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  1. I tried to PM you, but... The following errors were found The member Mike John cannot receive any new messages This personal message has not been sent Pls PM me with your email address. Thx.
  2. Hi Mike, I also catch following SQL error in error-logs: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Tue, 03 Sep 2013 15:43:14 +0000 Error: 1054 - Unknown column 'ranking' in 'order clause' IP Address: - /index.php?app=core&module=search&do=user_activity&sid=2d512d34a8be6d5750815d9d7299cafe&mid=2&search_app=videos&userMode=title&search_app_filters[videos][searchInKey]=videos&search_app_filters[videos][videos][sortKey]=relevancy&search_app_filters[videos][videos][sortDir]=0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- mySQL query error: SELECT v.*, v.description LIKE '%%',mem.member_id, mem.members_seo_name, mem.members_display_name, mem.member_group_id, mem.mgroup_others FROM ibf_videos v LEFT JOIN ibf_members mem ON ( mem.member_id=v.author_id ) WHERE v.cid IN(1,2,3) AND v.author_id=2 AND v.status=0 ORDER BY ranking desc LIMIT 0,25 .--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. I don't know where this link is actually located, but still... you can try to reproduce by following same kind of link on your dev board: /index.php?app=core&module=search&do=user_activity&sid=2d512d34a8be6d5750815d9d7299cafe&mid=2&search_app=videos&userMode=title&search_app_filters[videos][searchInKey]=videos&search_app_filters[videos][videos][sortKey]=relevancy&search_app_filters[videos][videos][sortDir]=0
  3. Hi dears. Please kindly add IPSText::getTextClass('email')->replyTo() method currently missing so much in email class. Would be so nice to have this method eg. for such kind of addons as "Contact form". Some SMTP servers does not allow to set fake "From" property, in this case replyTo header may be useful. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for your efforts in advance! Actually, in my humble opinion, feature "Edit cover" should be optional first of all, but not must. Otherwise you need all the members of your board to be pretty engaged and advanced... but in fact you know - 90% of them are not... some of them don't even have any idea on how to start new topic in general... and that's a reality we have only to put up with, unfortunately.
  5. Hi! Can I set sorting by reputation points? (deciding now to buy or not to buy your hook)
  6. Great hook for stuff. But why I see zero-member linked to member #0? And this zero-member is TOP-1 :smile:
  7. Hi man. Any idea how to generate automaticaly topic covers for more than 500 topics I already have? Also, few bugs found: 1. Topic preview doesn't parse attached images properly 2. App works incorrectly with moved topics THx.
  8. All mysql tables are stored in utf8_general_ci, whole web-site is running UTF-8 charset, mysql connection is also running in UTF8. I guess something is going wrong with charset while fetching title and description from youtoube web-site... I will try to check importing code. P.S. Russian characters in titles and descriptions work fine for me, but only when I input them manually. Imported titles and descriptions ara damaging (read above). Thanks for groups settings advice... oh, kurwa... I haven't ever checked out *facepalm*
  9. By the way, Ivan! I've just purchased your translation and installed it successfully, but I experience charset issue when importing (quick add) videos from YouTube. Just get '??????' chars instead of russian chars. Any idea how to fix?
  10. So, then where "delete" button should be located? (logged as admin now). Also I just found now that beeing even logged in as admin I can't even edit videos added by other members :sad: Mb I've not configured app well enough?
  11. Strange, it seems I'm missing "Delete video" in group permissions :( I see this permission should be there, but I don't have this kind of permission. Why it could happen?
  12. Hi -RAW-, please kindly add department name to message text replacements within next update! Otherwise I don't understand how to utilize departments as you can't see department user has chosen. Thanks.
  13. Well, darlings! If you face "blank page" trouble - just set "skin key" option for all of your active skins to "root" (you may adjust this option in skin settings). Then uninstall this app (contact us) and install once again. It will work.
  14. I just found the root cause of blank white page: installation script does add template bits to Mobile and XML skins, but doesn't insert into my primary skin. Why it could happen?
  15. A year has gone into the past... I tried once again, but I still get only blank white page right after fresh installation and configuring departments and emails instead of contact form page :)
  16. Please please please. Just return back simple BB-code mode for editor as an option and I will not care of anything you do or don't with this damned CKE.
  17. Hi Mike, I guess LIMIT start var definition should be changed to the following in blocks.php -> public function latest_topics_main(): $st = ( intval( $this->request['page'] ) > 0 ) ? intval( $this->request['page'] ) * $limit - $limit : 0; Otherwise... I know you was just tired :)
  18. Hi man. You are perfect as usually! Just one suggestion: please, change "Forums" item logic in setting to exclude instead of point forums. I create new forums weekly and I can not keep your hook settings always up to date. Thanks!
  19. Hi there! Just installed this app and get blank page after everything is configured. I saw few guys faced same trouble in this topic. I tried to check out server error log, but it's empty. What's the solution? Thx.
  20. Got so many spam messages on my forum with wxpired license... god... decided to purchase renewal :lol: So, hook update will come out soon. Stay tuned.
  21. Hi guys. Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to add new features to this project. But I would like to add 3.4 support. My trouble is that I have expired license and honestly speaking I don't want to buy new one, because I don't plan to update my forums to 3.4 (no need). So, if I could release hook update with 3.4 support if someone could provide me demo board with ACP credentials for few days. Please PM me if you would like to help. Thanks!
  22. Work on page titles first... that's much more important.
  23. Okay, I will add separate "@Mention" button within next version update soon! I don't know how to add custom notification key within simple hook! :( Probably someone could advice... I planned to investigate this in a days by looking into another hook code.
  24. Look at this, this one can notify member when its name has been mentioned.
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