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  1. Come on, mate, just share your forum link... at least to let me have a look at this in FireBug. I can't do a divination just by looking at screenshots only :smile:
  2. Using this you will be able to have this hook shown on IP.Content pages.
  3. Check CSS class first. I'm more than sure that this issue caused by this hollyfaeces.
  4. Hi, looks like you fase the same issue we have already discussed: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/365384-download-ddk33-board-index-face/page__st__120#entry2287068
  5. It will show new msg soon after you will refresh the page in that case. Regarding server load - it's equals to pressing "Edit post" every X seconds :)
  6. Hook is now transformed to (DDK33) Instant Notifications and now checking for new PMs and Notifications every 10 sec (by default). Stone Age mode supported as well (= no AJAX mode).
  7. SQL optimization query to recommended to be run (unfortunatelly, table index can not be altered during hook installation automatically): [*]Go to [AdminCP -> Support -> SQL Toolbox -> Run query frame] [*]Run query (make sure that table prefix ibf_ match your actual tables prefix, change prefix if needed): ALTER TABLE `ibf_profile_portal` ADD INDEX `photo_thumb_size` ( `pp_thumb_width` , `pp_thumb_height` ); This will not impact any data in your DB.
  8. Auto-update is a task to be done next time :)
  9. Oh... just forgot to remove this statement from Readme file template :) No settings attached to this hook.
  10. File Name: (DDK33) Instant Notifications File Submitter: Ibragim Pupkevich File Submitted: 18 Jul 2012 File Category: Utilities One more function, which should be embedded by default, but isn't. This hook will check every X seconds (10 by default) for new unread PM + Notifications (if any) and update indicators. It will also put count into the title of all pages like Twitter or Facebook. Lets stay on trends This will bring more interaction to your community. Note: Hook has been renamed to (DDK33) Instant Notifications starting from v2.0.0. Tips & Tricks: Don't forget to configure your boards notification defaults - [AdminCP -> Members -> Notification Defaults]. This will affect new coming members to receive more notifications just from the beginning. By default many push notifications are disabled in IPB, unfortunatelly. Feel free to donate! here to download this file
  11. PM board details to me, I will try to do something.
  12. Do you want to disable faces at all or just reduce faces q-ty loading in background? Hook is going to load more faces in background to get it ready for elastic skins. Within next version I will add new option in setting, which will let you manually set limit for fetching faces :)
  13. PM me with your site details. Seems there is something wrong with your IPB skin.
  14. One more suggestion for your hook template: <if test="canAddcustom:|:$this->memberData['g_fcontent_canAdd_custom'] == 1"> <script type='text/j&#097;v&#097;script'> function popup_addContent(){ new ipb.Popup( 'popup_window', { type: 'pane', modal: true, w: '500px', h: '400px', ajaxURL: '{$this->settings['board_url']}/?app=featuredcontent&cmd=addContent', hideAtStart: false, close: 'a[rel="close"]' } ) } </script> <else /> <style type="text/css">.bim_fcontentcss .addButton {display:none;}</style> </if> (added else condition to hide "add" button in slider for groups disallowed to add content)
  15. Hi mate! Just purchased your beautiful hook. But after I installed that and created sample category, JS part hasn't started properly due to some error. And I found the root cause quickly by checking HTML source: I guess you should know why it happened :smile: P.S. It would be great to store so long CSS stylesheet into some file instead of pushing that CSS code to HTML output flow. At least because in that case browser will get a chance to cache it. Thanks.
  16. Thanks for so warm words! :) Acer-Club.ru is running 3.2, but once upon a time I provided this hook to buddy who is running 3.1.x. He said, that there was some thing to be done to get this hook work on his forum. I will ask him for details :) There are not so many ways to build XML, it's too simple. I tried to follow "upgrade" way myself, but I noticed, that from time to time IPB doesn't want to update some part of hook (eg. skin templates), so I can not be sure, that it can be done properly in that way. That's why I recommend Uninstall->Install way. BTW - look into hook files and description for Tool_ddk33_bif_savelangandsettings.php script attached in line with hook archive. I guess that's exactly what you need: Useful tool for updating: ddk33_bif_savelangandsettings.php script will preserve hook settings values and translation you made for hook language strings!
  17. Thanks, but regarding hook name - I guess it's too late to change it :)
  18. BTW, ladies and gentlemans: if there is somebody who could comb hook description text to normal english wording - I would appreciate your help so much! :)
  19. After I checked SQL debug log I found, that faces fetching query is really slow. Fixed now in v2.0.5! Please download latest version ASAP. Thanks for pointing this issue for me! What's New in Version 2.0.5: Important fix: slow SQL-query fixed (install this update if you are running v2.0.4 now!)
  20. Hi, but you may find required switcher in settings :smile:
  21. But as on option - you can still remove this stylesheet bit :) I tried to remove this in FireBug and hook template has been fixed with that.
  22. Just increase registered members q-ty and it will not repeat them like that. The point is that system is fetching faces from DB and if q-ty of faces is not sufficient, system will repeat fetched faces until its q-ty will reach sufficient q-ty (to fill space).
  23. It's because of your custom skin odd stylesheet bits: .author, .ipsComment_reply_user { float:left; line-height:1.3; padding:0 10px; text-align:right; width:100px; } Try to remove this part from your main IPB stylesheet.
  24. Compact mode looks like below: Thanks to TalkChelsea for idea!
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