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  1. So how I could help you if you don't even want to share your board URL?
  2. Check your main CSS: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/365384-download-ddk33-board-index-face/page__st__120#entry2287068
  3. Because if your server is going down due to 10 sec tick of online members - it's so sad :D
  4. Mmm... you should get same effect when activating Shoutbox for example, right? :) So, I would suggest to upgrade your server in that case))
  5. I guess you are talking about Board Index Face hook. There was a fix I've published in hook details (SQL query to be run). Just follow support topics next time.
  6. No. Simple JS hide/show. Just to reduce default post height.
  7. isn't really user-friendly from "read" point of view in fact.
  8. File Name: (DDK33) Collapse Custom Fields File Submitter: Ibragim Pupkevich File Submitted: 28 Jul 2012 File Category: User and Social Engagement This hook will collapse custom fields data in user info pane. Collapse/Expand link wording may be adjusted here: [AdminCP -> Look & Feel -> Manage Languages -> your language set -> System -> public_ddk33_ccf] Feel free to donate! here to download this file
  9. Hi guys. v2.0.1 released, multiple line selection fixed now.
  10. Check whether you have enabled "Notify me when someone quotes my posts" in notification preferences (Profile settings).
  11. Try to set 5 into "Increase recent topics q-ty?" field and set -5 into "Increase participated topics q-ty?" field in settings.
  12. This hook is like copy & paste function replacement. If you want to quote original post completely with bb-codes, smilies etc. - you've got to use original "Quote" button.
  13. Look at this post, it will help you to modify hook template: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/365384-download-ddk33-board-index-face/page__st__60#entry2284722
  14. Fixed in v2.0.0, check it out! Version update released - v2.0.0! New in v2.0.0: now it will notify mentioned members!
  15. AdminCP -> Look&Feel -> Manage Languages -> your language (click) -> Find: ddk33_bif Following this way you will find all hook strings.
  16. I'm working on it now. It's quite difficult to find manuals for this damned prototype.js :(
  17. Does it happen when you are going to select text of recently added post or any? Known issue now is that you'll get null's when trying to select text in AJAX-added post.
  18. I'm actually trying to find out how to build gravatar image url in IPB. Will add gravatar support in next version.
  19. Strange, but it works fine for everyone. PM me with your board and ACP details.
  20. File Name: (DDK33) Quote Selected Text File Submitter: Ibragim Pupkevich File Submitted: 21 Jul 2012 File Category: User and Social Engagement This hook will let your members quickly quote selected part of post/comment, also it making easy to mention post/comment author nickname. Both topic posts and comments modes supported. Using damned default IPB JS framework (prototype), no jquery needed. All language strings you may find here by searching for ddk33_qst and member_name_mentioned: [AdminCP -> Look & Feel -> Manage Languages -> your language set] New in v2.0.0: now it will notify mentioned members! Feel free to donate! here to download this file
  21. No, it's just about simple ajax query, no modules to be loaded, just reading memberData array variables.
  22. Read file description... it's all described in. You have to install both, yep, then you may adjust hook settings to hide it from board index. RTMF.
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