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Status Updates posted by Mikey B

  1. I missed 777 posts. :(

  2. 666 posts. :devil:

    1. Audentio


      Hurry. Post something.

    2. Farcaster II
  3. Still rocking the pre-sales forums, Ian! :)

  4. Facebook like box in your signature, I clicked it and it's an image. Clever! heh heh ;)

  5. 500 posts. Internal Server Error.

    1. Audentio


      lol good one. >.> :P

    2. AndyF


      lol reminds me when I had 404 reputation points, I put "reputation not found" or something

  6. Christmas tree is up and looking good. :)

    1. Aiwa


      w00t! Wife and I did ours last weekend. Though we had cut it down the weekend before and it has been living in the garage soaking up about a two gallons of water a day...

    2. Mikey B

      Mikey B

      Lol, we didn't cut ours down.. bought the live tree from a store.

    3. Aiwa


      Lazy bum...

  7. Ha, saw your test post. Muahahaha.

    1. Aiwa


      I couldn't get the member BBCode to work... Turns out i'm dislexic and couldn't spell the username...

    2. Mikey B

      Mikey B

      lmao. I've done worse :)

  8. 404 posts, I'm not found!

    1. Marcher Technologies

      Marcher Technologies

      6 more, and You will be 'Gone' :0

    2. Mikey B

      Mikey B

      Let's hope it's not prophetic :x

  9. Just set off a lot of fireworks. Was great :)

  10. New iMac. :drool:

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Mikey B

      Mikey B

      Brett, I don't have one yet! November / December is going to be expensive. :)

    3. Brett L

      Brett L

      ohh you're going to get one of the thin ones! That way you also get to act like your better then people with last years iMac. Good thinking Mikey!

    4. Mikey B

      Mikey B

      I know! $mikey++;

  11. Watching Prison Break. Great show.

  12. I love the mobile app. :)

  13. Twitter's new header backgrounds on profiles are quite cool.

  14. My dog just ate something, choked on it, coughed it up, looked at it, and ate it again. Ah, to be a dog.

  15. Congrats on the promotion ;)

  16. Woohoo for RewriteRules :)

  17. I love Comedy!!

    1. sijad


      same here :D

  18. Ugh, back hurts :(

  19. Watching Live at the Apollo :)

  20. Desafortunadamenté

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    2. Marcher Technologies

      Marcher Technologies

      I hate the fact you made me google it then :P

    3. Mikey B
    4. Marcher Technologies

      Marcher Technologies

      :) is fine, it will be out the sieve quickly enough anyway, likely replaced with some obscure method of high usability somewhere in IPB. :P

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