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  1. Done. Those images are missing: Please upload it carefully to your FTP. Or you can provide credentials to me by PM. I will update your hook to the latest version as well. Thanks.
  2. Sports-Lite.com, Read your PM, I fixed it for you. You just forgot to upload files (incl. CSS stylesheet). Michael R I'll help you today. So it is defined now - when you're logged in, there is a space dedicated for 5 recent topics you have participated in. Confoguration of this will be available in next version (added to wish list). Will be fixed soon in v1.0.3.
  3. What's New in Version 1.0.2: fixed missing images issue on custom skins (please re-upload all files to FTP if upgrading previous version of this hook)
  4. So... going through your questions: Added all of this into wish list for next major version update. I will check it out. I guess shoutbox code has higher code injection priority than all hooks. But I will try to find solution. Soon I will submit IP.Content and Portal 1.x (by Michael) plugins to Marketplace. Thanks for purchasing!
  5. Dear Barlee, This is not an issue actually, you just need to read How To Install - ReadMe file carefully :smile: So, after you will upload images to proper skin immages folder hook will fit in place. It happened because you use custom skin and images dir for this skin is different from /public/style_images/master/. But what I will change in next version - I will set fixed dimensions for pics, yeah. P.S. Hi Leo Light, I see you have sametrouble - forgot to upload pictures in proper skin images folder!
  6. Guys, if possible - please send your board urls to me (mb by PM), I will analyze look and feel to optimize code.
  7. Please download updated version: <p> What's New in Version 1.0.1: fixed some behaviour issues (missing images) fixed "Unknown column 'ddk33_bif_forums' in 'field list'" issue fixed "Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()" issue added new setting: now you can switch SignIn button to simple anchor mode (useful for legacy non 3.3-ready skins) added new setting: now you can define topic title length cutting added new setting: now you can hide Start New Topic button if your skin doesn't support Quick Navigation pop-up frame (useful for legacy non 3.3-ready skins) IPS software compatibility changed to 3.2.x - 3.3.x.
  8. Hi guys. Today evening I will reply to your messages. Also, I will upload v1.0.1 with some bug fixes. Thanks!
  9. Should work well on 3.2 too! Min. version requirement is set to 3.2.x in XML, so you can try. I will help to fix bugs if you will face any.
  10. One more live demo: http://lenovo-forums.ru
  11. File Name: (DDK33) Board Index Face File Submitter: Ibragim Pupkevich File Submitted: 03 Jul 2012 File Category: User and Social Engagement Board Index Face is a panel for your index page that will change user experience of your visitors completely! This hook is not just "one more recent topics hook", this hook is completely new approach to board index page design, that will bring amazing user experience to your forum. I've focused on the following key points: Note: this hook is using generic CSS colors, so UI will always match your skin color guidelines (even dark)! I attached few screenshots of different skins look&feel below. Note: This hook can be compatible with hook (by Michael). Enjoy! I also attach webvizor screenshot in order to prove, that this hook will become most clickable on your forum. IF YOU ARE GOING TO UPDATE HOOK: Please kindly make sure, that you have uninstalled previous hook version completely before installing new one. Otherwise some part of hook (templates) wil not be updated and you may get confused with hook look & feel. SQL optimization query to recommended to be run (unfortunatelly, table index can not be altered during hook installation automatically): [*]The real face of each forum are users. They make a forum alive. Lets show few of them on index page, show their faces! [*]Everybody want to watch the the topics it has participated or started to check those topics for new replies quickly. [*]Sometimes user is getting bored and its wondering to read something new. Recent topic titles! Lets show less graphic, but more data! Lets show, that your forum is alive! New Topic Button on Board Index Useful tool for updating: ddk33_bif_savelangandsettings.php script will preserve hook settings values and translation you made for hook language strings! [*]Go to [AdminCP -> Support -> SQL Toolbox -> Run query frame] [*]Run query (make sure that table prefix ibf_ match your actual tables prefix, change prefix if needed): ALTER TABLE `ibf_profile_portal` ADD INDEX `photo_thumb_size` ( `pp_thumb_width` , `pp_thumb_height` ); This will not impact any data in your DB. http://your-forum-ur...andsettings.php See also: (DDK33) Board Index Face - IP.Content block (DDK33) Board Index Face - Portal Plugin (Compact mode added in v2.0.4)How to reduce hook height (example) Feel free to donate! (DDK33) Board Index Face hook is free now! [url= here to download this file Just look at the screenshots and you will love this hook.
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