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  1. Same problem to me. The country flag is just in members profile. From forum index ( last post topic ) dissapeared.
  2. But wich is the problem? Can you check why the points arent in profile without the code.
  3. Can you reply with the code? And where you put it?
  4. I just reinstalled the Member's Shop and I cannt find points in the members profile even the option is activated.
  5. Hello, I found a bug: if somebody buy 1 item in the same time from computer and from mobile, he will receive the item by 2 times. Also if he sell it back from computer and from mobile in the same time he will receive points back by 2 times. Look what this guys made 😞
  6. Nothing about updates to 4.5? 😞

  7. I found this on internet but idk how to do that.
  8. I tried to install a theme and I receive an error 3c130/1
  9. Looking forward to the 4.5 release, but when? Give us a hint 😄
  10. Hello, I think will be a very nice update for IPBoard this option: to enable Recent Profile Visitors BLOCK for all members from ACP. For example, when a new user is registered on our forum, he must have automatically that block enabled.
  11. O posted a STATUS in my forum to request help from members. Feedback:
  12. So strange. We are 5 guys from different countries to try to join on membersShop and we can join in more than 15 seconds
  13. I tried all MenuManager: CASINO, QUIZZES, STORE etc all works in 1 second. Exception: BANK and DEVIL SHOP = membersshop. I removed that GIF and it nothing changed.
  14. Are you in incognito mode with your browser?
  15. Hmmm....the problem is the number of items. More than 4-5 items on the page? = problem less than 4-5 items on page = ok. This is happening by some days because in the past I never met that ( and I had all tabs online whats new, most popular items, random items, low in stock )
  16. I edited to 10 items per category. We can enter now in membersShop but takes too much time to join in ( almost 20-22 seconds )
  17. Ok. I will send you PM right now.
  18. No. I told you: I made the update to the last version of IPBoard (v4.4.10) and after that appeared that problem. If you want I can provide you details to check it.
  19. Message sent to invision community => they sent me to you. Message sent to hosting company -> they sent me to you.
  20. Any reply? I have some crazy members who spamm me hour by hour to ask me about membersShop.
  21. When I click on memberShop in MenuManager is constantly charging and after 1 minute I receive error. i disabled cloudflare but for nothing
  22. One small proposal: can you create a DONATE button where members can send points to community? Can be a way to make members to lose points or with these points I can come back with some giveaways What you say?
  23. Sethhh.

    Who Was Online

    Hello @Pete T, I think the plugin has some problems. Sometime even I am online in my forum, I cannt see my name in the list. I use last version of IPB ( Invision Community v4.4.10 )
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