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  1. I see empty map without pins. 0 Users, 0 Custom Markers Shown What is the problem?
  2. I think break lines is not managed in 3.4.5 It was great in 3.3.1 with auto style integration but now not work in 3.4.5 I add examples with custom and standard skins. Custom Skin before (3.3) now (3.4.5) Default Skin now (3.4.5) before (3.3) I will appreciate if you can make the same integration of styles.
  3. After updating to 3.3.3 table an I have the problem of line break inside of the cell. This is normal? What I need to do to have it working just like it was in 3.3.1? I think the function private function _stripLineBreaks($txt) Is no longer compatible with 3.3.3 Could you test it?
  4. I am waiting this feature, hope they will add it to next update.
  5. Mr. Mystery

    (DP34) iHost

    How I can update 1.0.1 to 1.0.2 version? What I need to do?
  6. My suggestion is to have an option to chose between user name or user ID. Because when we refer by ID even after user can changer his nickname in all the content and forum tables (I use a lot in my community) players nickname doesnt disappear from the list of members.
  7. Hello I have a problem with bbcode Member. This bbcode is very useful and very nice, I like it very much. [member='User Nickname'][/CODE] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif][size=3]But the problem is when the user changes the nickname.[/size][/font][/color] [CODE][member='User New Nickname'] When the user updates his nickname all post where he was listed goes empty. Now I have deactivated the option to member of editing their nicknames to avoid empty spaces. But some users ask me for change of nickname, I make it manually and even after that I have some empty spaces in my topics where they was listed. I would like to know what is the way to make this static? It's posible to refer in bbcode by member ID? or add any option to make static the reference to the user even if he change the nickname?
  8. I have installed a mod and it work good. But my desire is to have to create and edit with WYSIWYG editor like in the picture. I hope this will be added in next IPB update.
  9. Someone knows how to fix empty space before table? I am using this code [table][th] # [/th] [th] PLAYER [/th] [th] FINAL MATCH [/th] [th] PLAYER [/th] [tr] [td=10] M16 [/td] [td] _______w13_______ [/td] [td] _score_ [/td] [td] _______w14_______ [/td] [/tr] [th] # [/th] [th] PLAYER [/th] [th] 1/2 MATCHES [/th] [th] PLAYER [/th] [tr] [td] M14 [/td] [td] _______w11_______ [/td] [td] _score_ [/td] [td] _______w12_______ [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] M13 [/td] [td] _______w09_______ [/td] [td] _score_ [/td] [td] _______w10_______ [/td] [/tr] [th] # [/th] [th] PLAYER [/th] [th] 1/4 MATCHES [/th] [th] PLAYER [/th] [tr] [td] M12 [/td] [td] _______w07_______ [/td] [td] _score_ [/td] [td] _______w08_______ [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] M11 [/td] [td] _______w05_______ [/td] [td] _score_ [/td] [td] _______w06_______ [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] M10 [/td] [td] _______w03_______ [/td] [td] _score_ [/td] [td] _______w04_______ [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] M09 [/td] [td] _______w01_______ [/td] [td] _score_ [/td] [td] _______w02_______ [/td] [/tr] [/table] Another question is what does mean the number inside tags? [td=25], [td=75] I thought it's space in px or % of space in table, but it's not working for me as I expect.
  10. It's very ugly with Dark skins, any option to change de design? I havent found anything, its posible?
  11. I was forced to uninstall calendar after this import, because my default english translation was modified after the import. Can you upload - Full-language-pack:
  12. Can you make al in one file, so I can import them without changing original language?
  13. In iOS divises the popup window starts outside the screen and I see only half of the window. How I can fix this?
  14. Hello, I have tried calendar_language_pack.xml but his has changed for all languages. My community is multi-lingual and I need people to chose languages. How I can remove this translation? Arabic is not listed, instead in all other translation in Calendar is all in arabic. Could you upload full language pack instead of by parts.?
  15. Отлично все только у меня нет перевода для списка пользователей. Так и есть или это я что то не так сделал?
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