ely R. got a reaction from chilihead in Go to "first unread message" in latest activity   
    I've added one of the modules to the top of my forum with the latest activity. However, I'd like to add the function "Go to first unread" as in the forum view. At the moment clicking the link brings you to the first page. Is there a solution to this issue? Before, when using IPB3, I had a plugin with latest activity automatically refreshing.
    Screenshot 1: Latest activity
    Screenshot 2: Forum view

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    Ely R. reacted to Michel_72 in Shivana   
    If you can read, you can read the answer 2 posts above :(
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    Ely R. reacted to Matt in Post Edit History - REALLY NEED THIS   
    I think this is a very popular feature request and one that we should be able to accommodate in a future update. It's too late for 3.4.0 but I'll keep this in mind for 4.0.
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    Ely R. got a reaction from Samourai in Download: (Pav32) Someone Mentions You   
    Buying this mod at the moment would be a waste of money. Sadly enough. :(
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