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  1. Is there a setting that certain member groups can disable signatures and others not? I have a paid member subscription on my forums and would like to enable that they can disable signatures as extra feature. Thanks in advance.
  2. Ah thanks for the suggestions. The last mod doesn't let me filter on previous purchases but I have a way around that so it should work.
  3. It's that part that I want automated (since it's about 60 members)
  4. Is there a possibility to bulk PM certain members? I want to sent a PM - just like you can bulk email - to certain members who purchased a recurring product but didn't renew. So the subscription is either cancelled or expired. Thanks in advance.
  5. When clicking on a forum icon on the index page you automatically mark a forum as read. However, on my mobile skin they get a popup asking if the user is sure they want to mark the forum as read. Can I also include such popup on the normal desktop skin? So they first get a warning, then they mark the forum as read. Thanks in advance!
  6. Correct, it's a feature a lot of my members requested. Luckily, many of them solved it by using a 3rd party extension such as Tapatalk.
  7. Is it possible to show the product prices tax included in commerce? Thank you! Sorry found it. My apologies!
  8. Thank you! That setting was indeed incorrect.
  9. Hi, My guests can't see the "who's online" list. I've set their permissions to "yes" so normally they should be able to see the list but still, it doesn't display. Are these settings influenced somewhere else? Thanks in advance!
  10. A new subforum (which you get access to only as a certain user group) doesn't show up in the new content feed with its users. The admins do see the forum in new content. How come this works for admin and not for others? Is there a setting somewhere I should change? Regards
  11. Is it possible to print all paid invoices in Nexus with a simple click? Or do you have to go over them one by one? Thanks!
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