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  1. You mean to make your board bages displyaed properly in Twitter when shared by someone? https://dev.twitter.com/cards/overview Or you mean embedding tweets in your board content items (posts, comments etc.)?
  2. Hi guys, I'm about to upgrade my board from 3.4 finally to 4.x. I decided to re-build my theme "from zero". But I tried with 4.1 beta builds - seems it's still working unstable with 4.0 custom applications, which are essential for me. If I will decided to go with 4.0 now and build new Theme for 4.0 - this theme will be easy to upgrade to 4.1 in future? Or I will have to re-build it once again almost from zero when I will upgrade from 4.0 to 4.1? Please! I have no more time to chill, need to take decision now... Thanks!
  3. [4.1. b10] + Collections 2.0.2 - error when trying to view profile of member, who has added at least one item in Collections system: /index.php?app=core&module=members&controller=profile&id=1 Fatal error: Access to undeclared static property: IPS\collections\Item::$urlBase in /var/www/localuser/data/www/localhost/system/Content/Item.php on line 957
  4. Great... I also have blank white page when I'm trying to look member profile page (front-end). And absolutely NOTHING in logs... great framework,
  5. Hi there. From time to time I get just blank (white) pages without any content in output. For example, now I get blank page when I'm trying to add article to Pages articles database from front-end. Form template is set properly. I didn't change anything about that stuff. Nothing in framework logs (/uploads/logs/). Nothing in server generic error log as well. How to debug them? How to understand what's going wrong? God, this 4.1 is making me really crazy... just because I face too many errors, whic I can't even debug. P.S. When I'm trying to switch to IN_DEV mode (del tools uploaded), I get all front-end pages not working (blank white pages)
  6. Paths - the most terrible stuff in 4.x Also facing huuuuge headache when moving board from one domain to another
  7. Cheers! How I do remove broken application from IPS 4.1 manually (trying to uninstall, but get EX1054 Something went wrong. Please try again. )? Which DB items and directories to remove manually?
  8. Did anyone face following error message during Upgrade from 3.4 to 4.1? Is this one critical? lang_not_exists____app_cms C:\Winginx\home\localhost\public_html\system\Lang\Lang.php::657 BLOB/TEXT column 'a_short' used in key specification without a key length C:\Winginx\home\localhost\public_html/applications/core/setup/upg_101001/queries.json - query #2
  9. Are you running your tables in MyISAM or INNODB? That's also interesting also, by the way... IPS said "we will release upgrade tools for 4.1 after release". But in fact even beta has already got defailt upgrade script and more or less it allows you to upgrade directly from 3.4 to 4.1, skipping 4.0...
  10. Hi buddies, That takes HOURS even on very powerful dedicated server... Upgrading members (Upgraded so far: 65326 out of 307920) Any idea how to speed-up this step? What does this step actually do with members?
  11. Ooops... one bug found running 4.1: Try to add moderator (member) in ACP -> Members -> Staff -> Moderators, it will cause: Fatal error: Access to undeclared static property: IPS\collections\Category::$modPerm in C:\Winginx\home\localhost\public_html\applications\core\extensions\core\ModeratorPermissions\ContentGenerator.php on line 59
  12. Hi Mike, Tried to run Collections on 4.1. Everything works fine, just found missing lang bits in ModCP:
  13. Hold on, IPS... look at this bug before you will decide to release: https://community.invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/active-reports/410b7-plugins-with-brackets-in-plugin-name-causes-error-r8468/ And this: https://community.invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/active-reports/410b7-menu-menu-items-are-missing-for-custom-apps-recently-installed-r8467/ Sorry to say, but I wouldn't wish to see this version released having such bugged compatibility of 4.0 custom apps and plugins.
  14. Guys. This all is great... but how do I convert old BB-codes I had in posts on 3.4x to HTML at least? Or how to batch fix them, or replace to some other? It's crucial - I have upgraded my board well, but posts look and feel is damaged, because I see now old bb-codes, which haven't been recognized by 4.0 at all and haven't been converted to native HTML. For example, I had cutom spoiler tag with title like: [ spolier='Spoiler title' ] text here [ /spoiler ] You may just imagine how it looks like now, after upgrade... How to deal with that?
  15. Hi guys. I'm completely running out of time whole last year, unfortunately. But if someone has reworked Board Index Face for 4.0 - feel free to make it public for everyone if you wish. I'll be fine with that, even if you will release it as your own hook. I'm glad that one day I've brought the idea of this hook to you. Hope you enjoy this idea. Thanks!
  16. Sorry, I'm stupid... I found it finnaly. Yes, now I see - by default it's -1, which actually means attachments are disabled. Thanks!
  17. May I ask screenshot of exact place? I see only general attachments configuration on member groups settings page, which is about max file size limit, total upload limit etc. Meanwhile, there is no classic attachments upload form appear on tuto posting screen Only tuto post body WYSIWYG.
  18. Hi Adriano, No way to implement default attachments for this great app? Would be great also if original post attachments could be moved to tuto item together with post body, otherwise all post attachments are just burning when promoting posts to tutos, as I can see This is so sad point...
  19. Hi guys! Did anyone face following error while trying to rebuild all caches in ACP? Fatal error: Class 'tracker_extension_perms_base' not found in /var/www/mysite/data/www/mysite.com/admin/applications_addon/other/tracker/modules/custom/extensions/coreExtensions.php on line 27Why it may occur?
  20. ​Sorry... just found generic hook "Tutorials: Tutorialize a Post"
  21. Hi guys. Any solution available to promote existing posts to tutorials?
  22. Looks like you have updated PHP code, but took old template from previous version, which does not support many new features you have done in PHP. I mean the trouble is not just about missing language bits, it's more complex :)
  23. Have you checked entire hook XML contents? I have spent 1 hour yesterday trying to fix it by myself, but funally I gave up, because I found that template is completely incompatible with PHP code (different variable names etc.).
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