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  1. (M34) Videos System

    What happened when original video deleted in youtube. Suppose I have more than 200 video and 30 are deleted. Can I fix or delete Youtube deleted videos using quick search or I have to manually find them and delete.
  2. [HQ] Forum Icons

    I am running this great application but in the forum index I always can see icon for Category and not for Sub-Category. Only when I enter a particular category, I then see sub-category icons. Is there any solution to show icon for both category and sub-category in forum index.
  3. [HQ] Forum Icons

    Thank you. It solved the problem as I found it. Regards
  4. [HQ] Forum Icons

    I have found the read me file. After I select the skin I am lost: [choose skin] -> Manage Templates & CSS -> Board Index -> boardIndexTemplate I need to replace some codes as mention in the readme but after selecting skin I end up here: Where can I find boardindexTemplate? Regards
  5. [HQ] Forum Icons

    There is no read me files inside the skinedit folder. Can anyone upload the hole thing as zip for ipboard 3.4.5 Here is a snapshot of the folder I have:
  6. [HQ] Forum Icons

    I have the skinedits.zip and inside there are four files. Two edit and two original. How do it use them in my skin set.
  7. [HQ] Forum Icons

    No. How do I do the skin edit.
  8. [HQ] Forum Icons

    I have installed today and applied image on one Forum category which I can see in admin area but not in the actual forum. Is there any permission settings? I tried with gif and png but now showing in actual forum. Anyone can help. Using IPBoard 3.4.5
  9. Thank you Dylan Riggs. Waiting for your 3 video links. Also I have installed in my website www.qwre.com and how can I add a next and previous button for my post RSS feed so that customers can read the entire RSS Feed for the forum rather than just 4 topics. I mean like other blogs where you can navigate using next and previous buttons.
  10. Nothing in his profile regarding installing ip.content. I contacted him already through PM. Waiting for his reply
  11. can anyone upload a video on how to add a page and blocks
  12. Good news. Sandi_ tested the converter to convert iArcade to ibProArcade and he said its working. We just need to wait as the converter will be coming with the next update. More: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/383923-how-to-convert-iarcade-to-ibproarcade/
  13. how to convert iArcade to ibProArcade? Anyone can help. I already have iArcade running but want to install ibProAcrade. Please help.