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  1. Animated Site Intro Block

    flash load music then play the intro we update the package and now you can see 2 loading scene one for flash file and the other for the music .
  2. Animated Site Intro Block

    We did not include all the letters for fear of the increasing size of the flash, I will include the rest of the characters and will send you the new file.
  3. yes you can, just change Position of template hook > to >(post.startif) After the if statement starts in Hook setup under Files tab.
  4. File Name: Flash-animated social icons File Submitter: M.ajouz File Submitted: 26 Jul 2012 File Category: Hooks and Plugins this hook will display a social icons as animated Trucks in the bottom of your skin it is the same animated icons used in our paid skin Rio what will happened when the browser does not support flash ? alternative HTML social icons will be shown Click here to download this file
  5. IPS Marketplace is powered by IP.Nexus?

    IPS MARKETPLACE := IP.Nexus + IP.Download
  6. Maxx 2012: The Most Advanced Skin.

    can you provide us with the admin account information through pm and more details about problem
  7. Maxx 2012: The Most Advanced Skin.

    in the next update users will be able to select their favorite board index layout . regards .
  8. File Name: Dark Strokes File Submitter: M.ajouz File Submitted: 21 May 2012 File Category: Dark Skins Dark Strokes : dark skin , made using light and shadow hard brushes strokes small animation " alt="" class="ipsImage" width="1000" height="568"> demo: ips-skins.com Click here to download this file
  9. RIo Skin

    we fix this problem we remove some animation from flash file