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  1. They said "are not sure". I will try to check more.
  2. Hello Adriano, I have a small error. Can you check the photo? I sent a ticket to IPBoard and they told me that is because of this plugin.
  3. Hello, I tried to add Trophy and Medals in MENU MANAGER but I receive this error when I join it. Can you check it what is wrong?
  4. One more problem. In ACP DASHBOARD when i click on PENDING REQUEST i receive this error:
  5. I found a small problem when I go to ModeratorCP - Sports Betting App, to approve the games. The page looks like this:
  6. Sethhh.

    Who Was Online

    Hello, I Installed your plugin and I followed your tutorial: My problem is: I dont want to see colored names in the last topic ( check the photo )
    Hello TeraByte, When you will update the (TB) Bump Up Topics application to the IPB 4.4?
    5 stars from me. I use them on my forum and members are impressed. 👍
  7. PHP 7.3 is not compatible with Invision Community 4.3.6. We need to stay with PHP 7.2 till the release of Invision Community 4.4 which will be compatible with PHP 7.3. They named me mad when I said that the problem is from IPBoard but they sent me to you. Sorry!
  8. Hello Adriano, Today I just updated your plugin I met some big problems. For example: If I try to click on my forum profile, I am redirected to the index of my forum, but in the browser address I can see the link of my profile. This is happening in several places like members profiles, clubs, forums categories etc. My profile is this one: https://csblackdevil.com/forums/index.php?/profile/11-mrlove/ , but the problem is happening in all members profiles. Also if I try to click on one category ( example in design: https://csblackdevil.com/forums/index.php?/forum/80-design/ ), I am redirected to the index. Try it and you'll see.
  9. I didnt made any URL changes. I just update MembersShop Application.
  10. I just contacted Invision Community Support. They told me: This happened when I updated members shop application.
  11. Example: If I want to click on the categories of items in members shop ( gamble medals ) should I see this page https://csblackdevil.com/forums/index.php?/membersshop/category/1-games-medals/ but I see the index of my forum with the same link. I hope you understand me. If is better for you I can send you my username and password in PM.
  12. Hello TheJackal84, I just updated the application to the last version and as I can see: when I click to one category of my forum I am redirected to the index page. How can I resolve this problem?
  13. I reinstalled it with the last version. Also I made the settings like in the next p settings are like in the photo Geoip activated like in the photo With all these, members profiles are not auto-updated with the country flag.
  14. Hello Adriano, I've updated this plugin but as I can see all country flags were removed from all my 55k members profiles. How can I resolve this problem? I cannt see any errors in support. Can you help me please? update: Also in ACP I cannt see this option " Adds member country in the ACP profile "
  15. To replace BETTING SUSPENDED with BET LOST or BET WIN after my admins will mark it like won or lost.
  16. Hello Jack, I came at you with a small problem. My Gamblers posted in forum a lot of BETS but when they MARK AS LOST/WIN a game, that game still is with the status "BETTING SUSPENDED" How can be with the status LOST / WIN?
  17. Hello Jack, I have encountered a recent problem with POINTS. If I want to add some points to myself from ACP I receive this error:
  18. Thank you Joel. I thought the problem is not from Member Shop application.
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