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  1. File Name: IPBoard & IPContent Portuguese - European File Submitter: androidPT File Submitted: 23 Nov 2013 File Category: Language Packs Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.1.x, IP.Board 3.2.x, IP.Board 3.3.x, IP.Board 3.4.x, IP.Content 2.1.x, IP.Content 2.2.x, IP.Content 2.3.x This is the Portuguese (European) translations for IPBoard and IPContent. We did not translate the admin area because we fell that such area is best to leave in English for troubleshooting and clarity reasons. This translation is a collaborative work made by the moderator team of androidPT community. If you find any problems please send us the correction to comunidade@androidpt.com so we can update this file on IPS Marketplace as well. here to download this file
  2. Currently only moderators who can Delete topics can actually Merge (Fuse) topics together. The logic being that to move all posts from one topic to the other they must be deleted from the first topic. In our implementation we do not give moderators the possibility of deleting a topic or post (they can hide it though) because we want to keep all information for future reference and we want to avoid mis-usage of that feature. If we think about it, the feature of Fusing could be properly implemented so that its permissions where separated and not dependent on those of the feature Deleting. Having both would ensure a way more fine control over permissions and forums with lot of moderators would not have to "sacrifice" the feature of fusing for data sanity, so I'm hereby placing a feature request that this becomes implemented.
  3. Auto-Link of terms

    I find it particularly useful for my website if I could have some kind of auto-linking mechanism in the forum. In my specific case we have a Wiki with technical terms, and we would like that every time some of those terms are written in the forum, the word would become liked with the Wiki page for that term upon post. We currently have tried to "mimic" this behaviour by using the "bad-words" mechanism, but it works badly in a number of cases like, the titles should not be parsed, the quoting breaks sometimes, etc. So a native functionality properly made would be great, I figure this feature would be helpful for a lot of usecases not just the Wiki one, and could benefit several IPB customers.