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  1. IPB Unlimited by IPS Themes

    2 bugs I found in FifeFox 14.0.1: 1) When I manually enter in a Hex color Ex: #FFFFFF and then hit the green checkbox to save it. when I open up the color checker again, it automatically closes on me. I can't get it to stay open until I refresh the page. 2) Left click on a color and hold it down while right clicking and then release the left mouse button causes the color picker to follow your mouse, even whent he color picker window closes. Only way to return it to normal is to refresh page.
  2. Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    Would this group need ACP access? Do you need to have access to ACP to add teams/weeks/matches etc?
  3. (M34) Form Manager

    Is there a way to add lines of text to a specific subject but not have it require a response (radial/checkbox/dropdown/text input)? I want to add a full paragraph of additional text right underneath the subject drop down menu but I want it to only be seen if a specific subject is selected. I'm using your system as a guild application system for a MMORPG gaming site. When a user selects their game (subject) it brings up a questionnaire for them to fill out. I would like to add a few lines of additional information right underneath the drop down menu that is just knowledge specific to the game they are applying for. How can I do this?
  4. -RAW31- Shouts Count

    possible to set it so that it ignores this reset? so that even if the forum purges the posts than the post count in the shoutbox will continue to increment?
  5. -RAW31- Shouts Count

    Does this rest when the mod prunes old shouts (Specify here if you want to remove daily shouts older than X days) ? or is it continuous like forum post count?
  6. Download: Shoutbox

    TY for the help
  7. Download: Shoutbox

    Is it possible to disable Youtube embedded video's and only show the URL in the shoutbox and not effect the embedding of youtube videos on the main forums? If a user posts a youtube video on the forums then it's fine. I just want to disable youtube video's in the shoutbox. If a user posts a link to a youtube video in the shoutbox I just want it to post the actual URL and not the embedded video. Is this possible? Thanks
  8. Easy Pages

    Updated to IP.Board 3.3.3 and now every easy page I made wont load =(
  9. (M34) Donation Tracker

    I too am having PM's sent out like what carter said Hello,<br /> <br /> Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD.<br /> <br />
  10. [HQ] Secondary Group Icons

    DawPi, So with the help of EdgarJ, Marcher Technologies, and Shigure I have the code to add and Alt tag to the secondary groups icons. Find: $icons .= "<img src='" . $tmp_icon . "'/>"; and replace with: $icons .= "<a title='" . $this->caches['group_cache'][$gid]['g_title'] . "'><img src='" . $tmp_icon . "'/></a>"; This will show you the name of the group when you hover your mouse over the icons.
  11. [HQ] Secondary Group Icons

    Would like the ability to add an <Alt="GroupNameHere"> tag for the group icons. Can you post the code to add this and where ?
  12. (M34) Donation Tracker

    Actually, what Cavey is doing is what I'm actually interested in. My initial thought is when a user donates then they will get special recognition, like that of an icon underneath their profile picture. Different dollar amounts would determine the icon used, bronze medal, silver medal, gold medal, platinum medal, etc. This icon would last for 'x' amount of days, either a designated amount of time (30,60,90 days), or until the goal was reached (when a new goal starts the icon is removed). If integrated with the Awards mod then this would accomplish what I'm looking for and the whole add/change secondary group wouldn't need to be done. My issue is, I've spent countless hours setting up my forums groups and permissions. I have several forums that are restricted to certain member groups. Changing member groups is a nice feature however it's 100% useless because if "Member A" is in group 1 (which has its own specific forum permissions) and "Member B" is in group 2 (which has its own specific forum permissions) and they both donate then they are both promoted to group 3 which can't have the same permissions as both group 1 and 2. I can see this feature work for some but not for me.
  13. (M34) Donation Tracker

    Mike, Just installed your Donation Tracker mod and have noticed 1 issue that I'm not 100% pleased with. The promotion of groups. Every group on my forum has it's own forum permissions, therefore if I promote someone to a "Donations" group to give them some recognition for donating then that group would need the appropriate forum access for that person. And then "Member B" would need different access. So instead of trying to figure all the different group permissions as well as who gets promoted to which donation group I decided it would be more beneficial to just ignore the primary group and have it change the secondary group. However... I still run into an issue with the secondary group. Just like my primary group users I also have special forum access for those that have specific secondary groups. So you can see that my biggest concern is that your secondary group promotion removes all existing groups and replaces it with the "Donations" group. The problem here also lies with the same issues as the primary group however it can be easily resolved. My suggestion/request is that instead of your mod "replacing" the secondary group entirely, that it just adds the secondary group "Donator" to the user. Is this something you would consider adding to a near future release or possibly posting a work-around code? Thanks
  14. Gallery Album Images Slider Block[33]

    I installed this on 3.3.2 and it does not have the arrows on the left and right. Any plans on if/when this will be compatible with 3.3.x ?